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Just over a week ago I asked a question to my wonderful insta community, I was looking for a recommendation for a cleaning product that didn’t smell strongly. One that would be suitable to be used in a household with someone severely poorly whose smell sensitivities are worsening, seemly by the day (read: me). Goodness did you answer in droves! So much so, rather than simply resharing the IG story results back to the next day’s feed I’ve decided to publish them into a blog post. That way they are easy to access and are in a more permanent form.

Chemical, Allergy, Smell Sensitivities
Clean cleaning products eco friendly

One thing we learn along the way with chronic illness is that as our bodies change we tend to develop new symptoms and difficulties that can affect the way we live; in fact, more often than not they do, simply put.

Many people within the chronic illness community have symptoms which cause issue with household items. Allergies, and hypersensitives to smells and traditional ingredients can come into play.

So who better than to give advice on brands and products that come recommended than those who have found them useful?!

Let’s dive into some recommendations!

Vinegar And Baking Soda

This DIY cleaning solution came recommended a few times!

Another suggestion: citric acid, vinegar, sodium percarbonate, sodium bicarbonate.

and another: Diluted hydrogen peroxide.

Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation has a range of plant-based cleaners for laundry, household and bathroom.

Seventh Generation Learn More

Seventh Generation Available Here


Norwex Microfibre clothes that can be used to clean with water.

“Norwex Microfiber is a little cloth with big cleaning power. Just add water to remove up to 99% of bacteria throughout your home.”

Norwex Microfibre EU Available Here

Norwex Microfibre UK Available Here


Method has been suggested a few times and that some products are better than others in terms of hypersensitivities to smell.

Rhubarb antibactial spray recieved high praise.

Method All Purpose Anti-bac Available Here

Clean cleaning products eco friendly Spoonie


“From 2 natural ingredients, we create two powerful liquids which are all you need to clean and sanitise your home, school or business.”

Dew is all about clean cleaning, using only two ingredients in their products.

Dew Disinfect Available Here

Dew Cleaner And Degreaser Available Here


Puracy comes in a scented and unscented version! I believe this is an American company, therefore readily available in the USA. In the UK it is available on iherb, I’m unsure of the shipping, however.

Puracy, Disinfectant Surface Cleaner, Free & Clear Available Here

Puracy Tea Tree Surface Cleaner Available Here


For those in the USA Honest received high praise. While we have skincare from Honest, we’ve yet to have access to the cleaning products as yet over here in the UK.

Honest Cleaning Products Available Here


Koh is proof you don’t need chemical nasties to keep your home clean. With no harsh chemicals or toxic fumes, Koh is the safer choice for you and the family, and approved by the National Asthma Council’s Sensitive Choice Program to prove it!”

The review for Koh was that it works for everything and there’s no fragrance. I believe the term “lifesaver” was used! High praise indeed!

Koh Cleaning Available Here

E Clothes

Another vote for microfibre cleaning cloths! These ones are readily available in the UK.

E Clothes Available Here


“We started Homethings when we realised that most cleaning sprays are 90% water packaged in single-use plastic bottles. With our non-toxic tabs, you can JustAddTap® at home. Makes sense.”

A non-toxic refill system featured on Dragons den.

Homethings Available here


“We use mostly natural plant-based ingredients because they’re renewable, biodegradable and replace dirty crude oil-based substances. Plus it makes us vegan-friendly.”

Ecover Available Here

Dettol Clear

A vote for the clear Dettol spray in particular, as it is an odourless one.

Dettol Clear Available Here

Clean cleaning products

Scent-free, Calming, Allergy, Clean Cleaning

Whatever it is you look for in a cleaning product; whether it is one you use yourself, one that is used within your household, or by a carer, PA or cleaner; I hope this list, created by our wonderful community has been helpful.

There are cleaning solutions and products that are scent-free, mildly scented, one’s suited to those who have allergies, clean cleaning products and microfibre cloths. There are brands with eco visions, and some are more readily available in some parts of the world than others.

I hope its made our collective experience a little easier to deal with.

Let me know if you’ve any more recommendations in the comments below!

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