Lisa Eldridge Lipstick Collection Chat & Swatches – Ahead Of Today’s Launch

Lisa Eldridge Lipstick Collection Chat & Swatches (so far)

Ahead of today’s launch from Lisa Eldridge, I thought I’d have a little chat through my collection of her lipsticks and collate some of my photographs and swatches into one post to help aid any potential shopping dilemmas you may have.

I have lipsticks from the Velvet Reds collections, the Summer Pinks collections and last October’s Velvet nudes. Shall we get started?

Now it is no secret how much I adore these lipsticks. The formula is just beautifully creamy, it is non-drying and the pigment just packs a punch. It is a makeup artist and makeup addicts dream. Therefore I feel I can never have enough. They are cherished and I have never found fault in the formula.


The Velvets

In the True Velvet formula, I have the shades: Velvet Ribbon, Velvet Morning, Velvet Jazz, Velvet Muse, Velvet Beauty. This was the first lipstick formula to be released by Lisa in October 2018 and quickly became iconic. The bullet is created to mimic the visual effect of velvet and is truly stunning. True Velvet Lipsticks are hydrating and comfortable to wear, yet incredibly pigmented, giving a bold hue in one swipe.


‘Velvet Ribbon’, by Lisa Eldridge

Velvet Ribbon is quite possibly my favourite red lipstick that ever there was and goodness for this makeup artist and lipstick lover, trust me, that is saying something. I want many, many backups because this always sells out. The blue undertones ensure the brightening of complexion, the lifting of tired eyes and the whitening of teeth. It has a neon hue that adds modernity to it while it’s classic red lends to a timeless lip. I love.

Velvet Morning Lipstick by Lisa Eldridge. A macro beauty images of a red lipstick which is matte with a velvet outside finish.
‘Velvet Morning’ True Velvet Lipstick – Macro image

Velvet Morning, a slightly warmer toned red is a beautifully lifting bold lip. It is a Summer favourite of mine. It’s terracotta hues lift warmer complexions, yet a clever mix of undertones allow it to suit all.

The true velvet red lipsticks from Lisa Eldridge. Three red lipsticks in different shades sit on a gold tray.
Velvet Morning, Velvet Ribbon, Velvet Jazz

Velvet Jazz is a stunning brick red. It has an earthy, brown undertone and makes me feel ever so 1930’s and I love it. I’m wearing Velvet Jazz with Velvet Morning here! And Velvet Jazz here!


Lisa Eldridge velvet lipstick in 'beauty'. A pink rose matte in a gold case sits on a mirror, the lipstick reflecting in it. Behind it are white flowers and a stack of books blurred.
‘Velvet’ Beauty’

Velvet Beauty, a soft blue-toned deep pink is wonderfully uplifting and beautifying to the skin. I’m wearing Velvet Beauty here!

Macro photo of a brown lip colour to show detail and texture
‘Velvet Muse’

Velvet Muse, has both a 90’s supermodel and a vintage feel to it all at the same time. A mix of a deep pinky rose and brown makes this shade very wearable. I’m wearing Velvet Muse here!

Insanely Saturated Lip Colour

What can I say about this formula except that it is like a pop of joy on your lips?! A matte finish lipstick that is incredibly saturated in colour.

‘Rainbow Spill”

Rainbow Spill is bright, bold, neon pink. It is joyous to wear and will embolden anyones spirits. I’m wearing Rainbow spill in this here!

A macro beauty photo of 'Skyscraper Rose', Lisa Eldridge Lipsticks. The lipstick is a demo-matte finish and a raspberry pink.
‘Skyscraper Rose’

Skyscraper Rose, a bold fuscia. Stunningly bright and beautifully impactful. I’m wearing Skyscraper Rose with Velvet Morning here! And Skyscraper Rose here!

Luxuriously Lucent Lip Colour

This is a hydrating, satin finish lipstick that feels balmy and lusious upon application.

‘Love Of My Life’

Love Of My Life is a true rose-pink with a beautifing hue.

Go Lightly Lisa Eldridge
‘Go Lightly’

Go Lightly a soft pink, that’s easy to wear in a hydrating formula. I’m wearing Go Lightly here!


I’ve swatched the lipsticks in their formula cateogroies.

Swatches of Lisa Eldridge Lipsticks
Unedited swatches in natural light. Swatched in formula category. L-R: Go Lightly, Love Of My Life, Rainbow Spill, SkyScraper Rose, Velvelt Muse, Velvet Beauty, Velvet Ribbon, Velvet Morning, Velvet Jazz


October 2020

This launch from Lisa Eldridge has the Lipstick Collections which house three lipsticks and come in five different colourways, Lip Kits which contain a lipstick, lipgloss and lip liner – available in five shades and come in beautiful makeup bags designed in collaboration with Jon Jacobsen, four new shades of Velvet Lipsticks and the newest addition to the collection, the Lip Gloss which is available in six shades.


I know one thing for certain, I’ll be there with my mouse finger trigger happy, will you? See you at 4pm folks!

Available at


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All images are subject to copywright.

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