Rainbow Crochet Hexy Blanket – The perfect Kids afghan

Easy Crochet Hexys

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Just after Christmas, I fancied myself a new project. You know how it is, us crafty folk can’t be project free for long! So with that crocheter’s itch, I was browsing for crochet hexy inspiration on the gram and came across a pastel throw which hit the spot by Kate Rowell aka @jellybean_junction. She had yet to release a pattern at this time so I set to designing a layout and colour design of my own, inspired by her beauty of an afghan.

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Rainbow kids hexy crochet blanket laid out on a bed.
Diagonal striped rainbow hexy blanket

I decided I was going to make blankets for my two young nieces, who are nearly 5 years and 7 years old and wanted them to be in bright rainbow colours with matching tassels.

Bright crochet hexagon's joined together to make a colourful throw.
The Crochet Hexys

Crochet squares I have done before, crochet rounds yep, crochet hexys? I had not! So to google I went in search of an easy ‘how to’ guide in a bid to learn how to make this beautiful shape.

To do a crochet hexy you simply need to know (or learn) a few stitches:

•Slip stitch


•Trebble (UK) or Double Crochet (US)

The only addition is learning to do a Magic Circle if you decide to begin each Hexy with one. Alternatively, you can begin with chains.

Note: I began each Hexy with a magic circle only to find that they started to come away as I was joining the crochet hexys together! So I ended up securing the circle with an extra stitch of wool by threading wool through the stitches (where the magic circle yarn is), tieing off and tucking in the ends.

Here’s a great tutorial for learning how to do a magic circle.

And a tutorial for an alternative to the magic circle.

The best tutorial for the actual crochet hexys that I found was by Jess at Make & Do Crew. What I liked about her tutorial was how she explained the maths, how each hexy round (and therefore section row) increases by a certain amount. Once this clicks it’s really easy to check back on your stitch count! If you have learnt (or are learning) crochet by UK terms, her tutorial is written in US terms. To convert her tutorial to UK terms, simply change each DC to Trebble.

Here is Jess’s tutorial: Basic Crochet Hexy Pattern + Tips!

'How to' guide crochet hexy in a vibrant green on a white table.
Basic crocheted hexy with 5 rounds.
Half Crochet Hexy

As the coloured rows of hexys lay on the diagonal for this blanket, half hexys are needed in order to create a nice straight edge to this hexy design. Again, this was something I had to learn myself but it really is simple.

crochet hexy blanket laid on a bed with half hexy to make a straight edge and matching tassels. Colours are in green, orange, yellow and blue.
Half hexy’s allow for a straight edge when making a diagonal design.

I followed Bella Coco’s You Tube tutorial for this and it’s really easy to follow along to. You can find that here!

The yarn

Knowing that I wanted my blankets to be bright and bold colours I headed to Yorkshire Trading and picked up all of my wool there. These are the colours I chose and how much I used of each. I made two blankets which measured 83cm by 82cm, so the amount of wool I used was for this.

Balls of wool / yarn is vibrant rainbow colours laid on a table and in a basket

1 ball Ribston Double Knit 16 Cardinal

1.5 balls Ribston Double Knit Saxe

1 ball Ribston Double Knit 25 Magenta

1.5 balls Ribston Double Knit 15 Mustard

1 ball Ribston Double Knit 21 Lipstick

1 ball Olympus 867 Orange

1.5 balls Olympus 872 Lime

1 ball Olympus 925 Purple

The Ribston DK is £1.39 per ball, The Olympus £1.59.

Altogether I made 136 crochet hexys plus 15 half hexys, as well as tassels out of this wool (for two blankets).

The fun part of the design for me was choosing which colours to put next to each other to make different shades pop. You can really have a lot of fun and make a design your own and unique to the person (or persons!) you’re making it for!

Beautiful, bright, easy crochet pattern. Children blanket in rainbow colours laid on a bed.
Finished blanket
The Hexys

This is a list of the number of each coloured hexys required for a complete blanket. I decided to do 6 rounds for my hexy’s, the less rounds you do the smaller they will be, the more rounds, the larger the completed hexy will end up. So you can really personalise your design simply by altering the size of your orginal hexy!

Purple: Hexy: 4 Half Hexy: 2

Pink: Hexy: 10 Half Hexy: 2

Red: Hexy: 5 Half Hexy: 1

Green: Hexy: 12 Half Hexy: 2

Orange: Hexy: 9

Yellow: Hexy 10: Half Hexy: 1

Blue: Hexy: 9

Magenta: Hexy: 9

A chart, black text on a white background, explaining where the hexagon should lay for this crochet patterns.
A simple chart to show how many of each colour hexy’s and half hexy’s are needed and where they lie.
The Joining Together

At first, I tried stitching together some hexys but decided to join my hexys by crocheting with a slip stitch through the back loops only (back sides of hexys together). I found this gave my hexys a lovely pronounced, almost ‘poofed’ appearance. I used the yarn colour of the previous row to join the next to make the joining appear seemless.

A bright coloured children's crochet blanket laid on the floor to show the pattern. This is to help anyone following the pattern see how to join the pieces together. It is an easy crochet hexy pattern.
Crochet hexy’s all in a row

The directions below are for joining the pattern from the back (right to left, bottom to top, as I crocheted the hexys together).

Row 1: Purple 1 half, hexy.

Row 2: Pink 1 half, 3 hexys.

Row 3: Red 1 half, 5 hexys.

Row 4: Green 1 half, 7 hexys.

Row 5: Orange 9 hexys.

Row 6: Yellow 9 hexys.

Row 7: Blue 9 hexys.

Row 8: Magenta 9 hexys.

Row 9: 7 hexys, 1 half.

Row 10: 5 hexys, 1 half.

Row 11: 3 hexys, 1 half.

Row 12: 1 hexy, 1 half.


Finally, I made simple tassels in coordinating colours and secured them with a stitch over all of the tails using a sewing machine, before tieing together. I wanted to do this as the blankets were for children and didn’t want the strings to fall out easily.

A rainbow homemade crochet afghan laid, folded on the bed. It is bright, rainbow colours and has a 'S' stitched onto the corner.
Tassels added!

I wanted my two nieces, Sophie and Iona, to know whose blanket was who’s therefore I bought their initals from a seller on etsy and stitched them to the finished the throws. They love this added touch!

If you’re interested in these particular ‘iron on/sew on’ letters they are £1.50 each and you can find them here.

Personalised blanket! A letter 's' is shown, stitched onto the corner of a blanket. The letter is pink, the blanket corner is purple.
Personalisation complete = happy nieces!

And that’s it! I really enjoyed this project, furthermore it’s been lovely seeing just how much my young nieces love their blankets! The yarn washes easily and is a breeze to work with, great for the price point. I’ve enjoyed my first delve into the world of hexys, who knows what shape will take my fancy next!

Are you a hexy addict?

Easy crochet hexy blanket! A bright, rainbow design perfect for children!
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