Refy Brow Collection : Sculpt Gel, Pomade, Pencil

I’ve been obsessed with brow gels ever since they first launched. I have a lot of respect for a gel that can hold up my fussy brow hairs. So when Refy kept showing up on my insta feed (they know me well) I just had to try it! I chose the Refy Brow Collection; a set of three brow products, rather than just the cult brow gel as I wanted to get a feel for the brand. Question is, would Refy brow live up to the hype?

Refy Brow Collection

It is the Refy Sculpt Gel that the brand is famous for; a gel so powerful it can lift even the most weighty and wiry of brows, supposedly. If fluffy, well-groomed brows are your jam, then the Sculpt Gel might just be for you.

I chose to purchase the Brow Collection, a 3-piece set that is essentially the most cost-effective and sets out to provide one with everything one should need to perfect unruly brows.

In the collection, we have Sculpt Gel, Brow Pomade and Brow Pencil; all pretty self-explanatory.

The collection comes in three colourways (as do the individual products), light, medium and dark. I chose medium.

All three products are vegan and cruelty-free.


All three pieces in the collection come in various taupe, grey and white shades of plastic packaging with the black REFY logo.

Brow Sculpt is the chunkiest of the three, with a twist-off lid housing a mascara-esque wand to apply the product.

In the other end of the tube is a pull-off lid with a comb-brush to work the gel through the brows.

Brow Pomade is the next in size. A medium side tube, with an angled brush and a small pot of pomade in the bottom.

Brow Pencil is the smallest of the three. The pencil is a micro pencil in design with a rotating pencil at one end and a wand at the other.

Refy Brow Collection - Medium
Refy Brow Collection – Medium

All of the products arrive in white card boxes with the REFY logo.

Refy Brow Sculpt Gel

I’m going to start with the big guns as this, the Sculpt Gel is the product I was most drawn to.

The Sculpt Gel is pretty formidable. It really does hold up pesky hairs (and boy do I have some!). I have curly girl brow hairs that can be thick in places and like to hang down, many a brow gel is intimidated and falls short.

Refy Brow Sculpt Gel
Refy Brow Sculpt Gel

Refy Sculpt Gel does not. This is a strong hold gel. Once it has set, my brow hairs stay in their place. The gel brushes into the hairs easily and transforms from a white gel into a transparent finish as it sets. A large wand coats hairs well and gives a speedy application.

Hidden within the lid is a niffy brush and comb in one. A great tool to comb or brush through brows after the gel has been applied.

A little tip: Ensure there is no other product on the brows before you apply the gel (yes, even moisturiser). Don’t be overzealous with your application. Comb through after you’ve applied or push your finger through your brows to remove excess product. This will prevent any leftover white crystals from appearing on your brows.

This isn’t a gel with microfibres designed to enhance the thickness and fullness of brows (think Glossier Boy Brow, Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow, Benefit Gimmie Brow, Charlottle Tilbury Legendary Brows…), this is one formulated to create a lasting hold and a feathery, groomed appearance (think Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze, Benefit 24hr Brow Setter).

Refy Sculpt Gel is transparent, water-resistant. It is vegan and cruelty-free.

Refy Sculpt Gel £16 8ml

Refy Brow Pencil

This is a micro brow pencil that allows you to create ultra-fine hair-like strokes; leading to a natural finish. The pencil is easy to use and is neither too soft nor firm. It is a twist pencil, you only need to turn up a small amount each time.

I find the Refy Brow Pencil to have a good lasting ability. It certainly lasts throughout the day and if I have been caught in the lovely British Summer rain.

A review and swatches of Refy brow pencil in shade medium
Refy brow pencil – medium

A double-ended pencil with the product on one side and a brush on the other, the brush is ideal to comb through brows and blend the pencil after application.

I bought the pencil in shade medium and I find I can alter the appearance of the colour by adding or taking away pressure. A lighter touch creates a lighter, more natural stroke; slightly heavier adds depth to the shade.

Vegan and cruelty-free.

Refy Brow Pencil £14 0.06G

Refy Brow Pomade

A smudge-proof, long-wear formula which in my experience, does live up to its claims. The brow pomade is easy to apply and creates depth to the brows.

Refy Brow Pomade is once again, in a well-designed tube. In the lid is an angled brush applicator, the pomade sits in the base.

Refy brow pomade -Medium
Refy brow pomade -Medium

I’m not a huge fan of the shade however. I have the shade medium and I do find it a little warm. I wish it had more of an ash undertone running through it; it is certainly a more flattering tone in an eyebrow product.

While handy, the angle brush is too soft and thick for brow application IMHO. I prefer a brush that has a fine tip that is sturdy to allow control for brow makeup application.

Refy Brow Pomade £14 1.5G


I have applied the Brow Pencil and Brow Pomade separately first to different eyebrows so you can see the difference between the too. This is before adding the Sculpt Gel.

For reference, I like to apply pomade in a feather-stroke application, rather than filling in the whole brow as this creates a natural, modern look. You can watch this application in this reel.

3 Step Process

Refy do share their 3 stage process on the site (granted I’ve just come across it as I’ve researched product value for this review) and they recommend:

Step 1: Sculpting brows into place with gel.

Step 2: Add pomade for depth and shade.

Step 3: add brow pencil to outline brow hair shape to create a ‘3D brow’.

Here are my thoughts:

How I do brows is very dependant on two things; the overall look I wish to achieve and the products I am working with.

If I desire a heavier, more structured brow, I will use products in a way with that in mind.

On the other hand, a lighter brow, to not deter attention from other makeup (a detailed eye for example) might be appropriate. It is very much down to the look I am creating (that can also be a natural get up!) and my mood on the day.

Much the same is taken into account when working with certain products. I know that some brow gels have certain leeway, a flexibility to them before they set*, others don’t. Therefore the decision to use the gel as the first or last step is taken into account.

Refy Sculpt Gel’s beauty is in its ability to set and set hard. Once it has, I don’t particularly like to move it as it doesn’t have much flex to it. The gel also leaves a film on the skin surrounding the hairs, making it more difficult to be very light with your touch, when it comes to applying pencil or pomade. Of course, that doesn’t mean it is not achievable, it most definitely is (I’ve applied it in this manner in this reel) but it is worth taking into consideration.

Applying pencil/pomade prior to gel allows you to brush through the product and blend it well without disrupting the gel. Further top-ups can be added after the gel is combed through.

I have, of course, played with applying the gel first or second and both create different finishes. Which is something I love about makeup! There’s no one way to do anything!

In my opinion, it’s worth playing around with both techniques and finding out which suits your routine and the look you wish to achieve (on any given day!). I find I have even more staying power when I apply the gel second (as I’m then not moving it to comb through pencil).

*An example would be Glossier Boy Brow. A gel that continues to have a little playtime and flex before fully drying.

I Have two reels on my Instagram, one applying it gel first, the second applying pencil/pomade first!

Amy wears the Refy brows collection
After – Refy Brow Collection, Brow Pencil, Brow Pomade, Sculpt Gel


I bought all three as the kit, it is the best value for money if you are interested in the three brow products:

Refy Brow Collection £40

Refy Brow Pencil £14

Refy Sculpt Gel £16

Refy Brow Pomade £14

Final Thoughts

I really appreciate the design element of all three products, in particular, the Sculpt Gel and Brow Pomade. Having applicators within the product itself makes them easy to travel or transport and less of a need to buy more brushes if they were needed. They are ‘all in one’ items.

My favourite products are the Sculpt Gel and Brow Pencil. I love how fine the pencil is and that you can control the ‘weight’ of the strokes you create. The pencil blends well with the brush provided (on the end of the pencil) and lasts throughout the day.

Sculpt gel truly does sculpt your brow hairs. As well as having weighty brows, I have a few pesky greys popping through-you know the one’s that become thick and heavy (if you know you know!!)? Well, this even holds those up, that is impressive.

You can apply the gel first, then colour products, or the opposite way around. The ‘comb-brush’ tool allows you to create the brushed up, feathered look, or a perfectly groomed brow.

I’d love to see Refy create tinted versions of Sculpt Gel (just a little ashier in tone than Medium currently is!), that would be a great addition to the range.

The Brow Pomade is ok in my opinion. It’s the only one I wouldn’t repurchase. Yes, it adds depth but I’d need the shade to have improvements for me to pick it up again. I, of course, can’t speak for the Light and Dark shades.

All in all, I’m impressed and can see why Refy has become an insta storm! I’m rather intrigued by the blush and highlight…

Have you tried Refy Beauty yet?

REFY available here

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