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When one of the world’s top makeup artists, someone who has painted the faces of celebrities and top models alike, someone who has produced covers for all the major magazines and designed makeup for many top makeup brands, finally launches her own lipstick collection, you don’t walk, you run! That time has come, Lisa Eldridge has teased us with her first makeup launch, Plush True Velvet Matte Lipsticks and my goodness, they do not disappoint.
the lipstick bullet truly is something amazing
Two gold round lipstick cases placed on a round gold mirror, giving a reflective effect. The lipstick have a L and a pair of lips etched into the lips, this is the logo for Lisa Eldridge.
Lipstick By Lisa Eldridge


From the opulent gold satin cases (which close with the most satisfying magnetic click), to the mesmeric velvet finish of the lipstick bullet, no detail is left unattended.

The cases are indeed timeless, a muted gold allowing the velvet detail of the bullet to do the talking; to be the star.

And the lipstick bullet truly is something amazing.

The outside of the bullet looks like a piece of velvet fabric, Lisa Eldridge explains that this effect is created by lots of tiny pieces of lipstick which are held together creating this velvet textured appearance. It truly is mesmerising and awe-some. It took me a few days before I could bring myself to actually use the lipsticks, they really are that beautiful, they are art in themselves.


Lisa Eldridge Plush Velvet Lipstick in ‘Velvet Ribbon’ (left) and ‘Velvet Morning’ (right)
I’ll be straight up with you I have dry lips, excessively dry lips if you will, that never heal, that is sadly a result of an autoimmune disorder and despite many a treatment none have availed. So it’s fair to say that I’m not the biggest fan of matte lipsticks, they just don’t sit well on dry lips. Some might think this would make for a bias review of a matte lipstick. However, I’m a massive fan of Lisa Eldridge and upon hearing the news of her first makeup launch I jumped to buy her products. Does my admiration of her as a professional make me biased? perhaps!
Perhaps they almost cancel each other out.

So let’s get down to the details.

I chose to buy the shades ‘Velvet Ribbon’ and ‘Velvet Morning’. ‘Velvet Ribbon’ truly is a true neutral red. It has a beautifully blue tone to it which is universally flattering and makes teeth appear whiter than white.
‘Velvet Morning’ is an orangey red, it’s vibrant, a gorgeous tone which reminds me of long summer days.
‘Velvet Morning’ and ‘Velvet Ribbon’, Plush Velvet True Colour Lipstick by Lisa Eldridge
The feeling on lips is not deathly dry as many a matte lipstick can be, it is smooth, hydrating, surprising so. Especially for me. It feels more like a typical satin lipstick. I know I have lipstick on, it doesn’t have a sheer feel, both in texture and pigment (although I have chosen to wear it as a full lipstick rather than a stain), it is a lovely lightweight creamy formula that moves with your lips;there’s no heavy, cracking dry-down matte texture here.
The colour is beautiful, stunning, bright, and bold, a true saturated red that is flattering and very long lasting. There is barely any bleeding, movement or feathering, as I eat (a burger!) and drink and it wears over all rather than patchy (I hate that). I’m at hour three of wear and want to top up for a hint of hydration, not particularly for colour which is very impressive. I must say I’m incredibly impressed that I lasted till hour three without needing a top up, I normally use my lanolin lip balm every 30mins on bare lips…I think that speaks volumes.
These lipsticks can be worn as a full on red lip straight from the bullet in one swipe or as a stain simply by applying using your finger and patting it onto your lips, giving a more subtle effect.
this is a lipstick I would love to pass down to my future children; this is beauty history
Velvet Ribbon
This is a luxury lipstick, a true velvet lipstick encased in gold metal casing finished with the Lisa Eldridge insignia. I eagerly await what Lisa Eldridge comes up with next.
My only regret is that I didn’t buy the whole set, my reason is simply because it’s that time of year when purses are extra tight.
I do so wish I could have though as this is the kind of beauty item you treasure, this is a lipstick I would love to pass down to my future children. This is beauty history, which I guess is little surprise from the artist who has excited us over and over with just that.
‘Velvet Ribbon’, by Lisa Eldridge

From the opulent gold satin cases, to the mesmeric velvet finish of the lipstick bullet, no detail is left unattended.

Being the incredible lipsticks that they are the collection has now sold out, however, Lisa is considering restocking more lipsticks and potentially launching the lipsticks in further colour sections. I for one will be watching eagerly!

If you’re a beauty geek like me, you might just find these macro beauty shots I took of ‘Velvet Morning’ very satisfying. Lisa explains that the velvet texture is created by lots of tiny particles of lipstick being formed together using a unique mould; the formation so small to the naked eye that it gives an appearance of real velvet texture.
Lisa Eldridge Truly Velvet Lipstick Review. A Macro image of 'Velvet Morning' a stunning orange red matte lipstick with velvet texture.
Macro beauty – ‘Velvet Morning’
Lisa Eldridge Truly Velvet Lipstick Review. A Macro image of 'Velvet Morning' a stunning orange red matte lipstick with velvet texture.
How the velvet effect is created – Macro beauty ‘Velvet Morning’ Lisa Eldridge Lipstick
I’m going to be testing the Diorfic Matte Lipstick next week so the comparison will be interesting. Watch this space!
True velvet matte lipstick by Lisa Eldridge - A review. Image of two red lipsticks stood on a mirror. The title of the article is overlaid across.
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Edit 30/06/19: Lisa Eldridge has today announced the launch of a new collection of her lipsticks for Summer 2019! A collection of 4 pink lipsticks in two formulas which launch 02/07/19 at 3PM! Find them on her website (note, these will sell out!).


Heads up, there will be a restock of the True Velvet collection around the 3rd week of July 2019!!
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