The Clumsy And Broken Girls Guild To Life

The clumsy & broken girls guide to life
Sometimes (most of the time) I think my blog should’ve been named the above. If there is a door to walk into, a crack to trip over or a sharp object to bump into (who am I kidding, it doesn’t even need to be sharp) I’m all over it.

Once on a date, a guy pulled me back as I absentmindedly walked into the path of an oncoming car exclaiming ‘how the hell have you made it this far in life?!‘ at the time I giggled a little, thanked him for his quick ‘life saving’ action & shrugged it off but now as I’m reaching my 37th year on this earth I really have to question how the heck am I still alive??

No really. How?

Accidents find me

It’s not that I don’t have average intelligence or that I’m not great at following directions (well I was pre-brain fog) or not average skilled at putting one foot in front of the other (although my monumental ice fall of 2013 might be an argument against that) it’s more that I’m less aware of the dangerous ‘stuff’ (the invisible ones us clumsy folk trip over) of this world, it’s more like trouble finds me.

Hello, my name is Amy & I am accident prone.

I’m pretty sure as I ran flat out into a tennis net throttling my neck on the wire as a youngster my parents wished they had followed through with the threat of wrapping me up in cotton wool. To be fair, if they had literally done that I probably would’ve taken myself off for a swim and wondered why that didn’t go so great.
It’s not even that I don’t have common sense, well some of the time, it’s more that it takes a little while for that sense to catch up with me.
This immense ability to be so damned unlucky has really followed me through every aspect of life. Be it my health (or lack of it!) and the dramas that involves, to my everyday clumsiness, to my inherent dismal luck in the world of love. If there is a bad date story, it’s probably happened to me. (And yes, I’ve been catfished!)

So what now?

So I guess I should look at my life with doom and gloom? Wrong. I look at it as an achievement. 36 years of accidents, broken bones, embarrassment, chronically failed health and I am still alive?? Damn straight that is an achievement! I could be sad, mournful on the lack of a romantic life, devastated at such a cruel dealing health wise but I’m still fighting & for that, I have to feel proud.
But most of all, I have to laugh 😉


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  1. Too right you should view it all as an achievement! Nothing wrong with being able to persevere through everything, accident prone or not!

  2. Such a lovely post! Sharing your experience and reflecting. Laughter is always important in life! Thank you for sharing! Xx

  3. I’m also quite accident or bad luck prone. At least I think so. I’m only now learning to just go with it, it’s not all negative, it’s just life.

    1. I agree with that! Perhaps it makes us quite endearing? And maybe a little tougher, who knows!

    1. I’m right there with you! I think we have to allow ourselves to cry too at times so that we can laugh as well. Same back to you! And thanks!

  4. I love this! I’m all for embracing who we are, quirks and all. I’ve had questionable things happen to me too with some that I walked into myself. It’s nice to see authenticity and embracing imperfection in a world of facades. Thanks for sharing this refreshing post.

    1. Thanks so much! I really appreciate that! I agree that it’s important to embrace imperfection, it’s what makes us unique 🙂

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