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Hello & Welcome to Amy's Chapter

A blog filled to the brim with all things makeup, beauty, health and lifestyle all under one roof (or domain should I say!)

My name’s Amy, A trained dancer (BA (hons)) turned professional Makeup Artist with a creative soul and unwavering desire to feast on knowledge. My heart has always sat firmly in the creative arts so I find being able to call myself a Makeup artist pretty lucky; after all, I get to play with makeup, meet people and research all things beauty to my heart’s content. So I wanted to create a beauty haven where we can chat about our love for the art of makeup, and explore tricks, tips and techniques on makeup and beauty application. Dark eye circles? we’ve got them covered. Pigmentation? covered, the secret to flawless makeup? covered! Let me share with you skills I’ve learnt over the years, techniques that truly work and all my favourite and sometimes not so favourite beauty products (I’m very honest & don’t hold back)! Head over to my professional makeup instagram account and see my work from ‘before and after’s, to bridal, occasion, creative makeup, photoshoots and published work @amyrobsonharbottlemakeupartist

Health & Wellbeing

Why cover health? because it’s becoming increasingly popular to follow a healthy lifestyle? Nope. Because of my personal experience of suffering chronic long-term illness. I know first-hand the devastation of falling seriously ill, I’ve learnt to accept my illness(es) & I’m learning to accept any & all limitations that come with it (that’s a work in progress!). I understand the isolation, the fear and the struggle involved and want to create a space where chronic illness sufferers can feel supported, where carers & family & friends of sufferers can come to learn more, to open their hearts & ask questions, where we can speak out & spread awareness for all illnesses.

I have found great comfort in realising that I’m not alone, the ‘it’s not just me’ feeling is reassuring and I want to help support people in any small way I can, be that through talking about experiences, speaking out or sharing things that work for me to help me cope; I think that the best way to be hopeful when fighting illness is to speak out. I also run an Instagram account purely for support and advocacy, come follow @myillnessmythoughts

This is also a place to discuss health and wellbeing, what that means and what we can do to add a little bit more joy and a sprinkle of positivity into our daily lives, whether that’s through an Epson salt bath to relax after a rough day or just to grab a humongous cup of coffee because it is well needed, come and find out with me!


Because sometimes it’s nice just to have a good browse, a good mooch as I like to say. From fashion to food, eatery’s to green eden-esque parks, life changes to life hacks I will endeavour to share the good things in life with you. (And if you like coffee and chocolate, then we’ll probably get on ­čśë )

So browse at your will, peruse at your pleasure, comment, request & ask away.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you all.

With love, happiness, honesty, humour and sarcasm (because I’m just built that way),┬á

Amy xx


I love creating content, exploring new products and revisiting much-loved favourites! If you’re interested in collaborating please get in touch!

You can find more of my work and social media stats in this portfolio.