L’occitane Immortelle Overnight Reset Serum & Youth Hand Cream


New for September L’occitane launch their newly formulated Immortelle Overnight Reset Serum and a brand new product, the Youth Hand Cream. I joined L’occitane to learn more about both of these products and the effects sleep can have on the skin, join me as I share more.

L’occitane Immortelle Overnight Reset Serum

First launched in 2018 the L’occitane Immortelle Overnight Reset Serum has been so popular it has sold one bottle every minute! Set to reset the skin from daily aggressors, while soothing and hydrating, the serum is popular for good reason. So why change it?

L'occitane Immortelle Reset Serum
L’occitane Immortelle Reset Serum

The Immortelle Serum is formulated with properties from the Immortelle flower, a plant bright yellow in hue. L’occitane’s lab experts utilise an extraction process called (NaDES (Natural Deep Eutectic Solvents) which is able to capture compounds from the heart of the plant. By using this technology L’occitane is able to harvest water and oil-soluble molecules, which create the golden bubbles you see in the serum. When you apply the serum these golden ‘bubbles’ burst and the active ingredients are fresh on your skin; helping skin soothe and recover from daily stress.

Our skin is affected by stress. Stress can be physical, mental, emotional and environmental. Daily aggressors such as pollutants and harmful UV rays cause damage and in order for our skin to reset it requires a number of additions; SPF, antioxidants, rest and sleep are all vital.

So how does the new and improved serum help?


Immortelle Sap-like extract: soothes redness and tight skin. Boosts recovery.

Immortelle Essential Oil: The oil is known for its powerful anti-oxidant properties with the power to boost collagen production and double the rate of micro-circulation in the skin, aiding cell renewal and skin firmness.

Acmella Oleracea: Known as the natural alternative to Botox. When applied topically this plant extract relaxes muscle tension under the skin and by doing so, eases the appearance of fine lines.

Marjoram: helps to reawaken skin, working on the basis of epigenetics to restart gene expression functions that become less dormant and less effective due to natural ageing and external aggressors such as UV, pollution and stress.

So what we know is that the Immortelle Overnight Serum is formulated with natural ingredients that boost cellular turnover and collagen production while aiding the skin in its fight against aggressors with its antioxidant properties. Skin is hydrated and soothed and left feeling calm and plumped once awoken the following morning.

Its texture is a lightweight serum, an oil-water serum, but don’t let that be off-putting to my oily skinned friends; this serum is anything but ‘oily’! It sinks into the skin ever so quickly, swiftly proving the need (for my skin anyway) for this extra hydration (the majority of our skins are dehydrated after all). Skin is not left greasy nor oily, rather silky and smooth.

After three months of use (of the original serum), my skin appears radiant and plump, a further two weeks of the new version and I’m glowing.

It is a wonderful sensorial experience and a serum that provides benefits.

Commitments And Environment

L’occitane states that the way they source immortelle is 100% organic, they do not use pesticides or fertilisers on the immortelle and they develop long term partnerships with their immortelle producers.

L’occitane has removed all cellophane wrapping on both the 30ml and 50ml bottles of Immortelle Overnight Serum saving 0.8tons of single-use plastic in one year!

Youth Hand Cream

Youth Hand Cream combines two of L’occitane’s best selling products: their hand cream and the powerful immortelle.

The [Youth] hand cream is an infusion of the nourishing benefits of shea butter, with the age-defying technology of the immortelle flower.

L'occitane Youth Hand Cream
L’occitane Youth Hand Cream

The cream is non-greasy and absorbs quickly making it perfect for everyday use. Its serum-in-cream technology encourages ingredients to penetrate quickly which helps with skincare benefits of firming and plumping.

Youth Cream is gently scented with a floral scent of immortelle, alongside notes of apple and peach. It comes in a whopping size of 75ml!


Organic Shea butter (100% Fairtrade): intensely nourishes, hydrates and moisturises hands and strengthens nails.

Immortelle extract and immortelle essential oil: Potent antioxidants protect against external aggressors, high in omegas 9 & 6 to help reduce the appearance of visible signs of ageing on the hands and increase skin’s elasticity.

Hibiscus AHA: encourages skin renewal, helps eliminate hyperpigmentation. By doing so hands appear youthful after use.

Hexylresorcinol & Rapseedphytosterols: Helps repair microbiota barriers and hyper-pigmentations damage by environmental exposure and improved skin barrier function to encourage a balanced ecosystem on our skin.


Youth Hand Cream boasts 97% natural origin ingredients and is housed in a 95% recycled aluminium tube.

L'occitane Youth Hand Cream
L’occitane Youth Hand Cream

Final Thoughts

As I’ve mentioned, I fell long and hard for the Immortelle Reset Serum long before this new formula upgrade and now that it has been supercharged it’s even better! Think of it as a ‘do it all’ nighttime serum, especially for those whose skin might not be able to tolerate retinol. It’s gentle but effective.

Youth Hand Cream is a beauty of a cream. It is what L’occitane do so well in their creams (as I mention in this review here also): they create lightweight lotions and creams that pack a punch in terms of hydration. The result? a gorgeous serum-in-cream that delivers in moisturising and hydrating, without any greasy residue. Where it differs from their other hand creams is the infusion of the serum element. The Youth Hand Cream has this added boost and that’s pretty cool.

Oh, it feels and smells amazing too.

Both products are available at L’occitane.com

Immortelle Overnight Reset Serum 30ml £50

Youth Hand Cream 75ml £24


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