Dr Sam’s Flawless Neutralising Gel – The Results

I’ve been participating in Dr Sam’s Flawless Neutralising Gel (FNG) challenge these last two weeks! The task at hand? Apply FNG daily and document your results. Well, not only am I already a devout believer in this product but in recent times my hormonal acne has reared its head – so I have the perfect opportunity to show the product to you.

But Wait, What Is Flawless Neutralising Gel?

Dr Sam’s Flawless Neutralising Gel is a bit of a multi-tasking product. I have covered it in detail in this post, to summarise it is a treatment gel that works to unclog pores, fight inflammation and heal leftover marks; all while reducing congestion and leaving skin radiant. Not bad eh?

My Results

I started the challenge with my skin looking good, with no breakouts. However, they showed themselves in time! Hormones are great for that but it also showed that FNG and its power team of ingredients were getting into my pores and working.

There is a couple of things that I rate about FNG and how it works for different types of blemishes – on my skin and in my experience, of course.

Cyst – nodules

You can see in my results that I develop a cyst on my chin and later one on my forehead. Let me tell you, the one on my forehead that night was larger than a 2p piece – and so sore!

FNG either halts these in their progression to giant mountains (see forehead) or lessens their longevity (see chin).

Comedones – White Heads

For whitehead blemishes, I find FNG dampens the inflammation very quickly. I know I can put the gel on one day and the spot will be flat the next.

Closed Comedones – Blackheads

Ok, if you enjoy Dr Pimple Popper then you might enjoy this benefit of FNG. It is fantastic at clearing out pores and bringing blackheads to the surface. Now, of course, I’m not advocating squeezing spots but goodness it’s satisfying watching them develop.


I also used Flawless Neutralising Gel on body acne. Below are a few images from the challenge where you can see a blemish on my neck and how quickly it flattened.

Final Thoughts

As you can tell I’m a fan and I hope you can now see why. I guess the main thing is that it gives me confidence. In that moment of panic when I’m washing my face and feel a blemish under my skin; when I catch a glimpse of my reflection and see a red lump appearing seemingly from nowhere; I have the tools on hand to fight and disarm the impending stressors.

Plus, it just works and sometimes it really is as simple as that.

I have videos from the challenge saved in my Instagram highlights and over on Tiktok too.

I have a 10% discount code for all of Dr Sam’s skincare: AMYSCHAPTER

Dr Sam’s Flawless Neutralising Gel is available here

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