Best Beauty Products of 2020

Best Beauty 2020

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We’re in December folks and you know what that means, it’s time for my yearly roll call: the best of beauty 2020! So here are the makeup and skincare products that really made an impression in 2020; you know, the year that was incredibly unkind and saw us taking beauty self-care into our own hands (oh yeah, skincare sales skyrocketed!). So without further ado, please enjoy my best of beauty 2020!

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Consumer spending habits changed in 2020 as our faces became half-covered and masked, can you blame us? It perhaps influenced our choice of product and led us to more mask appropriate items. Of course, it didn’t stop all of us from enjoying the products out there!


We had quite a year where eyeshadow palettes were concerned, therefore it really was hard to narrow it down to just one! However, 2020 saw Mario Dedivanovic launch his makeup brand to the market and boy was it impressive! Both the Master Metallics and Master Mattes are standouts from the collection but my winner is the Master Mattes.

Makeup By Mario Master Mattes

Makeup by Mario Master Mattes Palette! Best beauty products and makeup 2020!
Makeup by Mario Master Mattes Palette

This palette is an excellent selection of matte shadows in cool and warm tones, It is slim and compact and easy to store. The shadows blend with ease and are long-wearing. It is a great palette that caters for all skin tones and one that you will come back to time and time again.

Makeup by Mario Master Mattes Palette £47

I’m wearing the Master Mattes here.

Face palette 

By Terry Brightening CC Palette

By Terry Brightening CC Palette. Image of a highlighter and blush palette on a mirror with white flowers surrounding it.

The palette to win this category hands down is the By Terry CC Palette. This face palette is an absolute joy. Not only does it instantly lift dull skin and brighten any complexion but I swear your skin looks better as the powder wears throughout the day. Containing a brightening powder, blush tones and a bronzing shade, this is a complete complexion palette in one.

By Terry Brightening CC Palette £42

Read my review of the palette here!


I need to split bronzer into cream and powder as we have two excellent releases this year!

Cream Bronzer

Fenty Beauty Cheeks Out Cream Bronzer

I was so very excited when Fenty launched the Cheeks Out Cream Bronzers and Blushes and they certainly lived up to that buzz and hype that had preceded their arrival! For the most natural, healthy, dewy bronzed glow, look no further than this bronzer from Fenty. It is incredibly easy to apply, either with fingers, a sponge or a brush. Think of a streak-free, radiant, bronze in seconds with minimal effort. Plus, the shade range is very inclusive.

Fenty Beauty Cheeks Out Cream Bronzer £28

Read my review of the bronzer here!

Powder Bronzer

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Bronzer 

Charlotte tilbury airbrush bronzer sit open on a mirror surrounded by flowers.
Airbrush Bronzer in ‘Medium’

Modelled on the Airbrush Powder, the Airbrush Bronzer gives a beautiful healthy bronze to the skin that is mattifying but not a heavy, flat matte. It really does beautify the skin, leaving an almost ‘filtered’ appearance. The matte finish is very flattering to the skin and the colours help lift and suit all undertones. The palette is huge and it’s refillable so great for the environment. Let’s not forget to mention how blooming gorgeous is it to look at aswell!

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Bronzer £39*

Read my review on the bronzer here and see how I’m wearing it in this IGTV!


Dior Backstage Highlighter Palette

Dior Backstage Highlighter Palette. This highlighter sits on a marble top and is open showing the four shades of white, pink and two bronzes. It is one of the best beauty products of 2020
Dior Backstage Highlighter Palette

I just can’t get enough of this palette. There are four shades to choose from and the powders leave a beautiful glow to the skin, not a glittery shimmer. The glow almost appears like a sheen, in the most gorgeous, flattering way and can be applied subtly or built up for a more intense finish. Dior enhanced the line up to cater for all skin tones this year.

Dior Backstage Highlighter Palette £36*

I’m wearing the highlighter in this post!


I have to cheat when it comes to concealer because it’s just too hard to choose between these two!

Uoma Beauty Stay Woke Concealer

Uoma Beauty Stay Woke Concealer
Uoma Beauty Stay Woke Concealer

This concealer has truly impressed for me this year! It is a full coverage concealer that somehow manages to conceal without sitting in fine lines or caking around the eye area. Honestly, for a gal like me who has a impressive set of racoon eye bags, this has been gold dust in 2020!

Uoma Beauty Stay Woke Concealer £29.50, currently 30% off £20*

I’m wearing this concealer here!

NYX Born To Glow Concealer

NYX Born To Glow Concealer. Drugstore, cruelty free makeup
NYX Born To Glow Concealer

The Born To Glow Concealer from NYX easily makes it onto my best of beauty list this year. It is a cracking concealer at an affordable price. The concealer lifts shadows and helps to conceal imperfections without any heaviness. It is a medium coverage concealer that could be light finish if applied with a gentle touch. It doesn’t have the same punch as the Uoma Beauty does so if you’re looking for a concealer for light to medium coverage, this is your gal, but if you want a little more I’d check out the Uoma Beauty for a flattering finish.

However, if you’d like to try the NYX Born To Glow Concealer and want that added lift for dark circles, I recommended pairing it with the NYX Colour Corrector.

NYX Born To Glow Concealer £9*

NYX Colour Corrector £11*

I’m wearing this concealer here!


By Terry Hyaluronic 

A bottle of By Terry Hyaluronic hydra foundation sits on a table surrounded by makeup. The lip has a dropper and it's being held above and squeezed, some foundation is dropping out into the bottle below.
By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Foundation

This foundation really is a beauty. It is a lightweight foundation that is buildable and offers light to medium coverage with a satin-matte finish. Skin is left perfected and beautified. It works for most skin types as the formula is blended with hyaluronic acid helps to hydrate drier skins and the satin-matte finish suits oiler ones.

By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Foundation £49*

Read my review on the foundation here!

BB Cream

Maxfactor Second Skin Foundation

Maxfactor Second Skin Foundation in a tube stands on a table for this review

Whilst this is called a foundation, it is definitely more akin to a BB cream. It is lightweight in texture, hydrating, provides a light to medium coverage with a glowy finish. Apply with fingers, a sponge or a brush; this is almost effortless in application and lifts the complexion.

MaxFactor Second Skin Foundation £12.99*

I’m wearing the foundation here!


Makeup Forever Artist Pencil

Makeup Forever Artist Pencil
Makeup Forever Artist Pencil

I simply adore these pencils! They can be used on both the eyes and lips and are so incredibly soft. Blend them out and create a smokey base for eyeshadow, create a soft liner look, or use to line your lips; the choice is yours.

Makeup Forever Artist Pencil £15

I’m wearing the eyeliner here!


Max Factor Brow Pencil

Maxfactor Brow Shaper! Best beauty 2020!
Maxfactor Brow Shaper

This is a recent find for me and I am thankful for it! The Brow Shaper from Maxfactor is fine-tipped retractable kohl with longwear technology that stays put. It reminds me of Benefit’s Precisely My Brow Pencil so is a great highstreet alternative!

Maxfactor Brow Shaper £8.99*

I’m wearing this brow pencil in this post!


For lipstick, I’ve had to split it into packaging and product (surely by now you know I’m a) indecisive and b) a lipstick addict)!

Best Lipstick (allrounder)

Nic Chapman MAC Lipstick

Nicola Chapman MAC Lipstick. Beauty blogger north east
Nicola Chapman MAC Lipstick

This is a lip colour that I think is an all-round winner. It’s a very wearable formula that we know and love and the shade that Nicola has come up with is incredibly flattering.

Nicola Chapman MAC Lipstick £17.50

Best Lipstick Packaging

Caroline Herrera Lipstick

Carolina Herrera Lipstick, nude pink, stands on a gold tray next to a Art Deco decorated case.
Carolina Herrera Lipstick ‘Blissful Lips’

Well, what can I say? This is a lipstick lovers dream. Just look at that packaging. To create and build your own lipstick holder, accessories and choose the lipstick to fit inside feels ever so vintage and ever so fancy. It is a piece every makeup lover would want in their collection and one that will be envied whenever pulled out of a handbag.

Carolina Herrera Lipstick (Price ranges depending on chosen accessories).

I’m wearing this beauty of a lipstick here!

Honorary Mention

Lisa Eldridge True Velvet Lipsticks

Lisa Eldridge Lipstick Best of Beauty 2020
Lisa Eldridge True Velvet Lipstick

The True Velvets receive an honorary mention in this ‘best of beauty’ round-up. They have been previous winners of course but in a year when mask-wearing became the norm and comfortable long-wear lipsticks a necessity, a release of new shades to an already beautiful collection would prove very popular.

Read more about the True Velvets here!


Lisa Eldridge Gloss Embrace Lip Gloss

Lisa Eldridge Beauty Holiday 2020 Gloss Embrace lip gloss in 'muse' and 'go lightly'
Lisa Eldridge Gloss Embrace Lip Gloss in ‘Muse’ & ‘Go Lightly’ L-R.

New to the Lisa Eldridge line up for 2020 is the Gloss Embrace Lips Gloss and they do not disappoint! Luxuriously rich and hydrating; they plump lips, providing moisture all day while coating them in the most stunning shades that match the lipsticks of the same name ( which I also highly rate). Honestly, these are divine!

Lisa Eldridge Gloss Embrace Lip Gloss £18

I’m wearing the lip gloss here!



Vichy Aqualia Thermal Gel Cream

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Gel Creme
Vichy Aqualia Thermal Gel Creme

Perfect for sensitive skin, this moisturiser is very lightweight and incredibly hydrating without being greasy. It has a gorgeous gel texture that is cooling and soothing to the skin. Applying it is therapeutic!

Vichy Aqyalia Thermal Gel Creme £20, currently reduced to £15*

Eye cream

Murad Vita-C Eyes Dark Circle Corrector

Murad Vita C Eyes! Best beauty of 2020
Murad Vita C Eyes

An antioxidant-rich eye cream that helps to rid the eyes of dark circles over time. The cream itself is hydrating without being too thick and preps the skin well for makeup. It also has a yellow colour to it with tiny reflective particles helping to conceal darkness.

Murad Vita-C Eyes £56*


My best two SPF’s of the year are for different skin types:

Normal/Dry skin types:

Shiseido Expert Sun Protector Face And Body Lotion SPF50+

Shiseido Expert High Protector SPF 50. Best beauty products of 2020
Shiseido Expert High Protector SPF 50

This is a beautiful SPF! My oh my how far suncare has come! The texture is so incredibly lightweight that you simply do not feel like you are wearing an SPF at all. Skin is left with a glowy, hydrated appearance while being protected by broad-spectrum SPF. Even more, this product works even harder in the heat and as you sweat, so the hotter it is, the more protected you are.

Shiseido Expert High Protector SPF50 £34*

Normal/Oily skin types:

SkinCeuticals Advanced Brightening UV Defence SPF50

Skinceuticals Advanced Brightening UV Defence Sunscreen SPF50 - A silver tube of suncream in stood on a marble surface surrounded by plants
Skinceuticals Advanced Brightening UV Defence Sunscreen SPF50

What a hero SPF this is! Thank you SkinCeuticals, thank you! Wonderfully lightweight and non-greasy, this broad-spectrum sunscreen protects the skin while treating and targeting discolouration. It is silky in touch, sinks into the skin quickly and leaves no white cast.

SkinCeuticalsAdvanced Brightening UV Defence Sunscreen SPF50 £45

Read my review on this SPF here!


Hada Labo hyaluronic acid serum

Hada Labo Hyaluronic Acid Serum best beauty of 2020
Hada Labo Hyaluronic Acid Serum

When Hadalabo became available on amazon UK this year we rejoiced. When they launched at Superdrug we were spoilt! The hyaluronic acid serum easily makes it into my best of beauty 2020 list! It is incredibly lightweight (no thick, gloopy texture here), smooths into the skin within moments and hydrates in no time. Skin is left plumped and moisturised.

Hada Labo Hyaluronic Acid Serum £17.45*


Medik8 Press & Glow Daily Exfoliating PHA Tonic with Enzyme Activator

Medik8 Press & Glow Toner. Best beauty products of 2020
Medik8 Press & Glow Toner

Press & Glow is formulated with poly hydroxy acid with help to exfoliate the skin gently. Hydrating and antioxidant ingredients complement this leading to a lovely toner for all skin types, even those with sensitive skin. This toner is quite new to me but boy, have I been enjoying using it! It leaves no residue and absorbs very quickly leaving your skin looking radiant.

 Medik8 Press & Glow £23


Cerave SA Smoothing Cleanser with Salicylic Acid

Cerave Foaming Cleanser
Cerave Foaming Cleanser

Can Cerave do no wrong? This year Cerave launched the Smoothing Cleanser with Salicylic acid. A gentle foaming cleanser, that effectively removes makeup and cleanses the skin. It’s partially great for blemish-prone skin thanks to the added salicylic acid.

Cerave SA Smoothing Cleanser £11.99*


Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. A lip balm in my best beauty products of 2020
Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

While not a new launch this year, the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask certainly became readily available to the UK this year and thank goodness for that! This K-beauty wonder is a must-have for lip balm lovers and anyone in need of a touch of hydration. It is deeply moisturising and repairative and can be worn during the day and night. It also comes in a variety of flavours. I simply can’t rate it enough!

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask £19

Best Of Beauty 2020

Well, that’s it for my best of beauty products 2020 and what a roundup! I had so much fun collating this post; there have just been lots of interesting launches this year and many fun beauty and skincare items to play with. I love writing ‘favourites’ posts, perhaps I’ll have to start doing monthly ones?

Thank you for all of your continued love and support throughout this particularly difficult year and always. I hope you know how much it is appreciated. I wish you all the best now and throughout the festive season and hope that this new year to come is a much kinder one to you all.

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