Dr Sam’s Nightly Serum

You will know how much of a fan I am of Dr Sam Bunting’s Skincare line so I was excited to take on the Dr Sam’s Nightly Serum challenge, using the serum for 6 weeks and reporting back to you all with my thoughts!

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Dr Sam Skincare

To start, I’d like to tell you how I first came to know of Dr Sam. In my early 30s, I was once again fighting cystic acne and was at a loss! I felt I had tried everything and was about to begin my second round of Roactunne. I took to the internet in search of answers (as we all do) and happened across Dr Sam on Youtube. Here Dr Sam created videos from her London clinic where she discussed skin concerns and recommended products that may be of benefit. This would become essential in terms of supporting my skin during its second Roacutunne journey!

With this, I developed trust in Dr Sam’s advice and had I been in the position to, I would most certainly have travelled to her London clinic to receive treatment from her in person (one day hopefully!).

Fast forward to Dr Sam launching her skincare line and well, I was straight in there! I had faith that what Dr Sam would develop would be true to her practice and the advice she had given over this period I had followed her videos.

I wasn’t wrong. Her skincare line has been exactly that! I talk about her products a lot and I give them high praise but it is because I really do love them and I find they work! So I am chuffed to be able to work with them in a gifted challenge, having begun this journey with the brand organically and let you know my thoughts on this product. So with that in mind, let’s get into Nightly Serum

Dr Sam’s Nightly Serum

So what is Nightly Serum? Dr Sam’s Nighty Serum is the brand’s evening, treatment serum. It is your ‘one and done’ powerhouse product.

Its active ingredients – Niacinamide, Granactive Retinoid®, Azelaic Acid, and Bakuchiol

Granactive Retinoid® 2% is a stable cosmetic ester of gold-standard retinoic acid. This helps to minimise the appearance of soft lines, improve cellular turnover and clear pores.

Azelaic Acid 5% helps to clear pores, fight inflammation and pigmentation, manage redness and give skin a wonderful glow.

Bakuchiol 1% – nature’s retinol, helps to smooth skin.

Niacinamide 10% – helps to boost the skin barrier and clear pores.

As you can see the serum contains a host of powerful ingredients that work together to help give skin a serious glow whilst tackling fine lines.

The serum is:
Non-Comedogenic and Fragrance-Free.

Cruelty-Free. Vegan.

Texture & Consistency

Dr Sam’s Nightly Serum comes in a white bottle with a pump action which is easy to use. I do wish there was a clear strip that shows how much product is left in the bottle so you know when to reorder.

Dr Sam does offer a subscription service should you wish you get around this, however!

The serum itself is a lightweight gel consistency and is yellow in colour. It massages into the skin well and I haven’t found any irritation.

My Experience

After two rounds of Roactunne and many, many, many years of topical (and internal) acne treatment my skin isn’t quite as resilient as it once was therefore whenever I begin a new retinol, despite having tried a lot over the years (including Tret!), I still start slow and build up! Protect that skin barrier at all costs folks!

Week 1: I began with my moisturiser 1st and half a pump of Nightly every other night. Followed by moisturiser.

Week 2: After no irritation, I began with my moisturiser 1st and half a pump of Nightly every night. Followed by moisturiser.

Week 3: Full pump of Nightly every night. Followed by moisturiser. I continued with this routine from then on.

Had I experienced any irritation I would have continued with my moisturiser prior to applying the serum and if necessary decreased the frequency of nights in a row until my skin was ready to increase again.

However this wasn’t the case, I experienced no irritation.

My Results

Below are my before and after photos. My skincare concerns are as follows:

Hormonal Spots: I still develop a few nasty cystic spots. Nothing like I have previously but they have returned in the last year. So I’m always looking to keep those at bay.

Results: I have found that my nasty nodules are definitely less frequent. I am still getting some, mostly around my period, but I’m not getting as many; perhaps two in this 6 weeks period! I can also catch them sooner and use Neutralising Gel to target them. There is a definite benefit here.

Fine Lines: I turned 40 this year (can you hear my screams via your screen?? 😭😂) and can see the years forming on my face. My health is truly in the gutter and I feel that is apparent now where previously it didn’t show as much. So any ‘anti-ageing’ benefits are a WIN for me.

Results: In six weeks I feel I see a slight ‘softening’ to my skin. I wouldn’t quite believe it if a product could erase wrinkles in six weeks but I do think there is a difference. What do you think?

Blackheads/clogged pores: I get them, they’re annoying.

Results: Ohh this one was fun! Blackheads that were trapped came to the surface and it was very satisfying! I also have closed comedones on my forehead and have found these are reducing which is such a positive as nothing has shifted those!

A side note on Mila: I can be prone to developing these on my forehead. I haven’t had any new ones develop which in my mind shows that Dr Sam’s Nightly Serum is clearing pores and increasing cellular turnover.

Redness and Pigmentation: Both are issues that I suffer with however pigmentation is not too bad at present as my poor health keeps me indoors. My redness is doing better thanks to Dr Sam’s Brightly Serum! That said, any benefits to either or both of these would not go amiss!

Results: I would note a slight reduction in pigmentation, however as mentioned it isn’t too bad at present.

All photos are taken on the back of an iPhone pro 14, in natural daylight at a window and have no editing apart from a crop.

I have also filmed video of my skin before I began using the serum and after and have collated that footage in a reel for you over on instagram. I’ve also included a clip of my skin filmed with a macro lens for full detail and transparency 😬.

View my reel here!

Dr Sam’s Nightly Serum

To summarise I have got on really well with Nightly Serum. I find it a pleasure to use, it applies well and sinks in quickly. It didn’t cause me any irritation and I have seen benefits in a relativity short period. I think my skin looks clearer and brighter and my fine lines appear to look softer. I’d be interested to see the benefits long term.

It is a serum I would gladly add to my routine. What do you think?

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*One last note for complete transpancy. I have botox for chronic migraines administered by my neurologist. This is injected in my forehead, scalp and back of neck. It was given before I started this 6 week challenge and I’m not due a top up until the new year so it hasn’t impacted any before/after results.

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