Bondi Boost Curl Styling Sprays

Bondi Boost is a cruelty-free haircare brand that I have grown to love; both the shampoo and conditioners and the hairstyling tools have previously impressed me (I’ll link to those reviews further on if you’re interested!). However today I would like to chat about the Bondi Boost Curl styling sprays there are two in the range, with different benefits so let’s dive in.

Bondi Boost Curl Styling Spray

Bondi Boost has two curl styling sprays to offer one is the traditional curl spray, and the second is the salt spray. First off let’s look at the differences between the two. Curl Boss Booster Spray is your traditional curl styling spray. It offers hydration and is a great curl re-freshen spray.

The spray is lightweight and leaves no crunch or residue. With Kakadu Plum and Vitamin B5 to hydrate and protect, this spray promises to re-activate curls, boost shine and work to control frizz while protecting against humidity.

FREE FROM: Silicones, Sulphates, Parabens, Formaldehyde (and lots more, which you can read about here).

Bondi Boost is cruelty-free.

Bondi Boost Curl Styling Sprays

Curl Boss Booster Spray £21.99, currently on offer

Bondi Boost Salt Spray is perfect if you’re looking for your waves or curls to have a bit of texture. This texture mist is infused with Australian sea salt and aloe vera to give a hydrated, yet voluminous style, without the crunch.

Free from silicones, sulphates, parabens

Cruelty-free, vegan

Bondi Boost Sea Salt Spray £21.00, currently reduced to £14.70

Testing The Waves…Bondi Boost Curl Styling Sprays

So when it comes down to testing are they really that different?

I have been sure to test them both quite thoroughly! Now my curls tend to need a little bit more structure than any curl spray can offer alone, so I started with a regular curl cream and then followed with the curl spray I was testing that day; the same routine for each spray. I haven’t done any fancy styling with either – just spray on wet hair and go!

Bondi Boost Curl Spray:

I apply it liberally and then allow my hair to air dry. The spray leaves your hair feeling soft and there is a gentle, pleasant scent. You don’t feel any product in your hair. As my hair dries my curls have formed well, there is a natural bounce and they are nicely free of frizz.

I particularly love this spray for second-day hair. I’m a bit of a restless one during the night and can wake up to give Worzel Gummidge a run for his money come morning! I simply dampen my fingers, transferring that to my hair, then spitz the Curl Spray liberally and my curls spring back to life! What Gummidge frizz?

Bondi Boost Salt Spray

The Bondi Boost Salt Spray is similar in that it is weightless and has a pleasant scent, however, it definitely helps give more structure to the curls. It also has a little bit of grip which helps with the texture. So if you want your hair to have a little bit more volume, if you want to curls (whether they are natural or whether they are styled) to have a little bit more grip, then this is the Bondi Boost curl styling spray for you!

My favourite thing about this salt spray is that there’s no crispiness, no crunch, no build-up and no stickiness! Heaven! So you can have that effortless, beachy vibe, without the crunch. I’ve also noticed my hair has a shine to it with this spray!

Final Thoughts

I have to say I’m surprised at how much I like the Salt Spray, more so because I was already such a fan of the Curl Spray and didn’t expect another styling spray to be equal never mind possibly pinch 1st place…

I genuinely love both of these. To sum up, neither sprays leave any residue, nor do either leave crunchiness or stiffness. My curls need a helping hand prior to using both sprays (as they do with other sprays in my collection) – this may or may not be the case for you, I think we tend to get to know our curls and waves don’t we (don’t get me started on mine and their relationship with humidity – my hair reacts like I’m touching a plasma ball when humidity is on the radar 😁).

The main difference – Bondi Boost Curl Spray gives a clean, smooth, carefree curl & is perfect to enliven second/third-day-old curls.

Bondi Boost Salt Spray adds that texture, a bit of volume and a little grip & hair looks shiny.

Now, excuse me while I close my eyes, spritz my salt spray and imagine I’m on a beach in the Whitsunday Islands…

Watch the Curl Range in action in my reel here

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