Giant Crochet Teddy Bears

Crochet Teddy Bears

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Times are hard right now and human contact is something we are all missing, it’s a collective experience worldwide. Regular readers of my blog will know that my little nieces are my world so not being able to see them or give them cuddles has been and is just unbearable! Therefore, I wanted to make something to give them a hug from me, something that they could cuddle into whenever they need a snuggle or a cuddle and this is where my search for a Teddy Bear pattern began!

Pinterest would, of course, be where I happened accross the pattern I fell in love with and my journey into my first ever teddy bear (or indeed cuddly or any sort) making experience started.

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Two Crochet teddy bears, one red and one blue sit on an arm chair.

The crochet teddy bear pattern I chose is from Leami – Leamigurumi on etsy and is available in English and German. It is in US crochet terms however.

PDF ENGLISH Crochet Pattern BIG Teddy Micha by leami Amigurumi

Yarn Choice & Accessories

I wanted to make my crochet teddy bears personal to my nieces so I chose wool in their favourite colours!

From the pattern I first worked out I needed 4 balls of 100g yarn (comparing the yarn the designer used) however when it came to it I required an extra ball and used nearly all of it so it’s worth keeping this in mind if you’re thinking of using the Cygnet also.

The Cranberry shade was a lot easier to work with, the Petrol was a bit of a pain and kept breaking at times especially when it came to sewing the bears head on! However, I have to admit, the finished look is stunning!

Crochet teddy bear in red
Crochet teddy bear using Cygnet Chenille in Cranberry

I used James C Brett DK in Black for the nose detail, to create depth to the eyes and to crochet the teddy bear’s scarfs.

Crochet teddy bear in blue
Crochet teddy bear using Cygnet chenille in Petrol

In order to complete the teddy bears the stitches involved are chain, double crochet, increase and decrease so worth taking note when choosing this pattern. It is the placement and the numbering of the increase/decrease which gives the teddy’s body parts it’s wonderful shape.


I decided to make little scarfs for the teddy bears using James C Brett DK. I made a simple pattern:

ch 48

Row 1: In 2nd ch from hook, dc each chain.

Row 2: ch3, htr each stitch across.

Row 3: ch3. htr in first stitches, skip a stitch, ch 2, htr each stitch across. (the skip stitch & ch 2 will make your button whole so adjust chain no. to fit your button size.)

Row 4: ch2, dc each stitch.

At the end I chose to boarder the entire scarf with dc stitches to finish it off nicely.

Two teddy bears sit on a chair

Are You There Bear?

Now there’s going to be no misplacing these little, sorry big bears because well, they are rather huge!! They measure 50cm in height so really are perfect for a big hug! Here’s a picture of me with the beauties for size reference (also I wanted my nieces to see me sending hugs to them via the bears 😉 )

Large crochet teddy bears sat with Amy for size reference
Large crochet teddy bears

The pattern shows if you work the bears up in DK wool the bears should shape up to be approx 30cm, perhaps this will be a future project? I just loved the thought of the soft chenille and found it difficult to find a pattern for ‘normal’ sized bears with chenille! If anyone would like to share, please do…!


So, the question is, what’s next…?


And as my youngest niece Iona said “I wish this stupid Coronavirus would go away”, you, me and the whole world are in agreement sweetie. Until then girls, here’s a giant cuddle each from your Aunty Amy xx

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