XX Revolution Chameleon Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette

XX Revolution Chameleon Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette

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The Chameleon Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette is a limited Edition brights extravaganza from XX Revolution and of course, the moment I saw ‘duochrome’ I was sold! Now, we are in Covid times so alas, no testing could be done, therefore all thoughts were reserved for the first impressions once the palette was popped open and the hues lovingly swiped onto my skin. Would the shimmers give some sass, the duochromes fill my hue shifting lovers heart? Read on to find out!

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XX Revolution

XX Revolution launched earlier this year and is part of the Revolution Beauty family.

“A new beauty brand for a NEW decade, XX Revolution leads the evolution of skincare and makeup into one. Explore an extravaganza of colourful eyeshadows, full-coverage concealers, matte and glow foundations in 55 shades, skin-perfecting primers and setting sprays, plus earth-shattering highlighters, bronzers, blushers for every skin tone.” XX Revolution 


I will admit XX Revolution is new to me, I imagine this is Revolution Beauty adding the ‘cool’ sister to their brands, like Glossier attempted with Glossier Play and as Morphe have done with their launch of Morphe 2. A range to appeal to a slightly different audience with a different aesthetic.

The brand itself, so far, does indeed seem rather cool and colourful.

XX Revolution Chameleon Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. The palette is comprised of 5 shades and a white ‘transformer’ shade. It is marketed as a duochrome shimmer eyeshadow palette and contains two pinks, a purple, blue and brown shade.

“XX Revolution Chameleon Shadow Palette is a duo chrome shimmer eyeshadow extravaganza.
This palette tho. TBH, the duo chrome packaging is reason alone to add to cart, but if you want to justify it to yourself even more then the 6 metallic and shimmery shades are perfect for adding that something extra to a look with zero effort.
Ft. a shimmering white transformer shade, plus glittery brown, blue, purple, and pinks.” XX Revolution 

XX Revolution beauty revolution chameleon eyeshadow palette
XX Revolution Chameleon Eyeshadow Palette

XX Revolution Chameleon Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette £20.00 6 x 4.2g


XX Revolution is cruelty free and vegan

Price Comparison

Now on first impressions I think this is quite pricey for a Revolution Beauty brand eyeshadow palette. Therefore I want to do a little gram by gram palette comparison and work out if we are actually getting value with extra product (less shade range) or if it is indeed a pricer number, under the newer brand name.

The thing that’s a little tricky is that I couldn’t find any other 6 shade palettes under any of the Revolution Beauty brands! Therefore I’ve taken a good range of palettes from all of the ranges from the closest at 8 and 4 shades per palettes and also gone up to the 45 shade palettes because this is all about the price per gram comparison, so technically regardless of shades, we should see true value (obviously in some palettes there is more variety of colours than others).

XX Revolution Chameleon Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette £20.00 6 x 4.2g Net wt 25.2g = Price per gram £0.79

Revolution Beauty XL RELOADED LARGE IT UP 45 shade palette £14.99 45 x 1.35g  Net wt 60.8g = Price per gram £0.25

Revolution Beauty FOREVER FLAWLESS DECADENT 15 shade palette £12.00 15 x 1.15 Net wt 17.25g = Price per gram £0.70

Revolution PRO REGENERATION MIRAGE 18 shade palette £8.99 18 x 0.8g Net wt 14.4g = Price per gram £0.62

Makeup Revolution Forever Flawless Dynamic Dynasty Eyeshadow Palette £6.99 8 x 1g Net Wt. 8g = Price per gram £0.87

Makeup Revolution Euphoric Foil Eyeshadow Palette £10.00 9 x 2.1g Net wt. 18.9g = Price per gram £0.52

I Heart Revolution Mini Eyeshadow Palette £6.00 2 x 1.5g, 6 x 1.2g Net Wt. 10.2g = Price per gram £0.58

I Heart Revolution Fortune Seeker Glitter Palette £10.00 9 x 1.5g Net Wt. 13.5g = Price per gram £0.74

So what we see is a slight disparity in price with this new release. At double the price per gram in comparison to the XL Reloaded Large It Up Palette the XX Revolution Chameleon Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette is a pricer palette. So what could be behind this up in price point? I thought perhaps it is due to a new formula? Are the more lux formulas pricer? Even if we compare it to thXX Revolution CrystalXX Eyeshadow Palette which comprises of all shimmers and foil shadows, we can see the that Chameleon Shimmer Palette still out-costs both in price per gram comparison and in face value comparison with £16.00 for the XX Revolution CrystalXX Eyeshadow Palette (12 Shades) vs £20.00 XX Revolution Chameleon Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette (6 shades – 5 colour + 1 white transformer shade), so my first thoughts that it may be formula based are disproven.

However this price comparison does show that throughout the Revolution Beauty brands the palettes do seem to fluctuate greatly in terms of price per gram and therefore value for money.

Alas, I bought the palette, I fell for its pretty hues and duochrome claims, so was this heightened price worth it when it came to play time?

XX Revolution Chameleon Eyeshadow Palette cruelty free and vegan makeup
XX Revolution Chameleon Eyeshadow Palette
The Packaging

A little jewelled clutch that fits in the hand. The multi-toned palette seems to give the illusion of a hologram from the 80’s, an elegant version of those you’d find in the Frosties packet (if you were lucky enough to get there first, I’m one of three kids 😉 ). Filled with a full sized mirror, it’s compact, it’s smooth, it’s pretty and I like it a lot.

The Palette

Of course I want to dive right in but first, let’s talk shade range.

We have an interesting selection of hues. Disco purple, bold blue and a bright pink pop out when the lid is first opened. The shades are eclectic and immediately take me to the 80’s in the most fun and modern way. Sat to their left are a subtle rose toned pink and sultry brown, seemingly two palettes mixed into one yet at the same time somehow this mix of shades work well in one layout together. The hues are cool toned, an interesting and welcome sight amongst the many (and usual) warm Autumnal palette releases. Each shade has a beautiful shimmery, reflect upon first glance. I am excited. Most intriguing, I guess led by the description, is the ‘transformer shade’. A white shadow that promises to ‘transform’, of course would set my mind a whirl with excitement and joy as I half imagine duochrome magic bursting to life and half imagine Optimus Prime to jut from my eyelids, I am a child of the 80’s afterall.

Amy wears colours from the palette being reviewed! She has pink and blue eyeshadow on!
A look created using this palette!


The shadows are buttery, creamy and easy to use. They blend well, are pigmented and are pleasant to work with.


Tip: To enhance shadow payoff further, dampen brush with a setting spray eg Mac Fix+ before picking up the eyeshadow and applying to the eye!

Duochrome Or Shimmer?

Did my heart skip a beat or deflate a little? Look folks, one thing I’m not a fan on is a promise of one thing and a delivery of another and this is where I feel I am here. Where’s my duo chrome? When I look closely at the shadows I do see shifts of tone in the reflects. In the brown there are shimmers of purple and pink, the purple and bright pink the same. The white transformer shade has a green shimmer reflect. When swatched at first, the shadows do look multi-toned and the transformer shade adds a slight green hue over each. I wouldn’t say this transforms any shadow though (cue deflation of excitement) it just gives it an iridescent green hue, but a pretty one at that.

On application I can only see shimmer shadows, no duo chrome here. there’s no shift in tones as as move and the light catches the tones of the shadow-this is what is so very special about duo chrome, this is what I love- they are quite simply shimmer shadows.

They are however pretty shimmer shadows and they are gorgeous shades. They apply well and they are pretty pops of colour. Am I enamoured? I do enjoy them, I’m just a bit let down.

XX Revolution Chameleon Eyeshadow Palette swatches
Unedited swatches
XX Revolution Chameleon Eyeshadow Palette swatches
Unedited swatches with transformer shade on top
Final Thoughts

I love the fun side to this new brand from Revolution Beauty. This palette is that, it’s fun and quirky yet it still supplies more muted tones for the everyday, assuming that unlike me you’re not one to rock a bold pink eye to pick up a Costa take out. It, in my opinion, isn’t a palette of duo chrome dreams, the transformer shade doesn’t transform, it slightly shifts the shade with a green hue. The palette is a shimmer palette and much more pricer that any other offering in any of the Revolution Beauty brands.

That being said, I still like it. It’s fun, the shadows are great quality and they are very happy, delightfully, fun shades. So if you fancy some popping brights to take you into the autumn/winter season, mixed with some very Dior 5 palette circa 508 (I miss you) palette browns and pinks then it’s a nice addition of shimmers.



XX Revolution Chameleon Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette £20.00 Available here

XX Revolution Chameleon Eyeshadow Palette review! From Beauty Revolution comes this limited edition shimmer eyeshadow palette that is vegan friendly and cruelty free makeup!
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