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TV Series & Movies

We may be in another lockdown and unable to get out but our screens are loaded with lots of exciting TV series & movies to entertain from the sofa. Here are some from Netflix, Sky and Amazon Prime that are set to thrill, inform, make you laugh and bring a tear to the eye.

TV Series

This Is Us

tv series & movies This Is Us
This Is Us

You will laugh, cry, feel good and then you will do it all again. This Is Us is the epitome of a feel-good series with a modern, real grit, edge. Plus, there are a whopping seven series to watch so lots to keep you going!

This Is Us – Amazon Prime

Queen’s Gambit 

tv series & movies queens gambit
Queen’s Gambit

Who knew a series about a female chess player might become one of the most talked-about TV moments of 2020?!

If you’ve not started this yet, it is a must. Cleverly written, beautifully designed, this drama is somehow all and nothing about chess at the same time. A focus on the female struggle in a male-dominated society and skill, Queen’s Gambit upends relationships, politics, education and more. 

Queen’s Gambit – Netflix

The Undoing 

tv series & movies The Undoing
The Undoing

Could the timing of this Kidman-Grant drama be any better for us folk stuck in lockdown? I think not. 

I daren’t say too much for fear of giving anything away! Directed by Susanne Bier best known for The Night Manager and written by David E Kelley who penned Big Little Lies, The Undoing focuses on the marriage and unravelling secret lives of The Frasers. If the plot doesn’t grip you (I question your sense of drama if so) then the costume and beautifully lit and shot scenes will. 

The Undoing – Sky

The Crown

The Crown
The Crown

Surely this needs no introduction? 

The Crown returns with its fourth series, one that’s controversial as it revolves around Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s meeting and evolving relationship. Olivia Coleman stars as Queen Elizabeth II and Gillian Anderson as Margaret Thatcher. 

The Crown – Netflix

Love life

tv series & movies Love Life
Love Life

Anna Kendrick stars as Darby Carter in this modern take on ‘Sex In The City’ style comedy. Short but sweet, the series guides the viewer through the ups and downs of her love life in a real and grounded way. 

Love Life – Sky


The Vow

tv series & movies The Vow
The Vow

Centred around NXIVM, the true crime documentary tells the stories of a cult, sex crimes and more. The footage is first hand, filmed from inside the cult, then later shared by members who ‘got out’. It is fascinating, shocking, frightening and leaves you wanting to know more. I feel a second series coming!

The Vow – Sky

Kiss The Ground

tv series & movies Kiss The Ground
Kiss The Ground

Woody Harrelson narrates this documentary-movie on climate change and how important our soil and farming techniques are and how they could quite literally save us. It is one of the most important and interesting documentaries that I’ve watched. 

Kiss The Ground – Netflix

The Great Hack

tv series & movies The Great Hack
The Great Hack

The Great Hack exposes the Cambridge Analytica scandal and how the use of Big Data affected politics on a global scale, in US politics and in the UK in the vote for Brexit. It is an incredibly important and shocking documentary to watch.

The Great Hack – Netflix

The Social Dilemma

The Social Dilemma
The Social Dilemma

The Social Dilemma divulges how social media companies manipulate users data for financial gain, how this data is exploited to form addiction and can have negative effects on mental health; later how it can manipulate and change our behaviour within society.

The Social Dilemma – Netflix

Screened Out

Screened Out

Screened Out takes some of the issues discussed in The Social Dilemma but looks at them for the angle of ‘Screen Time’ and the impact of what ‘too much’ screen time may be having on children. Our behaviour as adults around children using our devices is explored as is the scientific argument of the impact on children’s development.

Screened Out – Netflix



Rebecca Movie

Rebecca, based on the 1938 novel, stars Lily James and Armie Hammer. It is a romantic thriller set in Manderlay, a wealthy estate with a past. Costume, makeup and set design is particularly stunning in this movie.

Rebecca – Netflix

Little Women 

tv series & movies Little Women
Little Women

With a stellar cast, Little Women returned to the big screen last year and is now available on Sky. It tells the story of the March sisters, starting with Jo as she looks back over her life. If you’re a fan of the original, it might not quite hit the spot, but it’s a great cast and a nice movie all the same.

Stars Saoirse Ronan, Emma Watson, Meryl Streep,  James Norton.

Little Women – Sky

The Trial of the Chicago 7

tv series & movies The Trial Of The Chicago 7
The Trial Of The Chicago 7

The movie tells the story of the ‘Chicago Seven’, a group of anti-Vietnam War protesters. It is a historical legal drama which is brilliantly written and acted. The men are charged with inciting riots and the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. It is a highly charged and emotive film based on true events. Stars Eddie Redmayne, Sacha Baron Cohen.

The Trial Of The Chicago 7 – Netflix

Dark Waters

Dark Waters Movies Amazon Prime
Dark Waters

Mark Ruffalo stars as a lawyer who unearths a link between a large corporation and unexplained ill health and deaths based on true events. It is a fascinating and truly shocking story and an excellent movie. Anne Hathaway plays Ruffalo’s wife.

Dark Waters – Amazon Prime


I hope you’ve found some TV Series, Movies and Documentaries you fancy watching! Happy viewing folks!


Top TV Series & Movies to get you through lockdown!
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