Vieve Modern Mascara 

Vievemuse (often shortened to Vieve) is back with another launch and one we’ve been waiting for….drumroll please….Let’s review the Vieve Modern Mascara. I’ve been fortunate enough to have had the mascara for a little while prior to its launch so I’m all prepped to share my thoughts!

AD Info: This product was kindly gifted by the brand with no obligations. Opinions are always my own.

Vieve Modern Mascara

The question is: Do we really need another mascara in such a saturated mascara beauty market? 

(Spoiler…. Always 😉)

Vievemuse Modern mascara. The mascara is cruelty-free, vegan and smudge-proof.

Product Claims:

  • Volumises lashes by over 150%
  • Smudge-proof
  • Ophthalmologically tested
  • Intense pigment 
  • Buildable Volume
  • Lengthening 

“3 years in the making and over 100 formulas tested. We found the one.”


Modern Mascara contains nourishing ingredients to help care for your lashes:

  • Vitamin C & E: To Nourish
  • Vegan (synthetic) Beeswax & Carnauba Wax: To condition
  • Castor Seed Oil: To moisturise

Vieve is a brand that is gaining a lot of traction in the beauty realm. With hit launches time after time. I for one, have never been left unimpressed. You can read my thoughts on the Radiance Bronzer and Satin Slip Lipstick!

The Modern Mascara is the last piece of the product puzzle, completing the eye category. 

At launch it is available in one shade, however, the brand has recently launched the Power Ink Liner in a beautiful brown, so there’s hope for further additions to the mascara in the future too. 

Vieve is cruelty-free and vegan.

Is It A Tubing Mascara?

No, it is not a tubing mascara, however, it is smudge-proof and I can attest that it works well on my panda eyes.

Packaging And Price

Vieve Modern Mascara sits within the collection well. Like its sisters, it carries a gold hue with the black ‘Vieve’ logo. 

The mascara tube is rectangular and of good weight to hold. While it is a classic design, as with all mirrored packaging it is prone to picking up fingertips – a beauty photographer’s and content creator’s nightmare 😬

The wand itself is a medium-sized brush in an hourglass shape; thicker at each end and curving inwards in the centre. The bristles catch the lashes well & mascara is distributed evenly. 

Vieve Modern Mascara claims to be smudge-proof, well my eyes can certainly put that to the test! Due to my health conditions, I use multiple eye drops daily and any mascara that can survive those is a keeper! 

The mascara retails for £23.00.

The Wand

Firstly, let’s get back to the wand. The brush is a good size. If you’re a Goldilocks when it comes to mascara wands, then this might be for you; it’s not too big nor is it too small. I find I can wiggle it right at the roots & swipe up with ease.

The mascara deposits fairly across the wand without leaving waste and it adds volume at the base of my lashes without clumping.


In terms of application, it builds beautifully. One coat gives natural, fluttery lashes that have definition & lift. Two coats adds volume and added depth. 

What I love is that it’s easy to build the mascara without it getting too dry & stiff. 

The finish is a beautiful, effortless lash that still has lift.

Tip: Wiggle the wand at the base of your lash to add volume before fanning upwards to add lift. 

And It Lasts

As mentioned, my eyes can truly put mascaras to the test! So the term “smudge-proof” is like music to my ears!

But does it actually work? Folks, it does. It actually really does!

Both top and bottom lashes remain intact, without transfer or smudging all day. 

I didn’t prep the lashes or add powder- none of those tricks, this was all down to the mascara. There have been no panda eyes to be seen!


I have tested removing the mascara with micellar water, a bi-phase eye makeup remover & a cleansing balm.

The mascara comes off with all three methods but needs a little longer to loosen with micellar water.

Tip: soak a reusable cotton round in a remover of your choice. Hold it on your eye for a few minutes, gently wiggling to begin to loosen the makeup. Then swipe, supporting the skin so as not to pull too hard. 

Doing this is a gentle way to care for the delicate area of skin – your future self will thank you 😉

Amy wears a pretty makeup look. Her eyes are enhanced with the Vievemuse Modern mascara. The mascara is cruelty free, vegan and smudge proof.
Wearing Vieve Modern Mascara

Final Thoughts

The Vieve Modern Mascara has just taken 1st place in my mascara collection and it feels a joy to say that. 

I’m impressed. If you’re in the market for a smudge-proof mascara that adds volume & lift, then do check this out. 

To answer my own question from the beginning of this review: Yes, we always need new mascaras… and not just because I love them 😉 but because beauty science and formulations keep evolving and new products bring new benefits to us as consumers and that, as a pro MUA and beauty blogger (and all-round beauty geek) is very exciting. This launch is a great example as we have been handed smudge-proof in a non-tubing or waterproof formula!

Let me know if you try it!

You can watch me applying the mascara over on my instagram here!

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