Glossier Solar Paint

When the news broke, via email, that the latest addition to the Glossier makeup line had launched, I saw many a beauty geek revel in glee. But would Glossier Solar Paint live up to the excitement? I wanted to find out.

Glossier Solar Paint Flare. A review of the liquid bronzer from Glossier that is cruelty free and vegan by makeup artist and beauty blogger Amy
Glossier Solar Paint Flare

What Is Glossier Solar Paint

The sister to Cloud Paint (a heavenly liquid blush), a Glossier institution, if you will, Solar Paint is the long-awaited liquid-gel bronzer.

Glossier states that it is a ‘weightless bronzer’ in a gel-creme texture with light-reflecting pearls to give a natural sun-kissed look to the face.

Solar Paint is infused with Desert MilkTM, a formula that is caring with aloe and jojoba.

Glossier Solar Paint is available in four shades, is vegan and cruelty-free.

  • Flare Light neutral bronze with gold pearl. Fair-light skin tones
  • Ray Medium, warm bronze with gold pearl. Light-medium skin tones
  • Heat Rich brown, bronze with gold pearl. Tan-deep skin tones.
  • Volt Deep, red bronze with copper pearl. Deep-rich skin tones.

Packaging & Price

Like Cloud Paint, Solar Paint comes in a white tube. However, it differs in application. Solar Paint has a wand that is screwed into the tube by the lid (like a mascara would). I’ve more to say on the wand later.

Glossier Solar Paint Flare. A review of the liquid bronzer from Glossier that is cruelty free and vegan by makeup artist and beauty blogger Amy
Glossier Solar Paint Flare with applicator

The lid and beginning of the tube are colours to match the shade, therefore easy to pick out in a kit. They also look very appealing.

Glossier Solar Paint 13ml £17.00


I am at my most pale self at present. Almost a vampire; I avoid most light, never mind sunlight (thanks to my myriad of illnesses and perpetual migraines 🙄); therefore, the lightest shade, Flare seemed a good option.

Upon swatching, it does appear to have a hefty pigment to it but as any bronzer fan knows, the swatch and the true application can differ entirely.

Glossier Solar Paint Flare swatches

Flare has a mix of cool and warm undertones. It is definitely not a contour shade (think Fenty Cheeks Out Cream Bronzer in Amber) and blends to a neutral, golden, amber-bronze with pearl, that isn’t too orange or pigmented. It is sheer and natural in finish and best suited to fair-light skin.

Clockwise: ‘no makeup’ before photo, with a simple light base applying bronzer, with Solar Paint in Flare and finally Solar Paint in Flare And Cloud Paint in Beam.

The Wand

I’ll be honest, I’m just not sure about the wand. I find it a little finicky. While a long and flexible applicator is needed for inside the tube it hinders application with a somewhat splodge of a landing. If it’s possible to use a product without having to dip an applicator back into the tube, that will always be my preference, for hygiene.

I tried applying directly to the face (as pictured) but in all honestly, I prefer placing it onto the back of my hand or palette and picking the product up from there. There is just the ability to control the amount of product to work with when you do it this way.

I do wish that Glossier had made Solar Paint in the same packaging as Cloud Paint. I know many have complained that they waste product with an over squeeze of Cloud Paint, so perhaps this is the thought behind the applicator with Solar Paint; as it does enable a controlled amount of product per application. I guess it allows people to use it however they prefer, and it prevents messy hands (if you’re blending with a brush that is).

It is an applicator that works best for decanting product, not for applying to the face IMHO.


I tried a few different options for blending; with fingers, a buffing brush and a firm-short bristled brush.

I found that fingers worked fine but it was a little messy in application and the blend wasn’t as perfected as I would’ve liked.

Buffing brush: This worked well but again, there was a couple of areas I had to go over to ensure it looked well blended.

Firm brush: This is my preferred application method. I feel I have most control and can smooth the gel well. (Something like the Real Techniques Expert Foundation Brush)

However, all work ok and I’m sure blending options will be personal. I didn’t reach for a sponge, simply because I don’t tend to use them often.

Glossier Solar Paint Flare. A review of the liquid bronzer from Glossier that is cruelty free and vegan by makeup artist and beauty blogger Amy
Glossier Solar Paint Flare


Flare really is a beautifully light bronzer on my skin tone. It blends out to a very natural hue and I really do look effortlessly sun-kissed. It is very subtle.

I wanted to see how it would layer and if I could increase the depth.

It is a bronzer that dries down and sets. You can feel that you need to work quickly with it and it remains a little tacky at first. Therefore the second layer feels a little more difficult to apply, simply because there is a slight drag. It doesn’t, however, apply differently. It looks beautiful and once blended looks seamless.


Glossier Solar Paint leaves a sun-kissed, natural glow to the skin. The finish is not matte, nor is it uber glowy either. It has a perfect level and size of micro pearl. Enough to give a beautiful glow but not to leave any unwanted shimmery surface that might enhance texture or pores. We are talking golden pearl here, not glitzy glitter. The overall effect? A beautified, glowing skin.

Lasting Power

Solar Paint seems to last really well on me. I’ve worn it a few days now and by mid afternoon I still have a healthy glow.

Glossier Solar Paint Final Thoughts

This is what Glossier is known for, minimal makeup that looks like your skin but better. Glossier Solar Paint is a natural sun-kissed bronzer that gives a subtle healthy glow. It is not a super tanned ‘just got back from Marbella” bronze, it’s a glowing radiance, that shows your natural skin. Flare, on me, is incredibly natural. I do think I could possibly get away with Ray for a more bronzy look, now I know how the product works and how it has this beautiful translucency to it. Solar Paint truly does feel weightless on the skin and can be worn alone or on top of a makeup tint, or foundation.

I do hope that Glossier extend their shade range to become more inclusive in the very near future as I feel it’s an area that needs work.

If you’re all about the ‘no-makeup look’, the healthy, ‘you but better’ makeup, if Cloud Paint was already your vibe, then Solar Paint might just be right up your street. I’m a fan.

Glossier Solar Paint Available Here

You can watch my application reel and find more photos on my instagram @amyschapter

Glossier Solar Paint Flare. A review of the liquid bronzer from Glossier that is cruelty free and vegan by makeup artist and beauty blogger Amy
I’m wearing Solar Paint in Flare. Cloud Paint in Beam.

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