Beauty Favourites 2022

And just like that, it’s time to round up the last twelve months with my beauty favourites of 2022! These are the makeup, skincare, haircare, bath and body greats that have truly shone, products that I quite simply couldn’t get enough of.

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I will list any discount codes I have too! I will also link to videos where I’m using the products if possible.

Charlotte Tilbury 15% discount code (new customers only): amyhFA0NZ

Dr Sam Bunting Skincare 10% discount Code (new customers only: AMY_CHAPTER

My LookFantastic discount code: LFTFAMYSCHAPTER

Beauty Favourites 2022 – Makeup

makeup favourites! Beauty favourites 2022


Early on in the year, it appeared to be the battle of the base with quite a few foundation launches. While Nars’ entry with its medium coverage and brightening finish has been my favourite of the new launches I’ve been able to try in 2022, it was Lisa Eldridge’s Seamless Skin Foundation that I reached for most often – that foundation launched just at the end of 2021. It is brilliant at covering any areas you wish to conceal while allowing the skin to look like skin.

Favourite New Launch: Nars Light Reflecting Foundation 

Most reached for: Lisa Eldridge Seamless Skin Foundation

Nars Light Reflecting Foundation is available here* £39 (at Nars) £37.50 (at LookFantastic, plus my discount code: LFTFAMYSCHAPTER)

Full review of the Nars foundation with swatches can be found here

Lisa Eldridge Seamless Skin Foundation is available here (I wear shade 7) £44

Video of me applying Lisa Eldridge foundation here


Most reached for: Charlotte Tilbury Magic Vanish

Magic Vanish from Charlotte Tilbury came up trumps yet again! I just love the texture of this product and its ability to correct dark circles while not building too much product or, god forbid, creasing.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Vanish is available here* £26

Charlotte Tilbury 15% discount code (new customers only): amyhFA0NZ


Most reached for: Vievemuse Modern Radiance Concealer 

It would appear that Vievemuse can do no wrong! Yet another hit from the brand. Now, we were blessed with many concealer launches during the last twelve months and I tried quite a few of them. My panda eyes make excellent testers! Let me tell you this concealer impressed me immediately. It has enough coverage to conceal well but doesn’t leave any dryness or enhance fine lines. Undereyes appear bright and awake.

Vievemuse Modern Radiance Concealer is available here* £22

View a video of this concealer in action here!


Most reached for: Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush & Airbrush Brightening Powder

I am a huge fan of the original Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Powder and it is easily the powder I reached for most often last year. It provides a seamless, silky veil of powder to the face. When the Brightening version launched of course my interest peaked. Like the original it has a gorgeous finish, it is simply of a very bright, white in fact (for the lightest shade) finish which perfectly lifts tired under eyes while setting makeup for the day. Tip: Less is more for this version.

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush & Airbrush Brightening Powder is available here* £38

Charlotte Tilbury 15% discount code (new customers only): amyhFA0NZ


Most reached for: Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Bronzer

Yet another Tilbury product and yet another makeup item that appeared to battle the beauty halls this year! Once where Chanel held the top spot for cream bronzer (and in fact, was one of the only ones available) this year there was an influx of cream bronzer launches. Nars, Tilbury, and Rose Inc all vied for the top spot this year. I’m yet to try the Nars option, but I absolutely fell in love with the Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Bronzer.

Think creamy, buildable, soft and easy to wear. A sunlit glow.

Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Bronzer is available here* £44

Charlotte Tilbury 15% discount code (new customers only): amyhFA0NZ

Here’s a video of me applying this bronzer!

Liquid Blusher

Most reached for: Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush

Well hello, there Rare! Rare Beauty launched successfully to the UK market in 2022 and wow! It was not difficult to choose the beauty favourite 2022 in the liquid blusher category – it had to be the Soft Pinch Liquid Blush. It is such a dreamy formula, that blends well and lasts all day.

Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush available here* £22

Cream Blusher

Most reached for: Rose Inc Cream Blush

If I could I would have every single shade of blusher! It is sublime! I’ve never had a blusher like it before, it appears slightly mousse-like at first touch, but it isn’t, it’s a cream; one that blends so effortlessly and appears truly, to be a blush from within.

Rose Inc Cream Blush is available here* £23

I’m applying a Rose Inc blush in this makeup video!

Powder blusher

Most reached for: Patrick Ta Major Headlines Double Take Blush “Do We Know Her”

While this is a cream/powder blusher duo so blurs the lines for this category, I have thoroughly enjoyed this powder blush this last year. The tone is so brightening and fun and the formula is creamy and easy to work with.

Patrick Ta Major Headlines Double Take Blush available here

Complexion Enhancer

Most reached for: ELF Halo Glow Liquid Filter

I’m sure most people, those who love beauty anyway, will have to see the comparison videos circulating social media of the ELF Halo Glow Filter vs Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter. It’s a pretty great dupe. While I’m not here to talk about that, I will say that it is a fantastic product. This will enliven skin, provide an instant glow and make you look like you’ve just left a spa weekend with a full night’s sleep.

ELF Halo Glow Liquid Filter is available here* £14

Liquid Highlighter

Most reached for: Lisa Eldridge Elevated Glow Highlighter Pink Moon

Lisa Eldridge’s Elevated Glow in Crystal Nebula was already a favourite of mine, however, in 2022 she released Pink Moon and goodness did I swoon! The same delicious formula melts into the skin with a finger’s touch, gently lifting and enhancing features while leaving the most gorgeous grown-up glow. In this shade, she is the perfect, pearly pink for my skin tone.

Lisa Eldridge Elevated Glow Highlighter Pink Moon is available here £27

I have a video of both Pink Moon & Crystal Nebula here!

Powder Highlighter

Most reach for: Dior Backstage Glow face palette

A highlighter palette I simply cannot get enough of. With dreamy textures that enhance high points of face, leaving “glass-like” glow without shimmer. J’adore!!

Dior Backstage Glow face palette available here*


Most reached for: Lisa Eldridge Eyeshadows 

I’m sure it will be no surprise that the Lisa Eldridge Eyeshadows are my favourite. The formulas are just so unique. Incredibly soft and buildable and very easy to work with. The mattes are really quite seamless in their ability to blend, you could easily apply them with your fingers. There are a few different formulas to explore as well (full review coming soon!) but the toppers and metallics are incredibly beautiful!

I have to give an honourable mention to Vieve The Ninetease! This palette is fantastic! A gorgeous colour story and beautiful formulas.

Two other palettes which launched earlier in the year so I had more time to play with, reach for and fall in love are the Dior Atelier Of Dreams in Atelier Dore and Chanel Tweed palettes.

The Dior is just such a pretty colourway that lifts the eye and has such a soft tone to the shadows that are very easy to work with. It has, I guess, been my most reached for.

Ahh, the Chanel Tweed is visually stunning and has such beautiful formulas. The best I’ve seen from the brand in a long time. I don’t want to give too much space to this palette as it was a limited edition so incredibly difficult to get ahold of now.

I realise I was supposed to choose one! But, this category is just too hard!

Lisa Eldridge Eyeshadows are available here

Video of me applying Lisa Eldridge’s eyeshadows here and here!

Vievemuse The Ninetease is available here*

Dior Palette Atelier Of Dreams available here

(Atelier Dore was limited edition, above are the shades available)

Chanel Les 4 Ombres Tweed

A video of me using the Chanel Les Ombres Tweed can be viewed here


Most reached for: L’Oréal Pro XXL

A standout mascara from the highstreet hero! Super voluminous lashes in moments! With a double-ended wand, one for volume and one for curl. You can view the mascara in action in my reel here!

L’Oréal Pro XXL Lift Mascara available here*

Video of me applying this mascara here


Most reached for: Vievemuse Power Ink Eyeliner

What a fantastic liquid eyeliner! The brush is incredibly fine and the product draws from the applicator well. The eyeliner lasts well throughout the day.

Vievemuse Power Ink Liner available here*

Video of the eyeliner in action here!

Brow Pencil

Most reached for: Charlotte Tilbury Brow Cheat 

I love the shape of this brow pencil. It allows you to create fine, individual hair strokes and the colours available are very natural.

Charlotte Tilbury Brow Cheat available here*

Brow Gel

Most reached for: Charlotte Tilbury Clear Gel / Glossier Boy Brow

Two absolute greats! I often reach for the Tilbury Clear Gel when I’m wearing the matching brow pencil and Glossier Boy Brow when I’m not wearing pencil – that is “brows in seconds”!

Charlotte Tilbury Clear Gel available here*

Glossier Boy Brow available here


Most reached for: Charlotte Tilbury Runway Royalty / Lisa Eldridge Kitten Mischief

It’s a draw between these two nudes! Both so incredibly wearable and perfect neutrals to pair with any look.

Charlotte Tilbury Runway Royalty is available here*

(Charlotte Tilbury 15% discount code (new customers only): amyhFA0NZ)

Video of me applying “Runway Royalty” can be viewed here

Lisa Eldridge Luxuriously Lucent Kitten Mischief available here

Video of lipstick swatches including Kitten Mischief can be viewed here

Lip Pencil

Most reached for: Lisa Eldridge Enhance & Define Lip Liner Fawn

A perfect nude lipliner in a longwear formula.

Lisa Eldridge Enhance & Define Lip Liner Fawn available here

Velvet Fawn is featured in my video here


Most reached for: Algenist Genius Liquid Collagen Lip 

I have really enjoyed this lip serum, I’m not sure I’d purchase it again however as I’m forever trying new options!

Most reached for: Sann Beauty Solid Lip Serum

This is an absolute treat! They come in clear and tinted versions and are just beautifully hydrating and pretty to wear. Perfect handbag essentials!

Algenist Genius Liquid Collagen Lip available here*

Sann Beauty Solid Lip Serum available here

View swatches of the Sann Lip Serum here!

Beauty Favourites 2022 – Skincare

skincare favourites
Beauty favourites 2022


Most reached for: Cerave Foaming Cleanser

Just a fantastic cleanser that does the job with no frills. For my skin type, this is a perfect AM or second cleanse.

Cerave Foaming Cleanser available here


Most reached for: Caudalie Grape Water mist

I am so into misting at the moment, I just love that extra hit of hydration and this is a mist I have repurchased. Great antioxidant, huge can and is lovely and refreshing.

Caudalie Grape Water Mist available here*


Most reached for:  Medik8 Daily Refresh Balancing Toner

What a beauty of a toner this is! It truly does hydrate the skin, you can feel it immediately! It is one that I bought twice last year and easily became one of my beauty favourites 2022.

Medik8 Medik8 Daily Refresh Balancing Toner available here*


Most reached for: Dr Sam Brightly Serum

I have spoken many times of my love for this serum. It is one that I will always have in the skincare cupboard and the AM serum that I used the most last year. It is anti-inflammatory, brightening, and great at treating blemishes and pigmentation and supporting the skin barrier at the same time.

Dr Sam Brightly Serum available here*

Dr Sam Skincare discount code: AMY_CHAPTER


Most reached for: Allies Of Skin Peptides & Antioxidants Moisturiser / The INKEY List Omega Water Cream Moisturiser

2022 was the year that I tried the Peptides & Antioxidants Moisturiser from Allies Of Skin and then wished I hadn’t as I loved it 🤦🏻‍♀️! It is just a stunning cream and my skin certainly looked more refined from using it. It is however very expensive.

I was, however, equally impressed with the Omega Water Cream from The Inkey List. Talk about glowy, hydrated skin! And at a fraction of the price it is a complete winner in my eyes.

Allies Of Skin Peptides & Antioxidants Moisturiser available here*

The INKEY List Omega Water Cream Moisturiser available here*


Most reached for: Biore Aqua UV SPF 50

While I am always trying new SPFs, my absolute beauty favourites 2022 in this category was, yet again, the Biore Aqua UV. It is a gel cream and is lightweight. It quite simply doesn’t feel like a traditional SPF and my skin and I love it.

I buy mine from Stylevana, where I purchase a lot of my K-beauty and J-beauty loves. Orders can take a couple of weeks to arrive as they are shipped from abroad but are worth the wait!

Biore Aqua UV SPF 50 available here

Spot Treatment

Most reached for: Dr Sam Neutralising Gel

Neutralising Gel is simply incredible. I have one on my bedside table to nip any naughty blemishes in the bud should I need to. You can read a thorough review of my 6 week challenge with this treatment here.

Dr Sam Neutralising Gel is available here*

Best Barrier Support Serum

Most reached for: Cultured Biome Serum

2022 was the year I tried and fell in love with the Cultured Biome Serum. This is incredibly soothing. In particular, the sensitive skin around my mouth adores this serum, but overall, my skin just feels and looks better when it is part of my routine.

Cultured Biome Serum available here

PM Serum

Most reached for:

This category is a little bit more tricky as I’ve tested a few so I haven’t used one more consistently than a bottle at a time. 

I have however very much enjoyed Murad & Dr Sam’s retinol. Both have had great results and I haven’t had any irritation with either.

You can read my review of the Dr Sam Night Serum here.

Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Serum available here

Dr Sam Nightly Serum available here*

Here’s a video of Dr Sam Nightly Serum!

Dr Sam Bunting discount code: AMY_CHAPTER

Eyelash & brow serums

Most reached for: NYK1 Lash Force & Brow Force serums

This was a very easy category. The results that I have seen with both the eyelash and eyebrow serums have been amazing!

I shall link to the before and after posts that I have saved on my Instagram here!

NYK1 Lash Force available here*

NYK1 Brow Force available here*

10% discount: AMY10

Beauty Favourites 2022 – Hair

haircare favourite
Beauty favourites 2022

Hair Treatment

Most reached for: Living Proof Triple Bond Repair

When I say that this is amazing, I mean this is AMAZING! A once-a-week treatment that you apply to freshly washed, towel-dry hair. It is heat activated so works best when blow-drying hair. The product truly transforms dry, damaged locks into healthy strands in no time.

Living Proof Triple Bond Repair available here*

Here’s a video of the Triple bond Repair on my instagram!

Dry Shampoo

Most reached for: Kloraine Daily Tinted Dry Shampoo / Lee Stafford Dry Shampoo

I’ve chosen two, a tinted and a non-tinted option.

The Kloraine dry shampoo has been a new discovery for me in the last twelve months. I particularly like their brown-tinted version for brunettes. It is lightweight but does the job. They have a good few options available for all hair types and colours.

Lee Stafford is such a fantastic dry shampoo. This is super lightweight, you barely feel as though you’re wearing it.

Kloraine Daily Tinted Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk for Brown-Dark Hair available here*

Lee Stafford Dry Shampoo available here

Root Coverage

I’d be rich if I had a pound for every time I spoke highly of this product! I’m not able to dye my hair at present due to my poor health, however, I have sprouted quite a stripe of grey hair that I’m not quite ready to accept. The L’oreal Magic Retouch is fantastic. A quick spritz of freshly washed hair completely covers my greys and best still, does so until the next hair wash.

L’oreal Magic Retouch available here*

My LookFantastic discount code: LFTFAMYSCHAPTER

I have a video of me applying the Magic Retouch on my Tiktok here!

Blowdry Spray

Most reached for: Its A 10 Miracle Leave-In Product

A new but very welcome discovery, the It’s A 10-blow dry spray is fab when I want my hair to be sleek and frizz-free. It’s a leave-in conditioning spray that gives hair heat protection and strength.

Its A 10 Miracle Leave-In Product available here*


Most Impressed: L’Oréal Professionnel Series Expert Metal Detox Anti-Metal Cleansing Cream Shampoo

I tried the L’oreal Metal Shampoo towards the end of 2022 and was pleasantly surprised. With a velvety foam that truly cleanses both hair and scalp and has a brightening effect on the hair, it leads to a very nice shampoo.

Honourary mention goes to Kirsten Ess. I tried the Curl shampoo and conditioner and it’s lovely! My curls were left frizz-free and manageable. I definitely want to try more from this range.

L’Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Metal Detox Anti-Metal Cleansing Cream Shampoo available here*

View a video of the L’oreal shampoo on my instagram here!

Kristen Ess haircare available here*

Here’s a video I created with Kristen Ess haircare

My LookFantastic discount code: LFTFAMYSCHAPTER


Most Impressed: Kirsten Ess

As mentioned above, the Curl shampoo really is quite lovely. Providing my needy curls (who are always seeking moisture) with the caring love and attention they require.

Kristin Ess Hair Moisture Rich Curl Conditioner available here

View Kristen Ess haircare in action in my video here

My LookFantastic discount code: LFTFAMYSCHAPTER

Curl Styling Product

Most Loved Combo: JVN Air Dry Cream + Living Proof Curl Definer

For my birthday I received the JVN Air Dry Cream and let me tell you it is dreamy! So very lightweight. It leaves hair feeling soft and manageable.

My hair does need a touch more structure, however, so I added the Living Proof Curl Creme (which I already know I liked) into the mix and what I super curl combo this is! Bouncy, frizz-free curls, with gorgeous hold but no crunch.

JVN Complete Air Dry Cream available here*

Living Proof Curl Definer available here*

My LookFantastic discount code: LFTFAMYSCHAPTER

Beauty Favourites – Bath & Body

skincare and bodycare favourites including dr sam skincare, L'occitane, skinfix
Beauty favourites 2022

Shower Gel

Most Reached for: L’occitane Almond Shower Oil

It may come as no surprise that the L’occitane Almond Shower Oil made it into my beauty favourites 2022. It is everything I want in a shower gel. A gentle scent, a luxurious texture and a moisturising formula. I love that the product is now available in eco-refills too!

L’occitane Almond Shower Oil available here*

Body Exfoliator

Most Loved: Skinfix Resurface+Glycolic Renewing Scrub

A fabulous fix for dry skin, or indeed skin that is in need of a buff. SkinFix is a combination of manual and chemical exfoliators that work to get rid of dry areas and reveal soft glowing skin. The formula is nourishing too so post-shower you feel well and truly pampered!

Skinfix Resurface+Glycolic Renewing Scrub available here*

Body Moisturiser:

Most Loved: Dr Sam’s Flawless Body

We can spend so much time ensuring we have the correct actives in our facial skincare but we don’t always do the same for our body, strange when you think of it isn’t it?

Well, Dr Sam Bunting has it sorted with her Flawless Body Moisturiser. A silky body cream that not only hydrates, soothes and protects but also works to fight the skin’s ageing process. Think luxuriously soft, supple skin.

Dr Sam’s Flawless Body available here*

Dr Sam Bunting Skincare 10% discount Code (new customers only: AMY_CHAPTER

View Dr Sam’s Flawless Body in action in my video here!

Beauty Favourites 2022

And that’s it! My best in class! It’s been so enjoyable to revisit each category! All of these products have been featured on my socials and here on the blog so do have a browse through if you wish. I can’t wait to see what 2023 has in store for us in the beauty realm! Let’s catch up in about 12 months…

Just kidding, you can leave me a comment with your favourite product of 2022 or head over to my Instagram for my latest video!

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