Lisa Eldridge Beauty – Holiday 2020 – Lipstick & Gloss Embrace Lip Gloss

Lisa Eldridge Beauty – Holiday 2020 – Lipstick & Gloss Embrace Lip Gloss

Regular followers and readers of both my Instagram and blog will know that I am a true fan of Lisa Eldridge’s lipsticks so of course, I look forward to the holiday collection with glee and much excitement of what this year’s offerings might have in store. When the collection went live I was there early doors! The Lisa Eldridge Beauty Holiday 2020 collection saw the introduction of an incredible bright pink, an earthy red, the new Gloss Embrace, Lip Liners and the introduction of beautiful kits. Coming up are the delights that have joined my Lisa Eldridge collection and my thoughts on them!

Lisa Eldridge Beauty True Velvet Lipsticks

There are some stunning additions to the True Velvet line up in the Lisa Eldridge Beauty Holiday 2020 Collection, namely Velvet Carnival, a vibrant cool-toned pink and Velvet Dragon, an earthy red. I can’t lie, given the choice, I would’ve loved all of the new True Velvet shades, who wouldn’t?!  Alas, such things aren’t possible at present. I decided to go for Velvet Blush, a beautiful cool-toned berry shade, perfect for autumn and Velvet Fawn, a perfect neutral (a shade I didn’t get at the last launch but wished to add to my collection).

Lisa Eldridge Velvet Blush matte lipstick
Velvet Blush

Both shades are in the True Velvet formula. A highly pigmented lipstick which is creamy and hydrating, comfortable to wear in a matte finish. The True Velvet’s are described as having a ‘slight sheen’ and they do, they are not a flat matte, they enliven the lips.

The lipsticks give full pigment in one swipe and look beautiful as a stain or worn as a full lipstick. Both Blush and Fawn wear very well on my lips, they stand up to their True Velvet sisters both in longevity and in pigment. As they wear they do so evenly, meaning your lips are left with a pretty stain, rather than any unsightly dry lipstick residue. I have mentioned before that I have very, very dry lips so it takes a lot for me to like a matte lipstick. It would then mean that I would have to love said formula to purchase many in different shades. This is where we are with the Lisa Eldridge True Velvets. They work, even with my driest of lips and that is clever formulating.

Lisa Eldridge Beauty Holiday 2020 - Velvet Blush Lipstick
Macro image: True Velvet Lipstick – Velvet Blush

With regards to shades, Lisa is a genius here. Take one look at one of her videos where she describes her new lipstick shades and tell me you don’t fall in love with colour and colour theory?! No, or is that just the makeup artist in me? There is such clever tweaking in undertones with each lipstick that allows them to be worn on all skin tones while brightening complexions.

Lisa Eldridge Velvet Fawn matte Lipstick
Velvet Fawn

True Velvets are renown for their texture. A first of their kind, the bullet is formed using the lipstick itself in tiny particles to resemble the appearance of velvet. To the naked eye, it looks like velvet fabric, here are macro images of the lipsticks showing how clever the composition of lipstick is.

I have talked extensively about Lisa Eldridge’s lipsticks before, if you’d like to read more about the True Velvets, Summer Pinks, Holiday 2019

You’ll find photos of me wearing both shades at the bottom of the post!

True Velvet Lipsticks £26.00 Available in 14 shades

Lisa Eldridge Beauty Holiday 2020 - Velvet Fawn lipstick
Macro image: True Velvet Lipstick – Velvet Fawn
Lisa Eldridge Beauty Gloss Embrace Lip Gloss

I was so excited to see Lisa had created lip glosses! I am a big gloss fan and being someone with chronically dry lips, I was very intrigued by the sound of the hydration element. A lip gloss that not only looks great but is kind to the lips too? Could this be true? Well yes, folks, this flaky lip’d gal can attest to the claims! These glosses are beautiful! Stunningly pigmented but not in an ‘over the top way’, just in a ‘put together’ way, add to that a luxurious hit of hydration in a buttery, non-sticky form and well, you guessed it, they’re heavenly, they do embrace your lips and I am in love!

Lisa Eldridge Beauty Holiday 2020 Gloss Embrace lip gloss in 'muse' and 'go lightly'
Lisa Eldridge Gloss Embrace Lip Gloss in ‘Muse’ & ‘Go Lightly’ L-R.

The Gloss Embrace Lip Gloss is a combination of oils (acai berry oil, vitamin E oil, sunflower seed oil) and butter ( wild mango kernel butter) leading to a very hydrating lip gloss that has emollients which last and treat the lips rather than just wearing away. The pigment of the Lip Gloss is just enough to provide a beautiful tint, one that matches the lipstick of the same name. The Lip Gloss is very pleasant to wear, lasts and envelops your lips in a comfortable, plumping, cushion of hydration.

I have Gloss Embrace Go Lightly and Gloss Embrace Muse. I wanted to try both by themselves as a gloss and then pair them with their matching lipsticks (which I already had in my collection) to see them in their full glory. I’ve popped pictures of this at the bottom of the post!

Gloss Embrass Lip Gloss £18.00 Available in 6 shades


The lipstick bullets remain the same as the originals from the first-ever launch. They are a beautiful, matte gold case which close with a satisfying magnetic click. The case is solid and weighty.

Gloss Embrace Lip Gloss have a matching gold lid and a transparent bottle allowing the shade of the gloss to be centre of attention. Either item would look stunning pulled out of a handbag to touch up lips on the go. Both the lipsticks and lipgloss have the Lisa Eldridge logo engraved on the lid.

Lisa Eldridge Beauty Holiday 2020 includes gloss embrace lip gloss and true velvet lipsticks. They stand on top of beauty books on a makeup vanity.
Stunning packaging in matte gold with an etched Lisa Eldridge logo on the lids.

Makeup pouches were front and centre of this collection again this year. A collaboration with artist Jon Jacobsen saw stunning floral makeup bags for the makeup kits. Available for the lipstick trios were velvet pouches and I have a beautiful velvet bag in a gorgeous midnight blue, adorned in the Lisa Eldrige logo.


Velvet Fawn & Velvet Blush 100% Cruelty-Free

Gloss Embrace Lip Gloss Vegan & Silicone Free & 100% Cruelty-Free

Lisa Eldridge Sweatshirts

A hidden extra? In the weeks before the launch, Lisa had filmed in a sweatshirt with her logo and of course, we all wanted one! Low and behold, on launch day, Lisa Eldridge sweatshirts were available to order.

Of course, I had to have one, I needed to be part of team Eldridge (the dream 😉 ). As someone who lives in sweats (thanks health 🙄), I can attest to the most comfortable nature of this sweatshirt and its super cosy lining.

Sweatshirts come in a drawstring cotton bag, are 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton. All ethically made. £40.00


This is a cleverly curated collection. The two new additions, the Gloss Embrace Lipgloss and The Enhance and Define Liner each match their sister lipstick.  Therefore you really have the ability to play around and be creative with your makeup looks. If you want a low key look, a quick swipe of gloss is ever so pretty. Looking for a more put together pout? Then pair it with a True Velvet. For extra oomph, line with a lip pencil. For a gloss look that is defined and lasts? Line and fill the lips with liner first before applying your lip gloss!

True Velvets

These lipsticks pack a punch in pigment. They work beautifully both as a full pout or as a stain. To wear as a stain, simply tap on with your finger. And to achieve a blurred pout, take a small shadow brush and gently buff the edge of your lipline from the inside.

I love using the lipstick as a blusher too, it really keeps the makeup in synergy. I like to gently tap my brush, or fingers, on top the lipstick bullet then tap that onto my cheeks. Then use the warmth of my fingers to blend.

All In All

The Lisa Eldridge Beauty Holiday 2020 Collection is yet another stunning launch from the House Of Eldridge. Gloss Embrace Lip Gloss is a beautiful addition to the lineup, with a luxurious formula and matching lipstick shades they make a beauty collector must. The new True Velvet shades are stunning! I’m really sad I didn’t get my hands of Velvet Dragon but it will be a shade that joins my collection at a restock date (I’ve already told my pretties not to worry 😉 ) and one day in the future I would LOVE to try Velvet Carnival because it looks incredible!! Velvet Blush is timeless and I can see it being a lipstick I pull out on many an occasion.

The lipliners truly look and sound fantastic! I have seen Lisa mention that they may be available to purchase separately in the future and this would be great!

All in all, as always, I’m over the moon! They have not disappointed and have truly brightened my spirits at a difficult time.

Bravo team Eldridge, bravo.


Let’s Finish With The Beauties on

To better aid any future purchase decisions you may have and because I can not stop wearing them, here are some pics with the pretties on!

Amy, a north east beauty blogger and makeup artist wears Lisa Eldridge gloss embrace lip gloss in 'go lightly'
Wearing Gloss Embrace Lip Gloss in ‘Go Lightly’
Amy, a north east beauty blogger and makeup artist wears Lisa Eldridge Lipstick and gloss embrace lip gloss in 'go lightly'
Wearing Lisa Eldridge lipstick in ‘Go Lightly’ and Lipgloss in ‘Go Lightly’
Amy, a north east beauty blogger and makeup artist wears Lisa Eldridge gloss embrace lip gloss in 'Muse'
Wearing Lisa Eldridge Gloss Embrace Lipgloss in ‘Muse’
Amy, a north east beauty blogger and makeup artist wears Lisa Eldridge Lipstick and gloss embrace lip gloss in 'muse'
Wearing Lisa Eldridge Lipstick and gloss in ‘Muse’
Amy, a north east beauty blogger and makeup artist wears Lisa Eldridge Lipstick in 'velvet blush'
Wearing Lisa Eldridge ‘Velvet Blush’

Lisa Eldridge Beauty Available Here

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Can’t decide with lipstick is your favourite? Check out my Lisa Eldridge Collection here

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