Lisa Eldridge – New Velvet Lipsticks

New Velvet Lipsticks

It’s official I’m obsessed. Every launch I sit with my finger poised ready to ‘add to basket‘, my heart fluttering (much too high for my POTS consultants liking I’m sure) as I speedily get through checkout, panic ensued, just in case the lipsticks sell out. And they have, I’m not being OTT. I’m just determined. And an addict.

But every time it’s worth it.

What is so damn good about these lipsticks?

Lisa Eldridge velvet lipsticks in 'beauty' and 'muse'. A pink rose and brown matte in a gold case sits on a pink glass shelf. Behind it are white flowers and a stack of books blurred.

So, you may be thinking, what is so damn good about these lipsticks and why do I keep talking about them. Here’s the thing. I love lipstick, I really do, the smell, the colour, the texture, everything. So if I happen to go on about a particular lipstick then it’s for good reason.

I truly believe that a makeup historian will write about Lisa Eldridge’s Velvet Lipsticks in time to come. That may be a bold statement, but it is one you can hold me too. They are a first and a one of their kind.

Millions of lipsticks are made each day, many are stunning, some lovely, some incredible, some not so. However up until Lisa Eldridge launched her line, none had achieved a visual texture quite like velvet fabric and it truly is as spectacular as imagined. It’s almost more beautiful in person than in photographs. The detail of the lipstick particles formed in the moulds to create such a design is incredible and utterly mesmerising. It is as though the lipsticks are dressed in velvet coats.

You can see this detail in these macro images.

Macro photo of a matte lip colour
Velvet Beauty
Macro photo of a brown lip colour to show detail and texture
Velvet Muse

Next, unsurprisingly is the undertones of the lipsticks. The rich pigments lifted to compliment all skin tones through a clever mixing of undertones. Very subtle, very clever, very inclusive. More on this later.

The pigments themselves are rich in colour. They are modern takes on classic shades yet you can firmly place the colour to the decade they were inspired from; which makes them both all about today and yesterday at the same time. Arching back to a latter era with a modern twist fresh for today. Something that is really quite special.

The texture

They are a wearable, comfortable matte. And this comes from someone who suffers incredibly dry lips (*thanks health condition for that). However, they aren’t a flat matte. They have life, a slight sheen, a satin without being a satin finish. They pick up the light and add fullness to the lips.

The New Velvets

Drum roll please! This collection housed six beautiful shades ranging from rich nudes to beautiful berries. I wanted them all but alas, had to behave (much to my own disappointment) and so I chose two.

Ladies and Gents meet Beauty and Muse.

Velvet Beauty
Lisa Eldridge velvet lipstick in 'beauty'. A pink rose matte in a gold case sits on a mirror, the lipstick reflecting in it. Behind it are white flowers and a stack of books blurred.
Velvet Beauty

Wow, just wow. Have you ever put on a lipstick and felt better? As in your spirits lifted? Well, this is what Beauty did for me when it first graced my lips. I love it when makeup is that transformative. When it can affect you emotionally and this shade is that for me.


A woman with brunette hair wears a pink matte lipstick
Velvet Beauty + Illamasqa lip pencil in ‘Ascend’

Velvet Beauty is a rosy berry toned velvet lipstick which lifts complextion and adds sparkle to the eyes. I can really see the blue undertones which make it fresh and vibrant.

Velvet Muse

Lisa Eldridge velvet lipstick in 'beauty'. A pink rose matte in a gold case sits on a mirror, the lipstick reflecting in it. Behind it are white flowers and a stack of books blurred.

Velvet Muse is a stunning smoky, rosewood shade.

A woman with brunette hair wears a brown lipstick
Velvet Muse + Charlotte Tilbury lipliner in ‘Iconic Nude’

It has an elegance, a nod to vintage and a sense of luxury. Muse has a beautiful tonal feel and wears well as a natural blush dabbed onto the cheeks.

Let’s compare

So how do the new velvet lipsticks compare to the red velvets I hear you ask? Well, they are just as loveable. We have the same creamy, hydrating matte formula which has a slight sheen and a wondeful longetivity. As the lipsticks wear, they do so evenly, leaving a stain rather than patchy lips. The new velvet lipsticks pack a puch in terms of pigment, as the reds do. While we may not see a hint of neon here (hello Velvet Ribbon my best friend), we have impactful colour in one swipe. They are just as beautiful in terms of texture, formula and wear, this lauch perhaps more accessible to those who aren’t red lipsticks lovers.


As with all Lisa Eldridge lipsticks, the new velvet lipsticks are 100% cruelty free.

Back to the undertones

Lisa Eldridge true velvet lipsticks. A brown and pink matte lipstick sit on a glass tray. Books are blurred in the background.

You know those nudes you try on or buy that make you look a bit ill or well, dead? Yep, I know. Well Lisa, has this sorted by a clever tweaking of the undertones. Using warmth to lift and blues to brighten teeth, this is professional colour theory at its best and I am hooked. These nudes bring life to your face.

Let’s talk inclusivity for a moment. This whole collection truly can be worn by all skin tones and that is not an easy feat. To cater for so many with such a small launch is impressive.

I have quite the lipstick collection, I wasn’t kidding when I said I love the stuff. What’s really quite amazing is that I don’t have anything like the Lisa Eldridge velvet lipsticks in my collection. No two shades compare and that, as well as the aformentioned texture and longetivity, is what makes them unique.

Speedy Shipping

I ordered the day, ney the minute the presale began (I told you, I’m obsessed), the lipsticks were shipped before 7pm on the 18th November (shipping date) and arrived the next morning.

Call me impressed.

New Velvet Love

It is as though the lipsticks are dressed in velvet coats

I think it’s fair to say I’m a fan. A bias fan perhaps but one who already knew the formula, one who loved the lipstick, one who is always excited for more and more. What is the best surprise (although equally not a surprise having followed Lisa Eldridge and seeing her dedication to her art and product development) is the beauty of their colour. The ingenuity, the mixing of colours and what that brings to your natural skin tone; how it flatters you individually. This collection is a wonderful mix of berries and chocolates, it is rich and decatant and is almost good enough to eat. Wear them full on, as a stain, mix shades together, the choice is yours and there is room to play. Most importantly, enjoy because in my eyes, these are pretty special.


We’ve had the reds, the pinks and now the nudes and berries. My mind can’t help but ponder what might be next. One thing’s for sure, I’ll be waiting with bated breath and finger poised ready to ‘add to cart’.


Lisa Eldridge The New Velvets - A review
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Fancy seeing the True Velvet Red’s up close in macro detail? Check them out on my instagram!


The True Velvet Lipsticks are available at

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  1. I have always preferred a matt lipstick, so I would like this brand, I’m sure. The Velvet Muse shade is exactly the kind of shade I would buy. I think I might be treating myself.

    1. Is’nt it a beautiful shade?! They are such a lovely formula, so wearable and comfortable too, you will love them!

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