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Quick And Easy Makeup

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Life is busy. We are busy. God knows we are tired. Days can be fast paced and what we don’t always have is the time nor the energy to faff on with a tricky, complex makeup routine with umpteen brushes every morning. Of course, being both a makeup artist and addict I sometimes love my opulent steps, there is however, a time and a place for them.
Sometimes we want results and we want them fast with quick and easy makeup.
With that in mind let’s look at some great products that are quick, easy, foolproof and multifunctional; perfect for a speedy makeup look.

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Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Wand
Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand lies on a mother of pearl tray. This liquid highlighter is foolproof for easy makeup.
Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand

A liquid highlighter that gives a ‘lit from within’ glow that is quick and easy to use. I know, sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? It’s not. Dab onto the high points on the face with the sponge applicator, then blend with fingers for an effortless glow on the go.

Shadow Stick
Cream longer eyeshadow sticks by Bobbi Brown Autograph and Charlotte Tilbury. They lie with the lids off showing their shades of gold and brown.
Bobbi Brown Longer Eyeshadow Stick, Autograph Cream Eyeshadow Stick, Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon


Eye shadow sticks really are an eyeshadow lovers best friend. They are perfect for adding definition to the eye quickly and easily. Think of it like finger painting. Apply densely at the lashes moving upwards towards the crease. Then use your ring finger to blend and soften the edges. Add a second layer for more depth if required.

Tip: Apply product to one eye, then blend, at a time. The formula of these types of sticks tend to be longwear which means they set quite quickly (the faster they set, the more difficult it can be to blend so working quickly is important).
My favourites:
Eyebrow gel
Brow gels essential easy makeup items! Benefit brow setter, Milk Makeup brow gel and Glossier boy brow all stand on a mother of pearl tray.
Benefit Brow Setter, Milk Makeup Brow Gel, Glossier Boy Brow


One technique that can really make a difference to a makeup look and a persons face is groomed brows. But this doesn’t have to be a long and laborious process or filling in individual brow hairs.

Brow gels are incredible, most contain micro fibres which thicken the natural brow and tinted gels can add definition in seconds. One quick and easy sweep of the wand and brows are instantly groomed.
Brow gels help set pesky brow hairs in place for the day all the while adding definition. Even better, they do so in a few swipes. 100% a foolproof makeup item.
Tinted balm
Tinted lip balms by Clarins and Carmex. 1 of 5 easy makeup products for fool proof makeup on the go.
Clarins Tinted Lip Oil, Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Balm


I’m a lip balm addict so of course, I’d have to throw one in here! But let’s be real for a moment, a tinted balm is a hidden gem. It’s the ‘I’ve not really tried but I look good’ makeup piece. The item that can pull a look together is no time with minimal effort and no commitment. All the while hydrating the lips with a complimentary hue. Simple, quick, easy.

In my mind, it’s always a winner.
Stick bronzer
Benefit Hoola Bronzer a perfect cream makeup product for quick and easy makeup. It sits open on a mother of pearl tray.
Benefit Hoola Bronzer and Contour Stick


Easy, quick makeup? That’s the name of the game right? Well, a stick bronzer is perfect. Great for travel (no risk of powder breakage here) and quick to apply, this is a dream product.

Apply straight from the stick and blend with fingers if so desired or swipe a brush over the bronzer then blend onto the face.
Quick and easy sun kissed glow in moments.
Concealers for easy foolproof makeup! Four conceals stand in main focus.
Benefit Boiing, Laura Mercier Long Wear Concealer, Bobbi BrownInstant Full Cover Concealer, Clarins Instant Concealer


If we’re looking for easy and quick makeup then we want a concealer to lift darkness and add light to the face. Often, simply using concealer where needed can be youthful and beautiful.

I tend to like a liquid concealer for those on the oilier side of the skin type scale and cream for those on the drier.
Tip: if you need to conceal breakouts cream formulations tend to work best.

Quick And Easy Makeup Products For Your Handbag

So there’s 5 (ok 6, I can’t help myself) products for quick, easy foolproof makeup. Makeup items which can be used in front of a mirror at home, on the train commute or in the back of a taxi.
It’s all about making life that little bit easier and who doesn’t love a bit of that?
5 Quick and easy makeup for beauty on the go! Image of 5 makeup items standing up in front of a blurred plant background.
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