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Heaven knows I do not have the most manageable of hair so whenever some haircare goodies arrive on my doorstep I get a little excited…”could this be the one that tames my tangly tresses?” I ask myself? Well, today we’re talking about Colourway Haircare and how I’ve found and incorporated some of their hair styling products into my routine. Let’s dive into it, shall we?


Colourway Haircare is a brand that is all about nourishing, protecting and strengthening your hair. There are ten products in the product line, all formulated with keratin to strengthen the hair.

You’ll find:

Nourishing Moisture Shampoo, Keratin Restore Therapy, Intensively Nourish Shampoo, Nutrient Nourishing Conditioner, Anti-Grease Shampoo, Renewing Macadamia Oil, Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, Anti-Frizz Hair Serum, Deep Repair Treatment, Illuminating Body Wash.

Prices range from £10-£17 so easily sit within the higher end high street prices and lower end salon prices. They’re available to buy on the ColourwayUK website and in salons that stock them.

My Hair Type
Hair styled with Colourway Renewal Macadamia Oil & Anti-Frizz Serum

I have pretty unruly hair (quietly sulks). It is naturally curly (which I have fought for most of my life), greasy at the roots and dry from the mid-lengths to ends. I like to wear it blown dry ‘straight’, i.e blasted dry, tied up for 5 mins to ‘de-frizz then allowed to ‘do as it pleases’… or other days, I embrace my natural waves. On rare occasions, I may brush my GHD glide hot brush over said blasted hair, or a curling tong through if I’m feeling fancy but these days are few are far between.

My hair is excellent at predicting the weather. It knows if there’s a chance of rainfall before the Met Office (I’m sure), the frizz and humidity alert senses in its frizz style let me know.

It is fine but coarse and I have a lot of it. It also has an innate ability to tangle without moving an inch. Clever really.

So when it comes to haircare I guess I look for a lot. Anything that will make my life easier, I lack hugely in energy reserves thanks to poor health, so appreciate any help in stying front. I want a product that will improve both the health, condition and appearance of my hair. Also, help with detangling and anti-humitidy is always welcome.

The Products

I was kindly sent two products by Rob at Colourway Haircare. The Renewing Macadamia Oil and the Hair Serum. I’ve been using the Colourway Haircare products for a little over 3 weeks now and have thoroughly tested them out, I feel I’m ready to give you the lowdown!

Renewing Macadamia Oil

Our Renewing Macadamia Oil is quickly and effectively absorbed by the hair to start the renewing process. As the ultra lightweight formula strengthens and moisturises from the inside out, your hair will improve in suppleness and natural shine. – Colourway Haircare

Colourway Haircare Renewal Macadamia Hair Oil
Colourway Haircare Renewal Macadamia Hair Oil

Renewing Macadamia Oil:

  • Strengthens and moisturises
  • Improves suppleness and shine
  • Leaves hair soft and replenished
  • Lightweight with hydrating properties
  • Luxury treatment oil

The Renewing Macadamia Oil is a lightweight hair oil that is instantly hydrating the hair. I can genuinely feel my hairs texture is improved on use. Directions are for use on both wet and dry hair, for fine-medium hair 2-3 pumps, for thicker/longer hair 3-4 pumps.

I began using 2 pumps on freshly washed hair straight out of the shower. Now I like to apply my hair oil before brushing my hair because of how tangly my hair is and let the oil work its magic before even letting the brush see the hair! This works a treat! Honestly, I’m blown away at just how incredible this oil is at helping detangle my unruly mane. Blown away! I’ve even filmed an IGTV to show you it in action! It has made my life so much easier.

The oil absorbs well, doesn’t leave any lasting residue on the hair once it’s dry and my hair doesn’t feel greasy whatsoever, just pleasantly hydrated.

The Macadamia Hair Oil can also be used as a treatment as well! Two products in one, who doesn’t love that? So the night before my hair is due a wash, I take 3-4 pumps and run it through my mid-lengths and ends, brushing it through making sure it absorbs nicely.

Colourway Haircare Renewal Macadamia Hair Oil
Colourway Haircare Renewal Macadamia Hair Oil

There was a bit of a pricey oil, that shall remain nameless, that I remember being so chuffed that I managed to save my Boots Advantage card points up for during my balayage days (insert very dry ends). The sales women raved of its claims while I twirled my dry, bleached ends between my fingers. Of course, I was sold, my points spent. But the oil was thick, heavy, too heavy and left, even my parched mid-lengths and ends flat and greasy. I was put off heavier oils for life. 

I loved the Forest and Shore hair oil I reviewed recently for its very lightweight texture and if we are to compare the two, this is a heavier oil-though nowhere near the thick, weighing down of times gone by (balayage Amy days). 

So it’s clever, it is viscous oil in feel but it isn’t heavy in performance or weight. It moisturises and provides hydration to the hair shaft without weighing it down. 

I’ve genuinely noticed an improvement in the manageability of my hair, the softness of it and I think, the shine as well, don’t you think it looks a bit glossy? (And trust me, that aint coming from within!)

Renewing Macadamia Hair Oil – Packaging

You’d be surprised how much packaging counts, but it does! Well, the Colourway Haircare branding is sleek. The packaging is black, modern and will look sleek in any bathroom. Both the hair oil and serum come in card packaging which lists directions and ingredients.

Colourway Haircare Hair Oil
Colourway Hair Renewal Hair Oil

The Renewing Macadamia Hair Oil is a 60ml pump bottle. The pump is easy to use and gives an ideal amount of product with no spillage. There is a transparent cap to seal the product.

Renewing Macadamia Hair Oil ColourWay Haircare 60ml £14

Colourway Anti-Frizz Hair Serum

Well, this should’ve just been named ‘For Amy’, joking. In all seriousness, as previously mentioned, I’m always looking for a product to tame the frizz, in the most effortless of ways possible and when I read the box of this beauty, I was hooked.

Colourway Haircare Anti-Fizz Hair Serum
Colourway Haircare Anti-Fizz Hair Serum

Anti-Frizz Hair Serum:

  • Anti-Frizz
  • High Shine
  • Lightweight
  • Suits all hair types
  • Non-greasy

I’m a long time lover of hair serum. Me and John Freda have been in a longterm love affair since I first set eyes upon that iconic tube in my local Boots, way, way back in the day. Let’s just say, I know that serums work and I feel like a know a good one when I see it or feel it rather. However, I’m always looking for the next, big, brightest thing, one that may perhaps perform even better?

Straight off the bat what I really like about the Colourway Anti-Frizz Hair Serum is just how lightweight it is. I may have a lot of hair but it is fine, so it can be weighed down easily. This doesn’t do that at all, a fine mist settles upon my hair, taming the pesky frizz and settling any wiry ends.

The directions are for 2-4 pumps for fine/medium hair, 4-6 for medium/thicker hair. I have tended to go for 4-5 sprays, a couple either side and one at the back.

I used it in this insta reel here and you can really see how it helps tame my curls!

Saying that, I have found it to work brilliantly with my natural curls! My hair really does have a tendency to frizz, especially when I allow it to air dry naturally but using the hair serum really does seem to have an affect in terms of calming this down.

I can’t say for definite which is giving my hair the gorgeous glossiness if it is the hair oil or the hair serum as I’ve been so diligent using both! But there is a sheen to my hair for sure. The Anti-frizz Hair Serum does state that it leaves a ‘glass like’ appearance to the hair, so perhaps it is finishing my styling with that. Or perhaps it is a mix of the two?

Hair Serum – Packaging

Like the Hair Oil, the Colourway Anti-Frizz Hair Serum comes in a sleek, black bottle with the Colourway logo in white. It is a 150ml bottle of serum.

Colourway Haircare Anti-Fizz Hair Serum
Colourway Haircare Anti-Fizz Hair Serum

What I really like is that it’s a spray serum! There’s no leftover residue left on your hands post styling, just a few spritz and your done: effortless.

The serum also comes in an outer card packaging that details the directions and ingredients.

Anti-Frizz Hair Serum Colourway Haircare £14

Final Thoughts On Colourway Haircare
Colourway Haircare
Colourway Haircare

I have really been enjoying using the Hair Oil and Anti-Frizz Serum from Colourway Haircare. I’ve definitely noticed some improvements both in how my hair looks and feels and how manageable it is when it comes to brushing and styling. These are the things I look for when it comes to styling products. I think Colourway is an exciting brand and I’m looking forward to trying out more of their products, I’ve got my eye on the Deep Repair Treatment!

Rob at Colourway has offered my followers 20%! Just use the code: AMY20

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