Lisa Eldridge True Velvet Lipsticks – Reds (& Nudes News)

True Velvet Lipsticks

And she’s back!
It’s hard to be a part of the beauty community and to not have heard of the legendary Lisa Eldridge and her one of a kind True Velvet lipsticks, they really have set the industry by storm.
With the first launch of her True Velvet Lipstick Reds collection this time last year and the Summer Pinks Collection in July of this year, Mrs Eldridge and her lipsticks have been the talk of the beauty town.


Well, the await of the nudes and restock of the now infamous reds is upon us. With it, I thought I’d take you through each of the True Velvet Lipstick Red shades, just to tempt your fancy.

Choosing your shade of True Velvet Lipsticks

It can be difficult to know whether a lipstick will suit you or not when buying online but what Lisa Eldridge being a world-renown makeup artist has done well, is provide images of the shades on multiple skin tones, showing just how universal each shade is.
Below I’ve shown images on myself, however, do check out for more swatches.
All lipsticks are cruelty free.

The Reds

Velvet Ribbon
Lisa Eldridge lipstick in velvet ribbon on a white female with dark hair in her mid thirties.
Velvet Ribbon
The every girls perfect red. A shade which adds a sparkle to the eye, a brightening to the face and teeth thanks to its blue hue. It oozes confidence. It’s classic. Timeless. Ageless. Wonderfully bright and beautifully bold, this is a beautiful red.
Velvet Morning
Velvet Morning by Lisa Eldridge from her True Velvet Lipstick Collection. A white female in her mid thirties wears this shade to review the lipsticks.
Velvet Morning
Think Spanish sunsets, flowing dresses and fluttery lashes. A rich orange-red hue that lifts a complexion. With a pigment that is rich and texture that is soft and buttery this is a dream to wear.
Velvet Jazz
Velvet Jazz by Lisa Eldridge from her True Velvet Lipstick Collection. A white female in her mid thirties wears this shade to review the lipsticks.
Velvet Jazz
Take me to the 1920’s and dance with me flapper girl style. It’s sophisticated. Sexy. Grown-up, vintage glam with a modern twist. Deep and rich, this brick red is, as described by Lisa as “something of a chameleon and ranges from an intense brown/red to a soft, brick red, depending on skin tone and method of application”.

True Velvet Style

They are festive and fancy. Can be worn full on or blotted on as a stain. Both sultry and sexy, yet modern, vintage and glam they are a wonderful oxymoron if ever there was one. The True Velvet Lipsticks are insanely pigmented, incredibly longlasting and a demi-matte formula that is comfortable to wear. A beauty to behold, these lipsticks look like true velvet fabric, something that has never been achieved before. I am in love. No, I am besotted. my favourite reds.


True Velvet Lipstick Nude News

Alongside the restock of the Velvet Reds come the Velvet Nudes! Hooray! From pinky nudes to blackberry hues there is something for all. There’s one thing for sure, these lipsticks are sure to sell out quickly, just like the other True Velvet Lipstick launches!
So here are the details:
Pre Sale: Sunday, November 3rd, 4PM GMT at


Are you tempted? I’ll be waiting with my finger hovering ready to add to basket a nude or two…what about you?
As the Nude collection launches I review and swatch the Reds true velvet lipsticks from Lisa Eldridge.
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and view macro images over on my Instagram of the reds and pinks.
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  1. Those look so nice on you! I haven’t been brave enough to try red. I have this weird insecurity about it.

    1. thank you!Oh really? You could try a balm formula, something like Benefit’s chachabalm which is light and therefor less opaque and easier to wear.

    1. Thank you! They’re really beautiful lipsticks and make me feel like the ‘real me’ inside when I wear them!

    1. Oh no! Don’t be, it can be tricky to find the right tone for you. But if you start with a more sheer formula, like a balm, it can be easier to wear and less scary! I might do a blog post on this!

  2. All three of these lipsticks look so pretty on you! I lean toward the berry shades. I have been a Mary Kay consultant and Director, and I remember when we did skincare classes, we would have everyone in the class use the same shade of lipstick, to show that it looks different on everyone, due to the acidity in your lips. Nice post!

    1. that’s so interesting to hear! It’s fascinating to see how colour works on a range of skin tones isn’t it. Thank you, they’re beautiful lipsticks!

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