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Wondering what to buy the makeup lover in your life? Whether a makeup newbie or know-it-all, there’s always something you can gift for the beauty addict, trust me, we’re like magpies, always spying something shiny and pretty! However, makeup can be quite a personal gift to buy for someone and therefore a little tricky to know what to gift at times. So I’ve created a guide of some great items to suit all!

Some of these products have price reductions, these offers are correct at the time of publishing and subject to change (according to website linked) so shop quickly if you want to take advantage!

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Makeup Remover

One of the most important parts of a makeup routine is makeup removal. Ensuring our skin is properly cleansed will always allow makeup to sit better. 

I’m a big fan of reusable makeup rounds that are not just good for cleansing but also kind to the environment. They make great makeup and skincare gifts and perfect stocking fillers! My current favourite is from Pretty Roots which I use to apply my exfoliating toners and to remove eye makeup. Face Halo are also great and can be used to remove a full face of makeup! I have the original in white but I love that the Pro version is now available in black-meaning they’ll stay makeup stain-free for longer!


Pretty Roots Reusable Cotton Rounds
Pretty Roots Reusable Cotton Rounds

Pretty Roots Reusable Cotton Rounds x 18 £7.99


makeup gifts FACE HALO
Face Halo PRO

Face Halo The Modern Makeup Remover Pack Of 3 £18*

Makeup Brush Set

One of the most important parts of a makeup kit is a brush set. So if you’re looking for makeup gifts ideas then this might be perfect for you and the person you are looking to treat. If there’s one thing I know well, it is makeup brushes! Whether you’re looking to gift someone with an eye brush set, a starter brush set or go the whole hog and treat them to a full brush set, there are some great quality brushes available and I’ve listed some of my favourites below.

You really can’t go wrong with any of these brands, they all live in my personal and professional kit! When choosing I would simply think of colourway (most suited to recipient), pricepoint and whether you wish to buy a full brush set (includes face, eyes, powder brushes), an eye brush set or a face brush set.


beauty xmas gift ideas - Zoeva makeup brush set
Zoeva Brush Vault. Image: Zoeva

ZOEVA Share Your Radiance Cocotte Brush Vault £78 Available here*


Zoeva Complete Brush Set £105, reduced £73.50 Available here

Classic Brush Set £65, reduced £45.50 Available here

Rose Gold Vol.2 Eye Set £70, reduced £49.00 Available here

Classic Brush Set £40, reduced £28.00 Available here

Spectrum Brushes

Spectrum Makeup Brushes
Spectrum Makeup Brushes

Spectrum Collection Zodiac 6 Piece Eye Set £30, reduced £21 Available here

Spectrum Cosmetics 10 Piece Malachite Brush Set £49.99, reduced £29.99 Available here

Real Techniques

Real Techniques Makeup Brushes
Real Techniques Makeup Brushes

Real Techniques Strut your stuff Make Up Brush Gift Set £49.99, reduced £29.99 Available here*

Real Techniques Skin Perfecting Brush Set £14.99 Available here*

Real Techniques Rosy All Night Make Up Brush Set £39.99, reduced, £19.99 Available here*

Makeup Brush Holder

A place to keep your brushes that also looks stylish on your vanity? Yes, a brush holder can make for a perfect makeup gift. Whether it’s a stylish offering to sit on a beauty desk or a portable one for a professional artist, there’s many to choose from!


Makeup gifts brush holder
Marble makeup brush holder

Marble Brush Holder £19.00 Available here

Zoeva Brush Holder
Zoeva Brush Holder

ZOEVA Classic Brush Holder £13.50 Available here *

This one for MAC is a perfect brush roll for the travelling makeup artist or for someone who likes to keep their brushes stored away.

Mac Brush Roll
MAC Brush Roll

MAC Large Brush Roll £38, reduced £30 Available here*


Acrylic holder 

While on the subject of one’s makeup setup an acrylic holder can be great for makeup storage! There are lots of different designs to choose from, with drawers and compartments galore! They are a great gift to keep beauty lovers organised and tidy!

Acrylic Makeup Holder
Acrylic Makeup Holder

Customisable Acrylic Makeup Storage £17.99 Available here*

Acrylic Makeup Holder
Acrylic Makeup Holder – Beautify

5 Tier Cosmetic Organiser £44.99 Available here*

Lipstick divider

For the lipstick lover, hoarder, ever-changing lip colour chameleon, perhaps a lipstick holder would come in handy. I love to use mine to help organise by shade!


Acrylic Lipstick organiser
Acrylic Lipstick Organiser

Acrylic Lipstick Organiser £12.99 Available here*

For the lover of anything aesthetically pleasing and the one who likes their lipsticks to be on display.

Acrylic Lipstick Holder
Acrylic Lipstick Holder

This holder is great as it can easily be stacked in a drawer or placed on display.

12 Section Acrylic Lipstick Holder £5.47 Available here*

Makeup bag 

A decent makeup bag is an essential part of any collection. Whether you like a massive bag that fits everything or a smaller one that allows a more concise edit, the choice is endless. Here are some of my top chosen ones.

For the lover of art


Morris & Co Makeup Bag
Morris & Co Makeup Bag

Morris And Co Wash Bag £20.00 Available here*

For the avid traveller (when we can again!)

Clear makeup bag
Clear makeup bag

John Lewis & Partners Leather Travel Bag £25.00 Available here*


Space NK Makeup Bag Makeup Gifts
Space NK Makeup Bag

Space NK Travel Bag £25.00 Available here

For the trendsetter


Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Bag
Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Bag

Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Bag 1st Edition £15.00 Available here*

Makeup brush cleaner 

Ok, while this may not seem like the most luscious of gift ideas I’m sticking it in there! One of the best ways to look after our skin, stop the spread of germs and ensure longevity and the best application of makeup from our brushes is to keep them clean. Therefore I think this makes a cracking makeup gift!

makeup gifts revolution beauty brush cleaner
Revolution Beauty brush cleaner

Revolution Portable Deep Cleanse Solid Makeup Brush Cleaner £4.99 Available here*

Eyelash curler 

A great eyelash curler can really change a makeup look! Trust me, the act of simply curling your lashes really does help open your eyes and the effect helps lift your lashes throughout the day. Of course, any eyelash curler is better than none at all but I do find some are better than others. These two have a great shape so work well to catch all lashes.

makeup gifts Kevyn action eyelash curler
Kevyn Aucoin eyelash curler

Kevyn Aucoin The Eyelash Curler £17.00 Available here*

MAC Eyelash Curlers
MAC Eyelash Curlers

MAC Full Eyelash Curler £13.20 Available here*

No Crease Hair Clips

Is there anything more annoying than perfecting your makeup, letting your hair down to find creases in your hair from the clips you used to keep the pesky strays out of your face? Well, these clips are the answer! First created by a hairdresser working backstage at fashion week (to get over this exact hurdle), these clips are now readily available for all of us! Yey! They make a perfect stocking filler!


hair clips
No crease hair clips

No Crease Hair Clips £3

Makeup mirror

If you are looking to be incredibly generous then perhaps a makeup mirror may be worth considering. The Riki mirrors by Glamcor are insta famous for their slimline design, easy setup and simple use. They are a mirror, with LED lighting which you can alter to different settings. On top of that, you have the ability to attach your phone to the mirror and record content, should you wish.

You can read further details on the mirrors at the Riki website here. There are based in the USA however, so shipping and customs will be charged if you buy direct from their website.

In the UK the RIKI SKINNY mirror is available at the following websites below, the RIKI TALL is currently sold out at Harrods but I shall include that link for future reference.


makeup gifts RIKI SKINNY Makeup Mirror
RIKI SKINNY Makeup Mirror

RIKI SKINNY Feel Unique Available here £170, currently reduced £127.50

RIKI SKINNY Cult Beauty Available here £175

RIKI SKINNY Harrods Available here £170

RIKI TALL Harrods Available here


Makeup Suggestions

Now for makeup suggestions. It’s a little more tricky as it helps to know what the person you’re buying for likes in terms of shades and formula, but here are a few options in different price points. 

Highstreet Hero Palette 

Always on-trend, Makeup Revolution creates some excellent palettes full of different textures and colourways! This offering has mattes, metallics and shimmers and is a perfect shade range for the festive season!

Revolution makeup
Makeup Revolution

Makeup Revolution is Cruelty-Free and this palette is Vegan friendly.

Makeup Revolution Precious Glamour MegaStar Eyeshadow Palette Crystal Luxe £12, currently £8.40

Long Time Gold Standard Palette 

MAC Cosmetics is infamous for a reason and there’s many a makeup lover who would adore finding this under their tree! This palette makes a great gift as it is neutal toned and contains both shimmer and matte shadows so is a great all-rounder.


MAC makeup gifts X 9 Amber
MAC X 9 Amber Eyeshadow Palette

Eyeshadow X 9: Amber X Nine Palette £26, currently £20.80

Beauty Blowout Palette 

Natasha Denona eyeshadows are renown in the industry for their incredible standard and lux appeal. The mattes are beautiful to blend, the glitters and metallics creamy to the touch. All boast mega payoff. While the Holiday palette is a bright and fun number with gorgeous shades unless you know the recipient will love those colours I’d opt for the Autumn 2020 release, the cool-toned Glam Palette. This is a stunning palette and offers so many options for looks that will last forever!


Makeup gifts Natasha Denona Glam Palette
Natasha Denona Glam Palette

Natasha Denona is Cruelty-Free and Paraben free.

Natasha Denona Glam Palette £60, Available here*


I do hope this gift guide edit has been of use and helped give ideas of makeup gifts for that special person, or indeed persons in your life! Happy gifting!

If you’re still in need of ideas, why not check out my Beauty Gift Guide and Shop Local Christmas Gift Guide!

Makeup Gifts - For The Makeup Lover! Find the perfect Christmas gift for the beauty addict in your life!
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