Fenty Beauty Cheek’s Out – Cream Bronzer & Blush Review

Fenty Beauty Cream Bronzer & Blush

Well folks, today is an exciting day! I have finally got my hands on the newest release from Fenty! The Cheek’s Out collection that keeps selling out! So without further ado, I’m going to get down to business!

It comes as no surprise that Fenty Beauty, with the slogan ‘Beauty For All’ would, like other collections within their range, create a cream bronzer and blush collection to suit all skin tones. Thank you Rihana, thank you. So let’s talk about this inclusive cream bronzer range first.

Fenty Beauty Cream Blush and Bronzers sit on a white table in their metallic packaging.

Fenty Cream Bronzer

Fenty describe it as “A light-as-air, non-greasy cream bronzer that effortlessly melts into skin for a natural-looking bronze or soft contour—in 7 no-fuss shades for all skin tones.”

It is light wearing and sweat resistant. The lightest and darkest shades can be used to contour on the skin tones they are most suited to as they have more cool undertones. The 5 shades inbetween are warmer, bronzed tones.

Fenty cream bronzer sits open on a white table.
‘Butta Biscuit’ cream bronzer

I have no.2 Butta Biscuit. This shade is the most beautiful tone for my natural skin tone. It is very uplifting and gives me an instant, natural healthy glow. The bronzer is uber sheer and very easy to blend. Because it’s formula is so sheer the colour looks incredibly natural on the skin and I look effortlessly sun kissed rather than ‘made up’.

I think I could easily wear shade no.3 also if I wanted a deeper bronzed look as the formula is very forgiving.

Fenty Cream Blush

Fenty describe the blush as “A light-as-air, non-greasy cream blush that instantly melts into skin for an effortless wash of color, giving life to all skin tones with a no-fuss, natural-looking flush in 10 sheer shades.”

Again, we have a very inclusive line up of blush shades with undertones to enhance all skin tones. This colour range, in my opinion is slightly more trend led. There are fun pop shades but colours to suit a variety of skin tones. The formula is the same wonderfully sheer cream with a glossy yet not sticky finish. Simply beautiful.

Fenty cream blusher sits on a white table, the product is open to show the shade.
Fenty cream blusher in ‘Petal Poppin’

I have ‘Petal Poppin’ in the blush. I chose this shade as I thought it would be the blush tone I would reach for the most out of the collection and I can tell you I adore it! I tried this on live on my instagram stories and I couldn’t stop applying it! I just fell in love with my first blend.


Both the Fenty cream bronzer and blush have a beautiful dewy finish to them. Skin looks healthy and radiant without being shiny or pearlescent. They are sweat resistant, so although a cream product, as designed to last throughout the day.

Amy wears Fenty Beauty 'Cheek's Out' Fenty cream blush and bronzer
Fenty cream blush in ‘Petal Poppin’ and bronzer in ‘Butta Biscuit’.
Wear Test

I have found both ‘Butta Biscuit’ and ‘Petal Poppin’ to last well throughout the day with no colour fade. Neither disrupt my foundation upon application.

The bronzer doesn’t feel greasy or oily on my skin and I didn’t feel the need to powder on top.

I do have oily/combination skin however my oiliness is quite well controlled at present with active skincare. If you have oily skin and are put off by cream makeup (trust me, I’ve been there, I get it!), I’d suggest using a matte foundation applying the cream bronzer/blush and if you feel the need, setting with powder afterwards.


There’s been quite a bit of chatter on the old social medias about the size of the Fenty cream blush compared to the cream bronzer and I get it, if you order both the blush is smaller in comparison, quite a lot in fact. But let’s not forget that bronzer’s tend to be quite large folks! Anyway, the best way to work out if we’re getting our money’s worth is by a simple price comparison. So let’s get cracking!

Fenty Beauty's cream bronzer sits open, on a white table
‘Butta Biscuit’ by Fenty Beauty

Fenty Cream Blush £19.00 3.0g- Price per gram £6.33

Mac Glow Play Blush £23.50 7.3g- Price per gram £3.21

Mac Cream Colour Base £19.50 3.2g- Price per gram £6.09

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge £22.50 3.75- Price per gram £6.00

So, taking in a few blusher from brands in a similar price bracket we can see that the Fenty cream blush comes out at a relevantly similar price.

Fenty Cream Bronzer £28 6.23g – Price per gram £4.49

Chanel Les Beiges £42.00 30g- Price per gram £1.4g

Nudestix £30.00 7g- Price per gram £4.28

Benefit Hoola Quickier Contour Stick £24.00 8.5g- Price per gram £2.80

As you can see it’s actually the bronzer that doesn’t fair as well in the price comparison, however this comparison is a little more tricky. I tried to choose brands that are readily available in the UK and there aren’t a lot of brands within Fenty’s price range that offer cream bronzers. Hourglass and Chanel are of a higher price point but I did want to offer the comparison. Benefit sits just lower.

Fenty cream beauty products sit open on a white table.


Fenty Beauty is a cruelty free brand and their products are paraben-free (and phthalate-free, too).

The following ‘Cheek’s Out’ Cream blush shades are vegan: Daiquiri Dip, Drama Cla$$, Crush on Cupid, Summertime Wine, Cool Berry, Fuego Flush, Strawberry Drip, Petal Poppin, Bikini Martini and Rosé Latte.

The following  ‘Cheek’s Out’ Cream bronzer shades are vegan: Amber, Butta Biscuit, Macchiato, Hunnie Glaze, Teddy, Chocolate and Toffee Tease.

Cream Bronzer Comparrisons

If you are a bit of a cream bronzer lover and would like to know how the Fenty cream bronzer compares to others then this section will be for you. I’ve had a long time love affair with the Chanel Soleil De Tan, now renamed Les Beiges (could this rename and reformulation be a sign of further shades soon to be launched? I do hope so!) of which, while pricey, you get a whopping amount of product in the rather opulent pot. Another favourite of mine is Hourglass’s trio of cream bronze, blush and highlight. Not so much product to offer in this little guy but three products in one with a cracking formula bodes well. So how do they compare to each other and this new Fenty cream bronzer?

Well, Chanel’s Les Beiges is the most pigmented of the bunch, it is also drier and sets well. Hourglass, is perhaps the more moisturising of the three, most suited to those with normal to dry skin types, it is sheer and buildable but not quite as sheer as Fenty. Fenty sits between the two in terms of how the cream feels on your skin, it is not matte and it is not hydrating. Of the three, Fenty is the only brand which offers an array of shades.

Cheek’s Out Freestyle Cream Blush + Bronzer, Fresh Wash Of Colour, Effortless Blending – Fenty

Fenty cream bronzer and blushers are laid with their boxes on a white table.
Final Thoughts

The beauty of both the cream bronzer and blush is that they are truly foolproof. The formula is forgiving, blends easily for an effortless application. Because the product is so sheer in nature there is a wonderful skin like finish, it is buildable without looking heavy. It is a cream product lovers dream! So, if you like a dewy, healthy looking finish to your makeup, then you’re going to love the latest addition to the Fenty lineup. Goodness knows I do!

Fenty’s Cheek’s Out Cream Bronzer and Blushes are available at Fenty Beauty and Harvey Nichols!


Fenty Beauty's Cheek's Out cream blush ad bronzer review!
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