Vieve Satin Slip Lipstick

Let’s face it, lipstick is having a moment right now and frankly, I am here for it. I think it’s no secret, at least, between you and me, that I have a slight penchant, an obsession one might say – I say collectors habit – when it comes to lipstick so when I tell you, I rushed to *add to basket* I mean ‘finger clicking’ rushed. This launch has excited me. Lipstick and blusher (my other bestie) are two things that can be so transformative, so enlivening, (perhaps it’s because they do quite literally, bring life to my tired, illness-beaten face 🙄) and there was something about this launch in particular that really caught my attention, so let’s dive into the Vieve Satin Slip Lipstick.

Vieve Satin Slip Lipstick

Created by the super-talented makeup artist and influencer Jamie Genevieve; Vievemuse is a brand that has grown in popularity on social media. It is often referred to as ‘Vieve’ and I feel is starting to become more popular in regular beauty realms now and rightfully so – their products are really great.

Vieve is PETA cruelty-free and vegan-certified. They commit to sourcing ingredients ethically and the company is a member of the ‘1% for the planet’, donating 1% of annual profits to charities that support environmental causes.

The Satin Slip Lipsticks join the brand’s Modern Matte Lipsticks and are the first non-matte lipsticks for the brand.

Vieve Satin Slip Lipstick promises to be a sensorial event, not unlike the name itself, leaving a satin veil over your lips. They are nourishing lipsticks with a satin finish.

Key Ingredients

  • Shea butter
  • vitamin E
  • Orange Oil
  • Jojoba Seed Oil
  • Hyaluronic Acid

There are four shades to choose from at launch, and they retail at £21.00

The four shades range from Nightie which is a light peach nude, to rich warm nude in Kink and Deep Love a cool-toned berry. A variety of undertones are catered for which is great to see.


The lipstick case has a vintage feel to it (perfect for this collector!). It is slim and elongated with gorgeous ridging in a traditional brass gold colour. There is an embossed V on the lipstick bullet itself and the case has a magnetic closure which is always welcome!

One of my favourite things is that the lipstick fits into my vintage lipstick holder! I don’t have many lipsticks in my collection that do, so this makes my soul happy!

Silk Sheets Swatches

I have chosen Silk Sheets, it wasn’t easy, I could happily have all four of these shades, but I digress…

Silk Sheets is described as a “soft pink brown” and it is exactly that. I actually think that it photographs a little darker than in real life! However, these swatches are completely unedited.

Formula wise it is very easy to swatch. I paired it with the Vieve Modern Lip Definer in Brat.

A Silky Swipe

The lipstick has tiny pearlescent particles that are visible when held up to the light; as they are applied on the lips they give just a hint of lustre, a subtle but pretty and flattering sheen.

The lipstick works well worn in different opacities which is something that I really enjoy. One swipe is beautiful to wear as a tint. A full layer makes a gorgeous balmy toned colour and layering twice for full impact of colour is really beautiful. I love that the formula is so adaptable.

Of course, this is a satin formula so we can’t expect great longevity from it. This is not a lipstick you could pop to the Love Island terrace with and expect it to stay intact 😉

However, I do find I can wear this for a couple of hours without needing to top up and when that time comes it is easy to do so. I also appreciate that as the lipstick wears, it doesn’t feather into any fine lines that may or may not be developing around my lips…

It feels incredibly hydrating and nourishing, so if like me, you suffer with dry lips and appreciate a lipstick that provides a bit of love, then this may be a good option.

I’m wearing Vieve Satin Silk Lipstick in Silk Sheets

A Note On Scent

While fragrances can evoke strong memories, some scents just don’t work for us and so I think this is worth a mention.

The Vieve lip products do have a scent to them. I’m particularly sensitive to certain fragrances and don’t find this scent overpowering, however, I know from conversations that some people do – it’s so individual don’t you think?

If it helps, Vieve Lip Dew and the Satin Slip Lipsticks do have the same scent, however, the lipstick is much less intense. I find I can wear both.

Final Thoughts

If you wish to adorn your lips in a satin veil of silky softness (I can see where their product names came from!) then the Vieve Satin Silk Lipsticks are certainly a great option. They are balmy, nourishing, hydrating lipsticks that are a pleasure to wear. What they are not: long-wear lipsticks (but I think we can tell that from the name).

I’m so happy with the shade I have chosen and find it pairs beautifully with the Modern Lip Definer in Brat; it doesn’t contrast too much, it just enhances my lips.

I’ve fallen hard for this lipstick and I think this formula is a keeper. I’m really impressed with Vieve as a whole, the brand just hits it out of the park with each launch. I hope to add more shades to my collection soon. If you are a lover of satin, lightweight non-sticky lipstick, then I urge you to check this collection out. 

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