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Makeup Ideas with Love In The Afternoon From Bobbi Brown

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Here comes the Bobbi Brown entry which alines with my ‘Party Makeup Looks – Three Palettes, Five Ways‘ post (do check this out if you’re not sure what I’m talking about). A post dedicated to the Love In The Afternoon palette serving you five makeup ideas from this Christmas 2019 palette. This little gem is the most traditional eyeshadow palette, full of sensual smokey shades. Shall we see some makeup ideas I created with it?

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Bobbi Brown Love In The Afternoon

In the ‘Party Makeup Looks‘ post, you will find a full breakdown of cost per shadow and gram to help work out its value, plus a full description of its packaging.

I’m hoping this post will help you decide if this palette is for you and if you already have it, or receive it as a gift over Christmas, give you some inspiration for makeup looks to create with it. Enjoy!

As I talk about brushes a lot throughout this post, I’ve popped some makeup brush recommendations at the very bottom.

Eyeshadow Performance
Bobbi Brown Love In The Afternoon eyeshadow palette sits on a mirrored surface surrounded by sequins. The post is filled with 5 makeup ideas that can be created from this palette.
Bobbi Brown ‘Love In The Afternoon’

The eyeshadows perform well and have good longevity, as to be expected from Bobbi Brown. They last a whole day without losing colour impact.


The matte shades are pretty, they are nice colours to enhance the pink-mauve palette. They aren’t chalky, apply and blend very nicely.


These are the shadows that really bring this palette to life. No matter the hue, a lush metalic picks up the light bringing attention to the eye with each subtle movement. They are smooth and beautiful. There is fall out with these shadows, in particular with ‘Burnt Umber’, ‘Chandelier‘ and ‘Glided Rose‘ so ensure you tap off any excess from your brush before applying.

My favourite shade of this formula is ‘Glided Rose’, it is simply stunning and very impactful in terms of pigment.

Fired Up‘ makes for a lovely shade to brighten the eyes.


The chrome shade ‘Cocktail Ring‘ is lovely. It has a beautiful sparkle to it and doesn’t drop down throughout the day. It adds sparkle and dimension and is a shade which would work well across all skin tones. A great eyeshadow to spruce up any makeup idea.



Swatches of Bobbi Brown Love In The Afternoon Eyeshadow Palette

Swatches of Bobbi Brown Love In The Afternoon Eyeshadow Palette

Makeup Look 1 Plum-y Smokes

Smokey eyeshadow looks using the new Bobbi Brown Love In The Afternoon Palette! Makeup looks created with this Xmas 2019 edition. Image of a woman in her mid thirties wearing a look created from this palette.

This is a traditional makeup idea, a soft and pretty smokey eye that lifts and enhances the eye and can be worn as a subtle look or deepened for further impact.

Step 1: Apply ‘Last Dance‘ all over the eye.

Step 2: Place ‘Chandelier‘ on the inner and middle of the mobile lid. Also apply on the inner third of the lower lash line.

Step 3: Use ‘Love letter‘ as a transition shade by blending gently in the socket and above.

Step 4: Apply ‘Fired up‘ to the outer third of the mobile lid and into the socket. Blend.

Step 5: Take ‘Fired up‘ onto the bottom third of the lower lash line and blend it up to meet the upper lashes.

Makeup Ideas using the new Bobbi Brown Love In The Afternoon eyeshadow palette. Image of a dark hair women in her mid thirties wearing a smokey eyeshadow look created using the makeup reviewed in the post.


I used Mac kohl pencil in ‘Costa Riche‘ in both the top and bottom waterline, with a touch of Kiko waterproof liner in ‘Plum wine’ on the outer third of the top lashes.

Lips: No7 Perfect lip pencil ’20 Nude’ + Loreal lip gloss ‘101 Rose Melody’.

Makeup Look 2 Matte It Up

Matte eyeshadow makeup with a glitter liner created with the new Bobbi Brown Love In The Afternoon eyeshadow 2019 Christmas palette.

A simple matte eyeshadow makeup look with a shimmer liner to add a touch of interest.

Step 1: Apply ‘Love letter‘ all over the lid, into the socket and blend out and upwards.

Step 2: Using a smaller brush line the bottom lash line in the same eyeshadow and blend the edges softly.

Step 3: With a damp brush (I dampened my with Mac’s Fix+), apply ‘Glided Rose‘ in a thin line on the top lash line creating a shimmery liner. Build up colour for intensity.

*At first I used ‘Dahlia’ on the mobile lid and ‘Love letter’ in the socket. However, I chose to go over the top with ‘Love letter’ for intensity for the photos. It looked really pretty in real life though!

Bobbi Brown 'Love In The Afternoon' Eyeshadow palette! 5 looks with this eyeshadow palette!

Lips: Charlotte TilburyIn Love With Oliva‘ Lipstick + No7 Lipliner in ‘Nude’.

Makeup Look 3 Glittery Smokes

Makeup ideas using the Bobbi Brown Christmas 2019 makeup eyeshadow palette. This look is a glittery smokey eye, worn by a brunette woman.

This was one of my favourite makeup ideas from the palette, it’s fun and perfect for the party season!

Step 1: Apply ‘Burnt Umber‘ into the crease and blend outwards, ensuring to smoke out the edges. Build up for intensity.

Step 2: Taking the same shade on a pencil makeup brush, blend the eyeshadow low and smokey into the bottom lash line, connecting towards the upper lash.

Step 3: Apply more of ‘Burnt Umber‘ onto the outer third of the mobile lid.

Step 4: Using your finger, pat ‘Cocktail Ring‘ into the inner and centre of the mobile lid. Taking a small brush apply the same shade onto the inner corner of the lower lash line (mirroring the upper).

Makeup ideas using the Bobbi Brown Christmas 2019 makeup eyeshadow palette. This look is a glittery smokey eye, worn by a brunette woman.

Makeup ideas using the Bobbi Brown Christmas 2019 makeup eyeshadow palette. This look is a glittery smokey eye, worn by a brunette woman.


Lips: Charlotte Tilbury lipstick ‘JK Magic‘ in the centre of the lips + Revlon 477 Black Cherry on the outer corners blended in with the Charlotte Tilbury nude.

Makeup Look 4 Simple Rose

A warm, soft eyeshadow makeup worn by a brunette woman for a review of a Bobbi Brown palette.

Step 1: Apply ‘Fired Up‘ all over the mobile lid and into the tear duct to add light.

Step 2: Blend ‘Chandelier‘ into the crease and out into a soft smokey finish. Repeat on the lower lash line.

Step 3: Push ‘Glided Rose‘ onto the outer third of the mobile lid. Add a little onto the lower lash line also.


Bronze gold eyeshadow from the christmas party makeup palette from Bobbi Brown. The image is of a brunette woman with fair skin tone.

I finished this makeup look with Mac kohl liner in ‘Costa Riche‘ in the water line, top and bottom.

Lips: Charlotte Tilbury ‘JK Magic’ lipstick + lipliner in ‘Iconic Nude‘.

Makeup Look 5 Rose Gold Sparkles

Party makeup ideas using the Bobbi Brown Christmas party eyeshadow makeup palette! All looks are on a brunette female with blue eyes and a fair skin tone. This look is a rose gold eye makeup look.

Step 1: Gently blend ‘Love Letter‘ into the crease and upwards and outwards into a soft smoke. This will act as a transition shade.

Step 2: Using a dense brush push ‘Glided Rose‘ all over the mobile lid smoothing the edges into the transition colour already laid down.

Step 3: Take ‘Chandelier‘ onto a small pencil brush and blend into the crease. Taking more of the same shadow, blend softly under the lower lash line. Then soften edges with a little ‘Love Letter‘.

Step 4: Using a fine angled liner brush, take ‘Chandelier‘ and push onto the upper lash line creating a liner. Add more shadow for added definition.

Step 5: If you require further depth, add ‘Burnt Umber‘ into the crease.

Step 6: Finally, press ‘Cocktail Ring‘ onto the inner corner and inner third of the mobile lid.

Smokey rose gold makeup ideas using the Bobbi Brown party eyeshadow palette!

For the rest of this makeup look I lined my top and bottom water line with Mac’s kohl pencil in ‘Costa Riche‘ and applied mascara.

Lips: To keep this look tonal I applied Charlotte Tilbury’s Lip Cheat Lip liner in ‘Iconic Nude‘ all over the lips and finished with Inglot’s JLO gold Lipgloss.

All In All

Well, we have a very wearable palette from Bobbi Brown with shades that run with a pinky, mauve undertone. A collection of sparkle, shimmer and mattes that enable you to create a myriad of eye looks. It’s a pretty palette, with smokey, sexy hues; I can see why they came up with its name. I like that ‘Burnt Umber‘ pulls up slightly more chocolatley upon application as this gives depth when working with the more pinker toned shadows.

My only quarm and it’s a small one, would be that a taupe matte shade would have been a nice addition to the colour palette simply as a cool transition shade to amplify the amount of looks you can create. However, most people have such a shade in their collection nowadays, so perhaps it allows for one more playful eyeshadow.

It’s certainly a fun palette that I’ve loved creating many makeup ideas with!

Which is your favourite look?


Available: Bobbi Brown Love In The Afternoon £36.50

You can find a full comparison of the three palettes, Zoeva Spice Of Life, Bobbi Brown Love In The Afternoon, Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde over in the ‘Three Palettes, Five Ways‘ post.

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Five eyeshadow looks with Bobbi Brown's Love In The Afternoon palette
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Zoeva also do some of my all-time favourite makeup brushes and while not completely related to this post, I have mentioned brushes a few times so if you’re looking for some here are some I use both professionally and personally (and in these looks), so they come highly recommended.

To apply product: Zoeva 234 Luxe Shader

For detail: Zoeva 230 Pencil Brush

For blending: Zoeva 228 Luxe Crease Brush

Vegan Brush Set 

Complete Eye Set

Complete Brush Set

Other products mentioned:

Daniel Sandler Waterproof Eyeliner

Mac Kohl Pencil in Costa Riche

Chanel Waterproof Eyeliner

Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick JK Magic (Hot Lips 2)

Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick In Love With Oliva (Hot Lips 2)

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Lip Liner Pillow Talk

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Lip Liner Iconic Nude

Lisa Eldridge Lipstick Velvet Muse

Dior Lipstick*

Inglot Lip Gloss

Max Factor Lip Liner Brown n Nude

Stila All Day Liquid Eyeliner

No7 Nude Lip liner

*Where products were limited editions I have tried to find suitable alternatives.


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