Vieve Sunset Blush Balm

Say hello to the newest addition to the Muse family, the Vieve Sunset Blush Balm is here! Now when I tell you I clicked “add to cart” quickly, I mean quickly!! Liquid blush with a radiant finish? She sounds right up my street! The question is, does the blusher live up to my expectations? Let’s find out!

Vieve Sunset Blush Balm

The Blush Balm is a liquid blusher in a gel consistency and is available in 4 shades at launch. Vieve describes it as

“A light buildable liquid blush which adds a natural veil of radiant colour to the cheek.” – Vievemuse

Key Ingredients:
Vitamin C: Known for its skin brightening and antioxidant properties
✦ Chamomile Flower Extract & Vitamin E: Help to soothe, nourish and condition skin

There are currently 4 shades to choose from:

PESCA: A peach-perfect shade

CHERUB: A warm pink, plucked straight from the cheeks of cherubs

ROSA: A natural dusky rose pink hue

PIAZZA: For a warm sun-kissed flush

A review of cruelty free makeup from Vievemuse. The Vieve Sunset Blush Balm in Rosa.

Packaging & Price

Vieve Sunset Blush Balm comes in a tube which is easy to store upright and dispense the liquid product nicely.

I think that the blush is fairly priced given Vieve’s price point in the market.

Vieve Sunset Blush Balm has 15ml of product and is priced at £21. (£1.40 per ml)

Some liquid blusher for price comparisons:

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand 12ml £30 (£2.50 per ml)

Nars Liquid Blush 15ml £28.50 (£1.90 per ml)

Made By Mitchell Liquid Blursh 6ml £14 (£2.33 per ml)

Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush 7.5ml £22 (£2.93 per ml)

Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush 15ml £18.45 (£1.23 per ml)


In terms of texture and consistency, the Blush Balm is a lightweight liquid, rather than a set balm. It reminds me a little of the Danessa Myricks Vision Flush blush and By Terry CC blush in consistency, albeit a touch lighter and I think that’s where that gel balm comes into play. It also brings to mind the Daniel Sander Watercolour Gel blush in its consistency, however out of all, I think it is similar in finish to the Daniel Sandler Watercolour blush; with its beautiful, natural translucency.

I will be uploading a swatch video with all of these blushers soon, so look out for that!

Swatches of Vievemuse Sunset Blush Balm in Rosa on Amy's hand

Application & Finish

Vieve promises a “foolproof” application and a “radiant” finish. You can see why I grabbed the little guy, can’t you?! But does it deliver?

The Blush Balm appears highly pigmented at first swatch which could leave you a little wary. However, once blended, it actually appears beautifully sheer.

I have been testing it with two different application methods; applying with a makeup brush and with fingers and it works well with both.

Taking a little amount at a time I find that the blush balm moves well over the skin, blending nicely before it begins to “dry down”. You can also build up the intensity by layering the blusher and you can do so without any issues of pilling, patchiness or disturbing the product beneath.

The blusher is quick and easy to work with and makes light work of adding a flush of blush to the cheeks.

Finish wise it certainly does have a radiant appearance, without it being glittery or shimmery; making use of light-reflecting particulars to bounce light and dimension.

One thing that I really love is that you can still see skin through the blush allowing it to look natural, like a healthy flush (one that I’m always faking anyway!).

You can view an application video on my Instagram here!

Wear Test – Bare Skin vs Makeup

In the images below you will see Rosa applied directly onto bare skin in the first image and on top of foundation in the last image. The middle image shows both from the front.

I wanted to test the blush on bare skin and on top of makeup as I think it’s important to see how the product wears in each scenario.

It applies easily on both bare skin and over foundation but as you might predict, you begin to see a build-up of colour sooner on the foundation side than you do on bare skin.

While it looks natural on both, it is incredibly natural looking on bare skin, which lends beautifully to “no makeup makeup” and makes it perfect for those who may not want to look like they are wearing anything.

I found that the Vieve Sunset Blush Balm lasted well throughout the day and wore evenly. It did wear more quickly on the bare skin and lasted longer over foundation – which isn’t surprising really.

I am pleasantly surprised that it lasts as long and holds up its pigment for as long as it does. It isn’t marketed as a ‘long-wear’ product and liquid/cream blushes (unless formulated to be waterproof or long-wear) don’t tend to have great staying power.

Who Will Love This

Vieve Sunset Blush Balm is for anyone who loves quick and easy makeup. For those who prefer liquid or cream blushers or for anyone looking to dip their toe into this category. It is perfect for that natural, next-door girl makeup vibes but equally can be built up to a more vibrant blush.

Who Is This Not For

Those who vehemently dislike liquid blusher. Unless you’re looking to change your mind… 😉

Vieve Sunset Blush Balm

I can happily say that the Vieve Sunset Blush Balm is a welcome addition to the makeup kit and yet another cracking launch from Vievemuse; a brand that continues to impress.

If you’re in the market for a user-friendly blusher to add a healthy, radiant flush to your cheeks with no tackiness for hair to stick to, then let me recommend these to you.

Will you try this blusher? I know I’ll be back for Cherub at some point, just look at how pretty she is 😍

Vieve Sunset Blush Balm is available here

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