Vieve Modern Radiance Cream Bronzer

Summer is here and if you’re looking for a way to enhance skin and achieve a beautiful bronzed glow, this latest launch may interest you. It is a product I jumped to purchase and couldn’t wait to play with! Let me introduce you to the Vieve Modern Radiance Cream Bronzer.

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Vieve Modern Radiance Cream Bronzer

Yet another exciting launch from Vievemuse (you can catch up on my recent review of the brand’s newest lipstick here!) the Modern Radiance Cream Bronzer promises to add warmth and a sun-kissed glow.

It is available in four shades at launch and is a buildable formula with a natural but radiant finish.

The four shades partner with the corresponding Modern Bronzer (powder bronzer) and Powder Perfector (pressed powder) already available.

Vieve Radiance Cream Bronzer is photographed from a birdeye, beauty flatlay position. Makeup artist and beauty blogger Amy is reviewing this cruelty free makeup staple in today's post

Key Ingredients

This bronzer is a makeup-skincare hybrid that promises radiance and skincare benefits.

  • Squalene
  • Vitamins A & D
  • Avocado Oil
  • Vitamin E

Vieve is cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

Packaging & Price

The Vieve Modern Radiance Bronzer comes in the classic Vievemuse black card box with the gold logo. The bronzer itself is a frosty plastic tub with a matte black lid embossed with the Vieve logo. It is simple, modern and stylish.

I find I am able to unscrew the lid and close it with ease.

Vieve Modern Radiance Bronzer is £31.00 for 33g available here*

Price Comparisons:

Vieve Modern Radiance Bronzer is £31.00 for 33g = 93p per gram

Fenty Cheeks Out Cream Bronzer 6.23g £29 = £4.65 per gram

Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Bronzer £44 21g = £2.09 per gram

NARS Bronzing cream £31.00 25g = £1.24 per gram

Comparing this latest addition to other popular cream bronzers on the market, and brands in similar price brackets, we can see that it does well in terms of ‘price per gram’.

Cream VS Powder

Which is best? Well, ultimately that comes down to personal preference, something that is driven by the finish you desire and your needs.

Your skintype and lifestyle can be deciding factors here. Oily skintypes may prefer powder textures if longetivity proves an issue with the natural oils, whereas dry skintypes may reach for the comfort of cream textures.

Long working hours, or events may also be a something to take into account when choosing your formula.

For me, someone with oily-combination skin, I developed a love of cream makeup in my 30s. My skin, while still oily, enjoys the textures and finishes and the MUA in me loves the ability to manipulate products well. In my 20s I definitely reached for anything that read ‘matifying’ but, formulations have evolved so much and it has become so exciting to play!

There is a beauty to cream products that some powders can lack; an ability to mesh the cream with the skin and with other products giving a seamless appearance.


Let’s put the bronzer to the test! As I’ve mentioned, I’m a lover of cream makeup so I was excited to dive in. I must say, this applies like a dream. There is flexibility to the product which allows you to apply it in layers, building the pigment as you go until you achieve the desired look.

I am still able to see my skin through the bronzer, which makes it appear like a ‘natural bronze’ rather than one I’ve applied from my makeup bag.

The bronzer does have a radiant finish but this isn’t a sparkly, shimmery one, more of a ‘just back from a well-rested week in St Tropez’ vibe. In short, I look healthy wearing it, which as anyone who knows me well is aware, I am anything but!

I don’t need much product to build colour to a subtle ‘everyday’ bronze and the product is such a dream to blend that it takes no time whatsoever to apply.

The flexibility I mentioned earlier, really helps when it comes to ease of application. The cream formula moves with ease which not only gives time to blend but is also very forgiving should you need it to be.

I have the lightest shade ‘light’ and really love that it’s not too orange! I’m rather pale at present so it doesn’t take much to push me into the “yikes that’s a bit warm” category!


I have the Vieve Modern Bronzer (the brand’s powder bronzer) in the shade ‘Light’ so have been able to swatch that palette for comparison. The palette has two powder bronzer shades allowing you to amp up your bronze should you wish.

As you can see the swatch of the Vieve Modern Bronzer Light 1 corresponds nicely with the newly released Vieve Radiance Cream Bronzer Light. This makes it a perfect combo for layering the products.

Layering cream and powder products is a great technique to aid longevity. Due to its nature, a cream product will always lack the same longevity that a long-wear liquid or powder may have. Applying the cream and then setting it with a matching bronzer on top, gives you the benefits of that cream product with the added longevity of a powder to ‘set’ the cream.

I’ve also included swatches of two other cream bronzers I currently have in my collection as it’s always helpful to see shades when attempting to make online makeup decisions!

I love that the cream bronzer has such a wearable tone. The lightest palette in the powder bronzer, shown above, is very pigmented, in fact the palette could perhaps have benefitted from a slightly lighter shade all together, instead of ‘Light 2’. That’s not a shade I can pull off often!


The bronzer is a breeze to apply. Whether your tool of choice is a brush, a sponge or your fingers, this cream applies smoothly gliding over the skin with ease. There is enough playtime to ensure edges are blended therefore no need to rush. 

Modern Radiance Bronzer does ‘dry down’ somewhat, allowing it to gain some staying power.

It has a soft finish with a Demi-radiant appearance. Skin is not glittery or shimmery but appears to have a gentle sun-kissed radiance. This means it does not enhance texture or fine lines – yay!

Makeup Artist Amy wears the latest launch from cruelty-free makeup brand Vievemuse. The cream bronzer blends to a light, natural finish
I’m wearing the bronzer applied lightly for a beautifully natural sun-kissed look

Longetivity & Wear Test

Cream products don’t always have the best longevity compared to a powder or longwear liquid may do; it is simply down to their nature. Although more recent, modern formulas are challenging this, think Fenty Cheeks Out Bronzer (read my review here).

For the wear test I applied the Modern Radiance Bronzer on one side of my face and the Modern Radiance Bronzer with the Modern Bronzer on top on the other.

I was looking for a few things:

How well the Modern Radiance Bronzer wore & lasted?

After 8 hours the cream bronzer had worn well, in fact it was still looking pretty great which I was impressed with.

If it broke down, did it do so evenly?

It appears less pigmented than at first application, which I would expected, but there wasn’t any patchiness or build up of product – it wore evenly.

Did the finish change as my natural oils began to break through?

No. My T-zone became oily throughout the day but this oiliness didn’t impact the wear on my cheeks and forehead.

On the side Modern Radiance Bronzer + Modern Bronzer 

Was there a marked difference in wear & longevity? 

As you would expect, the technique of layering a cream bronzer with a powder bronzer gives a more impactful effect; this was evident when I first applied my makeup. This side of my face appeared slightly more sculpted.

At the end of the 8hrs, the wear really wasn’t that different, it held up just as the other side did. The main difference between the two was that this side held that pigment, that impact, for longer and this was evident at the end of the day.

Final Thoughts

I must say, I am very impressed with the Vieve Modern Radiance Bronzer. It is such an effortless product that gives real results – don’t we love that?!

If you haven’t tried cream bronzer yet, I’d recommend doing so and perhaps looking at this one. There is something truly beautiful about the finish of a cream bronzer that makes it look like a sun-kissed glow and Vieve has certainly achieved that here.

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