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What’s In A Name?

I think one of the most difficult parts of starting a blog, a company, business or indeed any creative endeavour is coming up with a name. Often, or at least in my case, we know the context of our ideas, the theme, the rich text, how we wish to build upon this core but there’s this one tricky part that is just hard to nail. For me, that has been my blogs name. I was never completely happy with it. You see, I want to be able to represent all of me (something that I haven’t always found easy with chronic illness); the beauty lover, the makeup artist, alongside the chronic illness fighter, the healthcare advocate and well just little old me! While I could have used my name, I felt that already sat primarily with my makeup artistry. I wanted something that encapsulates everything. It’s kind of like searching for a unicorn (pretty tricky), that thing that is well, magical and pretty much doesn’t exist, that represents all you wish to portray to the world (not that I’m saying I’m a magical, mythical creature-although that would be pretty cool): a rounded version of this cobbled together jigsaw pieced self that I haven’t quite worked out how to be yet.

Amy’s Chapter

So, with the turn of a new year and indeed a new decade, I felt a rebrand was in order. Out with the old and in with the new, as they say. With that, I welcome you to Amy’s Chapter. My chapter through this thing we call life. With all its challenges and discoveries and a ton of beauty to delve upon.

Computer Crazed

What I can say, is that after a week (or so) of migrating my website, I have learnt a lot of technical jargon that I was once ignorantly bliss too. It has been both a stressful and frustrating journey filled with “aha, so that’s how the internet works” moments, ones where you are reminded that you enjoy learning how things work but you equally enjoy it when someone who knows more can fix it when inevitably it goes wrong. And so, my vocab now includes many new acronyms, SSL, DNS, FTP… I have created databases, deleted databases, nearly cried over, you guessed it databases. Equally, I have relied greatly on my sister (thanks sis!) to do the heavy work and emailed a tech guy a lot. I am sure, this new found knowledge will flitter out of my foggy brain quicker than it entered, that is, in no time at all. It, in itself has been a journey and not one as easy as all the articles a quick google search would have you believe. So here we are. And here we’re staying. 

Welcome to my new chapter. 



Welcome to Amy's Chapter. A beauty, health and lifestyle blog. Image of Amy, sitting on a chair smiling. She wears a polka dot top with a white cardio and jeans. The image is in black and white and has 'Amy's Chapter' text overlaid.
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  1. Nice job getting all the tech stuff sorted out! It can be stressful. I did a migration a few months ago and I was tearing my hair out, but it ended up being a good fit!

    1. it’s not easy in the slightest is it!! So pleased you managed to get through it as well- albeit after much stress!

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