Lisa Eldridge Lipstick – Summer Pinks Collection

Lisa Eldridge Lipstick

Disclosure: Gift-From myself to me. Because needs must. 

You may fall insanely in love with lipstick, this is not my fault, the fault lies with Miss Eldridge.

Ok, Lisa Eldridge may not have been the one to introduce you to lipstick or the one to make you fall into like with lipstick but holy moly, she may be the one to make you fall head over heels, flat on your back, swoon into the arms of a dashing lover in LOVE with a lipstick collection. 

In a time of tumultuous lipstick launches, those that rocket, those that may not have soared so high, Lisa Eldridge has graced a category with detail, elegance and perfection. 

Launching only two weeks after Charlotte Tilbury’s hot lips 2 collection and following on from her own sold out Xmas True Velvet launch, lipstick lovers across the world are spoilt. 

Already wetting my lips with the ‘True Velvet’ collection (and simply ADORING it-read about it here), I was ready, I was waiting for the next Lisa Eldridge lipstick launch, the excitement filling my beauty filled heart. 

Pinks 💖 (Squeals)

A review of the summer pinks collection by makeup artist Lisa Eldridge. Four pink lipsticks sit open on a gold tray. Behind them slightly burred are flowers and a linen teal makeup bag.
Go Lightly, Rainbow Spill, Love Of My Life, Skyscraper Rose (L-R)

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love colour. In the realms of makeup, in particular, lipstick, when asked what kind of shades I like to wear I describe myself of anything from a pretty nude to a full-fledged Pat Butcher Pink. (Little Eastenders ref if you need to take to google images).

I’ll covert the brightest pink to the boldest red, the prettiest posey, to a feisty corral. I just love the stuff.

And so the (Pat Butcher bold) pink lover in me was filled with excitement at the first glimpse of the watermelon shade, ‘Rainbow Spill’ during a YouTube sneak peek on Lisa’s channel.

After refreshing a webpage far too many times for my nerves to handle I ordered the collection and felt a sensation of utter glee as my package arrived. 

Let’s get down to the review 

By now, you know I was blown away by the True Velvet collection (that texture, that velvet 😍) and that I’m a lover of many a lipstick shade. 

But, you don’t know what I think about this collection. how does this launch measure up? New textures, finishes and shades and I bought all four, so let’s go through them all individually. 

The collection is simply called ‘Summer Pinks’ and contains four lipsticks in two different formulas.


All of the lipsticks are cruelty free. The Luxuriously Lucent Lip Colour is also 100% vegan. All lipsticks are fragrance free.

Servers down 

Did I set a reminder for 2:50pm on July 2nd, yes. Might I have freaked out when at 8 minutes past the hour, after refreshing the Lisa Eldridge website repeatedly, only the sold out reds to be seen, the pink collection flashed up on the screen sold out… Yes. Oh yes.

Anyone, who like me was desperately trying to get their hands on said lipsticks in this hour will have learnt of the e-commerce server malfunction worldwide which affected many sites ability to process orders. Unfortunately, for those both launching a beauty collection and those buying said collection panic ensued.

Approximately 44mins of avid page refreshing later my basket was full and my order (second time around) completed. Phew 😅 

Mail Room Bust Up

I had bought the whole collection so was entitled to free postage however my order remained stalled and unpicked until I had raised the issue with the Lisa Eldridge team. A simple overwhelming of orders was to blame and I received a personal email from Lisa herself explaining the holdup with a sincere apology. 


The goodies arrive in a clean, modern, white cardboard box with Lisa Eldridge logo and a nice reminder to recycle & that all packaging is recyclable on the inside. 

(I was recently shocked to learn the ‘green dot’ logo ♻️ doesn’t actually mean a product is recyclable – I KNOW!!- so even though this is cardboard and pretty self explanatory in recycling terms, I’m applauding any & all manufacturers who say point blank ‘recycle me’. Read here and here for more info!)

Opulent gold satin cases 
A gold lipstick bullet case with an L and a lip shape embossed.
Lipstick case with logo

I affectionately stated that the True Velvets were housed in 

“opulent gold satin cases (which close with the most satisfying magnetic click), …and (are) timeless” at that, in my True Velvet review, which has proven to be true as Lisa has kept the cases the same in this pink collection. 

Simple, solid, classic and smart. The cases are smooth to touch and a vintage gold in colour. They open easily and close with a magnetic click.


The lipstick name is both on the bottom of the case and on its box.

The lipstick box is (the same as the True Velvets) gold and white cardboard with the Lisa Eldridge logo, lipstick formula, shade name and ingredient list. Simple. Modern. Elegant.

The makeup bag

Described as an ‘aqua green’ pouch, this makeup bag costs £18.00 or comes free with purchase of two lipsticks or more. Thankfully for me, I bought all four from the collection, so hello delightful makeup pouch. The epitome of summer, with a modern Mediterranean take on a Tiffany blue, this pouch is a perfect size to house one’s lipsticks and more. With its beautiful gold stitching, it’s one you’ll proudly pull out of your handbag for touchups during the day.


There are two formulas in this collection, let me introduce them with some macro beauty.

Luxuriously Lucent Lip Colour is a cream formula. It is hydrating, comfortable and is 100% vegan. Shades ‘Go Lightly’ and ‘Love Of My Life’ come in this formula.

A macro beauty photo of 'Love of my life', Lisa Eldridge Lipsticks. The lipstick is a cream finish and a rose pink.
‘Love Of My Life’
The colour

A sumptuous salmon pink with a brightening hue that makes eyes pop and a beautifying rosy pink come in this ‘semi-sheer’ finish. The shades are vibrant but very wearable due to this formula. A light application leads to a subtle stain of colour, while two coats give full colour pay off. As with any semi-sheer formula, the final colour on application will read slightly different person to person due to your natural lip tone.


Call me impressed but I didn’t expect such impactful pigment in a semi-sheer lipstick! (Check out my awkward selfie here 🙂 ) Now we’re not talking the intensity of the ‘Insanely Saturated Lip colour‘ which are KAPOW on the impact scale but these are impressive, particularly given the fact that they are a creamy, hydrating, lightweight lipstick. The two shades this formula comes in (at present) pack a punch and are very pretty at it. There is a balance with these where the formula and shade choice seems to be both modern and flattering. They are wearable and comfortable.


Will the ‘Luxuriously Lucent’ lipsticks last through a meal and drinks without needing a touchup, no. It is a lipstick that requires but warrants attention. However, upon testing this lipstick lasted 4 hours (without eating, but definitely enjoying a coffee) before I considered it needed touching up and as it had worn away it left a lovely even, stain of colour.


I chose to play with ‘Go Lightly’ and meant to apply it as a stain at first, just to see how the colour would build on my lips. However, I found the lipstick so delicious to apply that before I knew it I’d applied three coats! This formula is like a lip balm, one that is hydrating, soft and pigmented all at the same time. It leaves a glossy appearance to the lips without being sticky or tacky which makes your lips appear fuller. This is a dry lip girls dream lipstick!


Wear it as a stain or as a full lip colour. Two modern pinks in a hydrating formula making them easy to wear.


Insanely Saturated Lip Colour. Full coverage with a demi-matte finish. Shades ‘Rainbow Spill’ and ‘Skyscraper Rose’ come in this formula.

A macro beauty photo of 'Skyscraper Rose', Lisa Eldridge Lipsticks. The lipstick is a demo-matte finish and a raspberry pink.

The Colour 

A vibrant petunia pink and raspberry rose come in this formula and when I say vibrant, goodness do I mean it. We are talking about the most incredible colour intensity and payoff. One swipe gives a dense, impactful beautiful bold lip colour, in a pretty timeless pink in ‘Skyscraper Rose’ and a modern neon twist in ‘Rainbow Spill’.


A demi-matte formula providing a very long-wearing lipstick. I wore this lipstick for 6 hours while eating and drinking and there was no need for a touch-up.


As I’ve mentioned previously, I have chronically dry lips, so call me crazy for buying a matte lipstick of any kind. The thing is, I bought the True Velvets out of excitement and admiration of Lisa Eldridge, hoping I might be able to get away with the lipsticks once in a while. Turns out, they are the most hydrating mattes I’ve ever tried. So, I jumped to try her next launch.

These, being demi-mattes, are slightly more creamy and hydrating than the True Velvets, so I feel like I’ve won all around. They are long-wearing and comfortable to wear.


Let’s be honest, these shades pack a punch. ‘Rainbow Spill’ is deliciously bright, it says ‘hi’ before you do. They are lipsticks for people who like to wear lipsticks. By that I mean, they don’t simply just enhance your natural lip colour as a true nude might, rather they beautifully define your lips and brighten your complexion. They are bold and that is their beauty.

Wear them perfected with a lip liner for full colour ‘wow’, using a lip brush to perfect your edges for a perfected pout, or as a stain for a more wearable bold pop of colour.


*Tip: These lipsticks double up as gorgeous blushes too!


Luxuriously Lucent Lip Colour 3.5g £26.00

Insanely Saturated Lip Colour 3.5g £26.00

True Velvet Lipstick 3.5g £26.00

All made in Italy.


The shade choice

Beautifully bold and unashamedly bright, these lipsticks speak for themselves. (There’s one thing for sure) These aren’t just any lipsticks, they’re a Lisa Eldridge lipstick.

‘Go Lightly’

The lightest shade registering a touch of vintage glamour. Reminiscent of a late 50’s early 60’s salmon pink bought to life in a sleek modern formula that is both creamy and hydrating. 

One can’t help but notice a nod to Audrey Hepburn with this shade name ‘Go Lightly’, the Tiffany-esque hue of the linen makeup bag, framed in gold and embroidered with the Lisa Eldridge logo. 


‘Love Of My Life’

A classic true rose pink. With a brightening hue and beautifying rose tone, this shade is a dream. It is both romantic and elegant.

I now have the lipstick love of my life, now I just need the man… (jokes, I’ll never be fully fulfilled in terms of lipstick love 😉 keep them coming, Lisa!)



Your lips but better #3 the shade that nearly was. During her Youtube Video launch of her lipsticks, Lisa shows us #3, a perfect pinky nude (stomach butterflies induced). It reached production but as a Lisa Edridge Lipstick must be perfection, it was pulled as the texture wasn’t quite perfect, yet. I have all my fingers crossed for this shade to be launched because, my oh my, I love it already.

‘Rainbow Spill’

Not for the faint hearted. Wow, rainbow spill. What a divine shade. I feel propelled into full Summer mode. This is fierce. It’s radiant. It is stunning. Catch me lying on a beach, with giant sun hat & sunglasses, oozing confidence: this is how I feel my lips painted in this extraordinary shade. And that is what it is, extra-ordinary. It is neon, pink, bold, fresh and modern. Gosh, it’s beautiful.


‘Skyscraper Rose’

Skyscraper rose- reminds me of raspberry sorbet. Succulent, refreshing and good enough to eat. It feels both vintage and modern at the same time. A true, bold fuchsia on the lips it is brighter on than in the bullet. Creamy and full coverage, this is a vibrant take on a rose shade.



This, a small collection, in the scheme of lipstick launches, is one that is meticulously and carefully curated. The shades are pretty and bold, modern and traditional at the same time. They are an oxymoron. A wonderful contradiction that I can’t get enough of.

From the prettiest rose reminiscent of fresh flushed cheeks of the sisters in Little Women (oh the tears!) to a flash of neon fast forwarding me to a fresh modern feel. Effortlessly cool. 

Clearly, I’m in love. 

And so my love of lipstick continues. A lipstick can change a makeup look in a matter of seconds and with that add confidence and glamour. This collection from Lisa Eldridge is the easiest way to add a pop of colour to any makeup look. With wearable formulas and stunning shades, it’s hard for any pink lipstick lover not to fall for the Summer Pinks.

And fall hard I did. 

*Still swooning


P.S if you’re ever stuck on a gift to buy me,  just look at her rings (*swoons as signs off probably most definitely wearing pink lipstick).

Lisa Eldridge Makeup review
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The pink collection is sadly now out of stock! The True Velvet Reds are being re-stocked any day now with a pre-order on the 24th July and the launch going live on the 29th! So keep an eye out for those and I’ll keep you updated on any re-stocks of the pinks on my social media also! Follow me on instagram here!


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