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You may remember a little while ago I tried out a couple of styling products from Colourway and was mightly impressed (you can check out that review here) so when a couple of ‘in shower’ items arrived on my doorstep I was excited!

But would they perform as well as the styling ones? Let’s find out!

Colourway Shampoo & Hair Mask

Colourway has kindly sent me their Keratin Anti-grease Shampoo and Restoring Therapy Hair Mask. Now, I can tell that Rob at Colourway has listened to my hair concerns fully here as I immediately felt that these were products that seem suited to my hair type and are ones which I would have chosen myself (over say a nourishing shampoo).

My hair type: I have an oily scalp with dry mid-lengths to ends. It is naturally wavy/curly and never seems to have enough moisture, so always looks for it in the air: cue frizz.

So you can see where a shampoo aimed for those with greasy hair and a nourishing hair mask may fit well into my routine and be exciting products for me to get testing, and that I did! I have been sure to give it a good testing time, finishing the full bottle of shampoo and using the hair mask for roughly two months now before gathering my final thoughts.

Colourway Keratin Anti-Grease Shampoo
Colourway Keratin Shampoo haircare
Colourway Keratin Shampoo haircare

“Our Keratin Anti-Grease & Moisturizing Shampoo targets combination hair – oily roots with dry ends. Our delicate formula clears excess oil from the scalp whilst sensitively cleansing dry and damaged ends, without fading your colour. “ -Colourway

Colourway suggest one pump for fine hair and two for thicker/longer hair.

Keratin Anti-grease Shampoo comes in 3 sizes, 300ml, 500ml and 750ml.

The Colourway Keratin Anti-Grease Shampoo is a creamy base that lathers up into a rich foam easily. The white shampoo coats the hair and lifts grease and dirt from the scalp well. My hair doesn’t feel stripped, just nicely cleansed. In fact, I’ve found I’m able to go an extra day in between washing when using the shampoo.

There is a delicate floral scent to the shampoo, but don’t think Grandma’s potpourri, more Acqua Di Parma Colonia gently spritzed vibes. It’s subtle and quite lovely.

Colourway Keratin Shampoo haircare
Colourway Keratin Shampoo haircare

Notable ingredients:

Cocomide DEA, a chemically modified version of coconut oil

Zinc Pyrithione, an antimicrobial that is beneficial in helping treat the scalp and fight dandruff and seborrhoeic dermatitis.

Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, a derivative of guar gum is great for conditioning and has anti-static and detangling properties.

Polyquaternium-10, a polymer (made of cellulose-plants) that is attracted to the damaged parts of the hair and can help strengthen and nourish it. It can also provide anti-static benefits.

Panthenol, highly nourishing and moisturising.

Jojoba Oil, to moisturise.

Hydrolyzed Keratin, to repair and condition damaged hair.

Soduim Laurel Sulphate, a surfactant, that cleanses by trapping oils and washing away.

Contains fragrance.

Colourway Keratin Anti-grease Shampoo

Colourway Keratin Restoring Therapy

Next up is a hair mask, Colourway Keratin Restoring Therapy.

Colourway Keratin Restoring Therapy Hair Mask haircare
Colourway Keratin Restoring Therapy Hair Mask haircare

“Keratin Restoring Therapy is designed to add moisture to dry and heat damaged hair, making it more supple and shiny.” -Colourway

Colourway advises using the hair mask 1-2 times a week. To apply after shampooing and leave on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing well.

Now, back in my youth, ok maybe not my youth but in my older teens and younger twenties I was obsessed with my hair and my hair care. I had long hair and, well it was my security blanket. Hair straighteners had just become a thing (oh trust me, you youngin’s are lucky so n so’s!) and I no longer took to occasionally ironing my fringe (I realise the ‘iron-y’ here in itself, fear not.) So yes, I loved my hair but my hair had met heat, in the form of straighteners (and the iron 🤦🏻‍♀️), therefore it required a little extra TLC, and so my love of a hair mask was born.

Back in those days (i.e the days I had energy and didn’t have chronic illnesses to deal with) I’d love nothing more than washing my hair, popping a hair mask on, wrapping said mask smothered hair in cling film and watching a movie before the rinse. Now, energy levels are different therefore, the application is also.

Colourway advises shampooing first before applying the Keratin Restoring Mask, I have been wetting my hair in the sink and applying the hair mask to my hair here, leaving it for 15 mins before getting in the shower and shampooing. Simply because I’ll faint if I’m in the shower too long (thanks POTS body) and I don’t have the same health of my previous years (sadly). However, this worked darn well!!

So, thus my new hair mask routine was born!

Colourway Keratin Restoring Therapy Hair Mask haircare review
Colourway Keratin Restoring Therapy Hair Mask haircare review

Keratin Restoring Therapy is a thick, luscious cream. I found 2/3 pumps was more than sufficient to smother my ever-growing hair. It smoothes over the hair well and there is no dripping whatsoever so I am able to tie it up gently and relax (or should you wish to get on with anything, you most definitely could).

Keratin Restoring Therapy hair mask rinses easily from the hair and leaves no greasy residue.

The hair mask has the same scent as the shampoo which is very pleasant and not overpowering in the slightest.

So have I found a difference? Well yes, there is a few noticeable changes to my hair. I have been quite diligent with use (for testing purposes of course…) and have firstly found the texture to be improved. Of course, I don’t mean a change in my hairs natural texture but in the feel of the dry, dull mid-lengths and ends. It is that straw-like feeling where I noticed a difference. Yes, of course after the first use it felt nice and more plumped but I wanted to know if my hairs condition would change over time and I believe it has. It does feel in a more nourished condition.

I also think there’s an added shine. Again, this isn’t something that appears naturally to the lengths of my hair due to its natural, more coarse texture so this told me that my hair was enjoying the extra boost of goodness the hair mask provides.

Lastly, this is an interesting one. My wavy-curls are tighter. Yep. Now at first, I thought this was just me but when someone else remarked on it, I knew something else was going on. My hair has always been more of a wavy-curl but it appears that giving it the extra boost of keratin might be enhancing the curls. Perhaps it is revelling in this moisture and protein boost? I can’t say for sure but it’s the only change I’ve made. I have looked into this and apparently adding protein into your curly hair routine can make a world of a difference-who knew? (Not this girl!)

Keratin Restoring Therapy


Noteable ingredients:

Stearyl alcohol, Cetearyl alcohol, long chain alcohols which moisturise.

Behentrimonium chloride and Steartrimonium chloride conditioning and anti-static agents.

Glycerin to hydrate.

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, rich in amino acids, helps to strengthen hair, retain moisture, improve hair structure.

Keratin, to replenish hair, add moisture and restore damaged hair.

 PCA (pyrrolidonecarboxylic acid), improves the texture of hair by drawing moisture into it.

Polyquaternium-7, helps detangle & prevent static.

Contains silicones & parfum.

Colourway Keratin Restoring Therapy Hair Mask & Keratin Shampoo haircare
Colourway Keratin Restoring Therapy Hair Mask & Keratin Shampoo haircare

Both the shampoo and hair mask comes in pump action bottles. Keratin Anti-Grease Shampoo is a black bottle with white text and Keratin Restoring Therapy a white bottle with black text. The bottles have the product information and directions printed and can be recycled.

The pumps are easy to use.


Colourway Keratin Anti-Grease Shampoo 300ml £12

Colourway Keratin Anti-Grease Shampoo 750ml £19

Colourway Keratin Restoring Therapy 500ml £17

As a comparison other in salon brands:

L’Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Liss Unlimited Shampoo 300ml £14

L’Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Liss Unlimited Mask 500ml £17.50

Redken All Soft Mega Shampoo 300ml £19.50

Redken Extreme Strength Builder Plus Mask 250ml £27

As you can see Colourway is very fairly priced against two other salon brands and actually comes up as the affordable option of the three.

Final Thoughts
Amy a north east beauty blogger shows how the haircare from Colourway has improved her hair
Keratin Anti-Grease Shampoo + Keratin Restoring Therapy, styled with Renewing Macadamia Oil + Anti-Frizz Serum

I must say I’m thoroughly impressed by these products from Colourway and indeed the styling products I’ve tried from the brand also. Of course, it helps that they are well suited for my hair type so with that in mind I would say that the shampoo is perfectly suited for those with oily/greasy hair but as it’s not striping in the slightest I also would suggest that it is suitable for those with normal hair type. Colourway does also offer a Nourishing Shampoo for those with dry hair type. I really love how clean my hair feels without feeling crispy, dry or stripped. I’ve tried many, many shampoos that allow my scalp to feel clean but instantly suck all of the moisture out of the rest of my hair-this doesn’t do that, it seems to care and nourish as it cleans.

The hair mask is a joy. My hair feels soft and healthier for using it and I’m really quite blown away by the change in my curls. Perhaps this was nature itself, perhaps it had nothing to do with the mask-I can’t be sure, but it was the only change I have made. I have done a little further reading on adding protein into your curly hair routine and it does seem that it can make a change to your locks (I’ll add a link to this below!).

You also get a lot of product in the Colourway Keratin Restoring Therapy, which lasts. So if like me, you appreciate giving your locks a bit of love, then you might just like to check this out.

I’ll be restocking both of these that’s for sure! Signing off with my hair smothered in the mask as we speak… (it smells divine!)

For 20% discount use code AMY20 when ordering!

If you’ve any questions regarding the products head to the Colourway Instagram, Rob is always on hand to answer!

Read my review of the Colourway styling products here!

Learn more about the benefits adding protein into your curly hair routine here

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