Sensica Sensilift Radio Frequency Device

This beauty geek is always on the lookout for new ways to enhance a skincare routine and radio frequency has been something of interest for some time. Lucky for me, the Sensica Sensilift Radio Frequency Device, a device that had been on my radar, came into the January sales earlier this year and I didn’t hesitate! Now I’ve documented my progress over 6 months, so get ready to see if this device is worth it!

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Sensica Sensilift Radio Frequency Device

So what is Sensilift? It is an at-home beauty device that utilises radio frequency technology to lift and tighten skin.

Sensica Sensilift Radio Frequency Device uses DRF™ technology (Dynamic Radio Frequency) a combination of massage and radio frequency which stimulates collagen by passing multiple RF wavelengths from one device head, through the layers of skin and back to the other device head.

Radio frequency works by creating heat in the fibres of the skin stimulating the repair process which produces collagen. Sensilift has a smart temperature control which continuously adjusts the temperature to ensure its safety.

You can treat the following areas: Crow’s feet, Eleven, Jawline, forehead, smile folds, cheeks, décolletage and hands. They suggest that you do not go inside the orbital bone with this device.

Our collagen production starts to decrease in our 20s. Collagen is responsible for bouncy, firm skin. As this decreases we begin to lose elasticity and naturally develop fine lines and wrinkles. Boosting collagen production can be a useful way to enhance our complexion.

The device comes in a kit with a bag, mains adapter and base gel. It is important to use the base gel for the treatment.

Sensica advises the following:

Base Gel

“Yes, it is strictly prohibited to use Sensilift without Gel Base. The Base Gel has been specially designed to work with Sensilift. It improves contact with your skin which improves skin conductivity and proper delivery of Dynamic RF energy, ensuring you both safety and treatment efficacy.”

Botox / Fillers

“Yes. Sensilift can be used by those who have had injections, fillers or a facelift at least 3 months prior to their Sensilift treatment.”

Sensica Sensilift Radio Frequency Device can be used on all skin types and all genders. There is further information on their website to cover dental implants, freckles and moles.

Of course, adding beauty devices to your routine that are aimed to address skincare concerns related to ageing is a personal choice. I by no means think this is necessary. I have a complex relationship with ageing, I’ve written about this previously here.


There’s no beating around the bush, this is a pricey item. The Senscia Sensilift RF device is £369.00.

It is a costly and considered purchase. I was lucky to find it heavily reduced in the sales.

The ‘pros’ of this device are that it allows you to do salon-type treatments with long-term benefits at home. While it may not be as strong as some salon treatments, it is a brilliant device for upkeep. Of course, it is one payment, rather than ongoing appointment costs.

A ‘con’ could be the need to use the device, which sounds obvious, however, in order to see benefits you do need to complete the treatment protocol. So it is worth considering if this will fit into your lifestyle before making a hefty purchase.

Let’s Get Down To Business

Ok, we know what Radio Frequency is, and we know what the device has to offer, so let’s test!

Sensica Sensilift Radio Frequency Device treatment is an 8-week cycle with 1 treatment per week. Allowing skin time to recover in between. Maintenance treatments every 4-8 weeks help to sustain long-term results.

I have completed 2 x 8-week treatment cycles and am in a ‘rest’ period now.

It is recommended to treat each area for 5 minutes.

Ease Of Use

The device plugs into the mains. I wish the cable was longer as you do need it to reach your face, however, an extension will do the trick.

The controls are simple to work. Simply tapping will activate the device and allow you to work through 3 heat settings and turn the massage function on/off.

After a patch test, I was ready to begin. On clean skin, I applied the base gel and set a timer for 5 mins. In the 1st week, I opted for the lowest heat building to the 2nd on the second week and the highest on the third. I had no issue with building up at this speed.

The device is non-invasive and actually feels really nice to use! The heat is soothing and while it leaves my face red, this goes down shortly after the treatment finishes.

I use the timer to keep an eye on my treatment and slowly move the device around each area.

The massage function is a little noisy – to me – but I have hyperacusis so most things are, unfortunately. I find the time flies by doing the treatment with the TV on and with my arms supported on a cushion (I need support due to my health conditions – I don’t believe most healthy and abled-bodied people would)! The device itself is not heavy.

My Results

The areas I have chosen to treat are:

Jawline and cheeks, Nasal folds, lips and chin, eye area.

I didn’t treat my forehead simply because I have medical Botox for migraines and while the device does say it is suitable for use with botox I don’t want to risk altering my treatment as my symptoms are pretty grim right now!

I really made an effort to try to remember to relax my face to show my jowls etc! All pictures are taken in natural light (although at different times of the year: Winter, Spring, and Summer). Shot on my iPhone 14pro. No edits except crop and text.

I have to say I’m impressed. I’m quite insecure about my face these days. Due to a neurological condition, my face can droop substantially on one side which has increased my nasal fold depth and caused one eye to droop. I find my Foreo Bear (microcurrent device) excellent to help lift and correct this but that only works with ongoing use.

I can really see improvements on that side in particular which I’m over the moon about – that alone has boosted my confidence and helped me cope with the visual effects of my condition more.

When it comes to wrinkle reduction, I think it is evident that the fine lines around my eyes have vastly improved!

I have uploaded closer crops of the images to a reel as this page will take forever to load if I add any more to it 😆 You can view the reel here!

Final Thoughts

Well, I’m thrilled! I can be diligent with skincare (it’s my therapy!) and I certainly was with this treatment plan. I found it very easy to slot into my routine however my life does allow for that. I am very poorly, sadly don’t get out and spend my time by myself. I imagine it would be more tricky to add in a ‘treatment’ night when your life is more hectic and busy.

However, if you can I highly recommend it. I could certainly feel the benefits as I went along, particularly in the days after my weekly treatment. There was a tightening that felt so pleasant! Feeling it was great but seeing my images really impressed me! I think you can really see the benefits there!

Of course, the price is a downside. Radio Frequency is available in salons and it is a higher-strength treatment too; this comes at a cost.

The benefit of the Sensica Sensilift Radio Frequency Device is that it is a one-off purchase and a treatment that you can repeat at home.

For me, it has been worth it. I’m very happy with my results. I’d say keep an eye out for the sales, you might just get to grab a bargain like I did (mine was from Boots and the discount was incredible)!

If you can’t wait for the sales:

Sensica Sensillift is available on the Sensica website here


you can shop at LookFantastic with my discount code and get over £70 off!


Shop Sensica Sensilift at LookFantastic here*

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