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For two weeks every year, a magical cloud of cherry blossom engulfs The Alnwick Garden. Garden goers patiently await the news of the buds beginning to burst open each Spring…well, I can say with conviction that now is the time! I was kindly invited to travel through the magic of The Alnwick Garden today and folks, the cherry blossom is blooming marvellous!

wooden swings in The Alnwick Garden Cherry Blossom
The Alnwick Garden Cherry Blossom

Alnwick Garden Cherry Blossom Orchard

The Alnwick Garden truly is a perfect example of “build it and they will come”. It is a stunning public garden set on the grounds of Alnwick Castle, owned by the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland.

Opened in 2001, it has been a popular visitor attraction ever since. The Alnwick Garden Cherry Blossom Orchard is infamous in this region. Local folk love a peruse around the garden grounds on both beautiful sunny days and nippy ones, taking in nature’s beauty.

That is exactly what myself and my Mum enjoyed today.

Loveliest of trees, the cherry now

Is hung with bloom along the bough.

A. E. Housman
The Alnwick Garden Cherry Blossom
The Alnwick Garden Cherry Blossom
It’s Not All About The Cherry Blossom

Fear not, if you can’t make it during the fleeting visit of the cherry blossom’s buds, there’s plenty more to feast your senses upon.

The Alnwick Garden walled garden water feature
The Alnwick Garden

The Serpents Maze will have your head in a spin and The Rose Garden is at its most beautiful during June and July as they burst into flower.

The Walled Garden is perfect to enjoy a rest and enjoy the water features. Beautiful tulips were in bloom today! Aren’t they stunning?!

Here’s a handy What’s In Bloom When Guide

Spring yellow tulips at our day out in Northumberland
Tulips in the walled garden

Taihaku Cherry Blossom

The Alnwick Garden has the largest cherry blossom orchard in the world with a stunning 329 trees! They really are a feast for the eyes. Of course, they attract a wealth of nature, the buzzing of bees and tweeting of Spring birds can be heard all around.

The Alnwick Garden Cherry Blossom orchard
The Alnwick Garden Cherry Blossom Orchard

The trail twists around the cherry blossom orchard, taking you under the trees as you move. Dotted amongst the trees are wooden swings, perfect to take some time and enjoy the view, the air, nature.


Of course, there’s a cafe for drinks, a bakery for treats and a gift shop should you wish to take a little something away with you.

At present all seating is outdoors due to current Covid regulations.

Toilets are on site. Disabled toilets are available.

There is ample parking on site which is easy to find via signposts.

The Alnwick Garden Cherry Blossom
The Alnwick Garden Cherry Blossom
Adventure Golf – The Forgotten Garden

For those who love a spot of golf, there’s an adventure golf course on the grounds! This 12 hole mini golf course is perfect for families and anyone young at heart.

The Alnwick Garden recommend that you book in advance. Here’s a link for more details:

The Forgotten Garden Adventure Golf

Disabled Aceess

The Alnwick Garden is 95% wheelchair friendly. The only area that doesn’t have ramps and only has step access is the area surrounding the main water feature. Everywhere else has ramp access.

The paving is a little wonky at times and does get quite steep if you’re in a manual wheelchair, which is worth bearing in mind.

I attended today in my manual wheelchair with my Mum doing the hard, pushing work, bless her 😬!

The paths are wide enough for wheelchair access and there are plenty of places to take breaks along the way.

Disabled parking is available at the first entrance on the left, from the main road.

Disabled toilets are available.

Non-diary milk alternatives are available in the cafe.

The fountain at The Alnwick Garden
The fountain at The Alnwick Garden
Covid Safe

The Alnwick Garden have simple but essential rules in place to stay covid safe. There are plenty of hand sanitising stations throughout the garden and inside the buildings.

Face masks are required (if able) indoors.

A one-way system is in place and the garden asks people to keep a safe distance.

At present (time of upload) all seating is outdoors.

Our Trip Amongst The Cherry Trees
The Alnwick Garden Cherry Blossom
The Cherry Blossom Orchard

And so the spring buds burst, and so I gaze, And so the blossoms fall, and so my days…

Uejima Onitsura

We had a wonderful day out at The Alnwick Garden amongst the cherry blossom. It helped that it was a beautiful, sunny Spring day! You can’t quite see in the photographs but the way in which the sunlight bounced off the blossom was just beautiful!

So why not take a trip and see The Alnwick Garden’s cherry blossom for yourself? And should you miss it, there’s always plenty more to explore in a wonderful, outdoor, safe way.

And don’t forget the treehouse will be open again as of next month!

The treehouse at Alnwick Garden, Northumberland
The Treehouse

To find out information, opening times, book tickets and such visit:

The Alnwick Garden

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