4 Lightweight Foundations that stood the test of Summer.

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Lovers of lightweight bases rejoice! This one’s for you! Today we’re talking lightweight foundations, skin tints, tinted foundations and all of that good stuff! Let’s dive straight in!


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Lightweight Makeup Base

Here are a few reasons to consider a lightweight makeup base. They tend to feel less heavy on the skin, which can both feel and look pleasant. If like me, you’re developing fine lines, lighter products tend to be more flattering as the product doesn’t settle in the lines as much or highlight skin with too much caking.

A lightweight foundation can look more youthful and radiant, and who doesn’t want a little bit of that?

Now, I fully appreciate there are times we need more coverage and yes, a higher coverage base is ideal and of course, they have a tendency to be more long-wearing. For everyday wear, however, a lighter base is my preference, with a good quality concealer to conceal any marks, blemishes or dark circles as needed.

Erborian BB Creme

Lightweight foundations : Erboraian BB Creme Clair
Erboraian BB Creme Clair

I quite simply adore the BB Creme from Erborian! It is lightweight in feel and holds a touch more coverage than its sister product, the CC Cream. It perfects skin well, covering what I need. Any areas that need further touching up (red veins and dark under-eye circles) I simply do so with my prefered concealer and corrector.

A BB Creme has moisturising properties as well as a tint to it. Therefore you are getting skincare benefits and makeup coverage in one.

This is also a very quick base and one to master in no time. I prefer to apply with my fingers and simply sweep the creme onto my skin. I can have my full base completed within a couple of minutes.

I simply love it.

The only downside is the shade range which lacks diversity. Erborian a Korean brand, has now launched in the UK, I hope that it is looking to greatly expand the shade range as their products are fantastic.

You can see me applying the Erborian BB Creme in Clair in this insta reel! And I’m wearing it in this makeup look.

🏆Easywear. Great coverage.

Erborian BB Creme* £38 45ml

Fenty Eaze Drop Blurring Skin Tint

Lightweight Foundations : Fenty Eaze Drop 03
Fenty Eaze Drop 03

Eaze Drop Skin Tint has been a daily staple for me since its launch back in April. You can read my full review here, where I simply fell in love.

Eaze Drop is an uber lightweight skin tint. Think skin feel, in that you forget you are wearing makeup. It is also impressively long-wearing for a product of its type. As I mentioned earlier, lightweight foundations do have the tendency to wear a little quicker than their longwear counterparts, it’s in the nature of the product; so for such a lightweight base, this is impressive.

A water-based formula, Eaze Drop requires a good shaking before application. It applies with well…ease, I prefer using my fingers to again sweep the product on. I find the base to be buildable in areas needed and leave a beautiful skin-like finish that is neither too glowy nor matte.

While there is a huge and wonderfully inclusive shade range it can be tricky to suss the one for you, therefore I’d recommend popping into a store to see them in person if possible.

As mentioned in my full review, if you have dry skin it is best to prep your skin well before wearing this. A simple exfoliation and a good boost of moisture should help.

You can see me applying the Fenty Eaze Drop in this insta reel! And although I’m talking about false lashes, in this photo I’m wearing Fenty Eaze Drop.

🏆Sweatproof, excellent shade range.

Fenty Eaze Drop Blurring Skin Tint £25 (currently £21.25) 32ml

Mac Face & Body

lightweight foundations : Mac Face And Body N1
Mac Face And Body N1 Lightweight Foundations (Please note, there is a new packaging available now)

Could I do a lightweight Foundation post and not include this baby? Mac Face & Body is a cult product, an icon in the makeup industry. I do not know a makeup artist who doesn’t carry it in their kit. In fact, it was when I was working on clients that I first fell in love with the product.

It is a lightweight formula that is buildable and easy to layer. It applies well and sets to last. It will provide you with a light to medium coverage. Face & Body can, as the name suggests, be worn on the body as well as the face, therefore it’s great if you need to work on editorial shoots or if you fancy touching up any areas of your body.

It also comes is a huge range of shades, has a giant bottle and you can easily mix shades together. This is a product that everyone hopes stays around forever.

You’ll see Mac Face & Body in action in this reel! And again in this image.

🏆Best all-rounder.

Mac Studio Face & Body* £29 (currently reduced £23.50) 50ml

No7 HydraLuminous Skin Perfector Tinted Moisturiser

Lightweight Foundations : No7 HydraLuminous Skin Perfector Tinted Moisturiser Light
No7 HydraLuminous Skin Perfector Tinted Moisturiser Light

It may have a long name but it does exactly was that name suggests. A tinted moisturiser that perfects your skin and leaves a luminous finish. It does so while hydrating your skin with AquareleaseTM technology, meaning it continually hydrates the skin throughout the day.

It is the lightest in coverage of the 4 bases in this review, yet the most moisturising. HydraLuminous is a dream to apply and offers a quick and easy base. The finish is a glowy, perfected skin. However, this isn’t for those looking for longevity or coverage. It’s a lightweight, tinted moisturiser after all.

Certainly a hydrating product, this does need setting on my oily skin. Those with very oily skin may find this a little too emollient. I suspect dry-normal skin types would love it.

You’ll can see the finish the No7 HydraLuminous Tinted Moisturiser gives in this reel!

🏆Best for glow. Best for price.

No7 HydraLuminous Skin Perfector Tinted Moisturiser £14 30ml


Here are swatches of all four lightweight foundations in the shades I have in my collection, for my skin tone.

Swatches of : Fenty Eaze Drop 05, Fenty Eaze Drop )3, Mac Face & Body N1, No7 Hydraluminous Tinted Moisturiser Light, Erborian BB Creme Clair
Swatches, unedited (except crop) taken on Canon M50, natural light (very dull overcast day).

Lightweight foundations, skintints, bases and more…

Well, I do hope this has been an enjoyable top 4 (of the moment that is 😉). These have been the lightweight bases that I have reached for the most over the Summer months and I can’t see that changing any time soon.

Do you have a current favourite makeup base? Let me know in the comments below!

Lightweight foundations, skin tints and tinted moisturisers!
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