Granny Squares Crochet Blanket – 1920’s Style

Crochet Granny Squares Blanket

When my sister moved into her new house I wanted to make a house warming gift that was both personal and suited to her new abode; a lovely 1920’s property. So I got crafty and with crochet hook in hand designed a blanket in a period style with the help of a great book ‘200 Crochet blocks for blankets, throws and afgans’¬†by Jan Eaton.

Now, I’m a fan of a period home so this was right up my street!

First Things First, Think Squares

This book really is very inspiring and provides plenty of choice! I decided to choose three granny square patterns:

Peach Rose

Beautiful flower square tutorial for crocheting
Peach Rose – Pattern By Jan Eaton, full pattern available in book.

Granny In The Middle

Easy granny squares tutorial
Granny In The Middle -Pattern By Jan Eaton, full pattern available in book.

A simple granny square which you can choose to design your own colour-way!

Victorian Lace

Crochet patterns for victorian lace
Victorian Lace -Pattern By Jan Eaton, full pattern available in book.
The Yarn

For the yarn I used Drops Karisma wool in the shades:

69 Light Gray Green

77 Light Oak

71 Silver Pink

Choosing yarn for crochet blanket. Wool perfect for any home design in beige, light green and mink
Karisma Drops Yarns
The Design

The easiest way I found to plan my blanket was to draw out a design on paper first. By doing this I was able to get an idea of how many of each square’s design I needed.

Victorian lace crochet stitch with light green yarn
Blocking my granny squares, before (L) and after (R)

Pinning the squares to a block and steaming gently with an iron, allowing to dry overnight, made a huge difference to the shape and was well worth the effort. The yarn that I used is 100% wool, so the room did smell like a wet sheep was staying over while the yarn was damp ūüėČ

Joining The Squares
Placing of squares. They are in green, beige and mink. The squares will form a crochet blanket once stitched together.
Working out square placement

I love the ridge a double crochet stitch gives when you use it to join squares together. Therefore I decided to join all of the squares together with a double crochet using the green wool. It’s a quick stitch and gives a lovely tactile effect.

Scalloped edge for a crochet blanket
Scallop edging
Scallop All The Way

To finish off the blanket I did two rounds of a double crochet stitch all the way around the outside of the blanket in the green wool and two in silver pink.

Next, using the light oak, I crocheted a scalloped edge following pattern¬†#139 from the book ‘Around The Corner – Crochet Borders ‘ By Edie Eckman.

If you don’t have this book, Hopeful Honey has a great, simple tutorial for a scallop border here.

A period sensitive crochet granny square blanket. Perfect for a 1920 1930 house warming gift.
Stitched together using double crochet (UK) & light gray green yarn
Finishing Touches

And so, with a final few ends to tuck in the blanket was complete! I really loved it and my sister loves it too. It was a labour of love and one that I really enjoyed doing. I thoroughly recommend the granny squares book, it is ideal for inspiration! What’s great about granny squares is that you can pick them up at any time and create and design a very unique and personal blanket.

Beautiful crochet granny squares blanket! Victorian lace, granny in the middle and flower square design with scallop edge.


Are you feeling crafty? Tempted by any of these patterns?


Granny squares crochet blanket! How I put together this tonal green, beige and mink blanket.
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  1. This blanket is gorgeous! I use to crochet, but it’s been years. I would love to take it up again maybe once the kids start school this fall. My oldest is in pre-k 3 days a week now, but in the fall, she will be in kindergarten full time and my youngest will start pre-k a couple days a week. Should have some time freed up then. I will definitely save this for future reference!

    1. oh what wonderful ages! But yes, I can imagine they keep you very busy! Crocheting is very relaxing isn’t it, a lovely way to switch off the mind I find. I’m glad you like the blanket!

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