What’s The Next Big Thing In Beauty? – Predicting Trends

Trends come and go, and a love of certain products or colours may change as quickly as the seasons themselves. We take our beauty and makeup inspirations from the catwalk, from PR and from the media. Often influenced without even knowing as new trends hit our screens and our stores.
Today I’m considering what is the next big thing in beauty? And how much we, the consumer has a say in it.

Fantastic plastic

The swinging sixties bought with it many a wonder. From the evolution of the iconic Twiggy-esque makeup to the freedom and expression of hippy style. A decade full to the brim with political manoeuvre, a move towards women’s rights, the beginnings of punk style and attitude and of course the development of a material seemingly revolutionary: plastic.

Revolutionary it was

So successful plastic soon became central in every day lives and hasn’t left since. From our furniture to our kitchen, to the food in our fridge, we are surrounded by it. This is true in skincare and makeup.
The beauty world is saturated with the stuff. Components of makeup, skincare and haircare products, all made out of it.
For a very long time the larger beauty houses dominated the industry, leaving little choice for competition and a certain dynamic between the consumer and the brand. There has however in more recent years been a shift that has allowed for this to become easier.

As more independent brands have landed there’s been a real democratisation of beauty, not only making beauty affordable but also accessible. These breakthrough brands (such as Deciem, The Inkey List) are not only affordable but importantly are cruelty free and vegan. They have made the brands that have dominated the industry stand up and listen, and with sell out products, they are listening to what the consumer wants.

Perhaps as consumers we are all becoming more aware, better equipped to make educated decisions. I like to think that companies are allowing us to do so.

Cruelty free & Vegan

While this isn’t a ‘trend’ (I only use that term as an example of its rise in popularity) that has only just begun-of course many have looked for cruelty free products before now- this is something that has gained popularity and awareness. In recent years consumers are becoming  brand aware and product savvy and well, this can only be a good thing!

To the new movement

And so the trend I’m predicting today isn’t a ‘new’ technique or colourway but a demand from the consumer. A want, a desire for companies to be more ethical, more environmentally friendly. To be more thoughtful in their packaging.
I predict a movement in beauty looking after our beautiful earth. Packaging can be beautiful without being excessive.
I think we want and expect more from the companies we buy from and in beauty at the moment we’re at a critical place where the boundaries have shifted. Brands are being held accountable for their environmental footprint and we are seeing change in product and packaging development. I predict a big change in the way brands package the beauty products that line our shelves and I for one think it can’t come a second too soon.
It’s an exciting time.
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What are your thoughts? Could the Industry be doing more? I look forward to the day where we can easily refill shower gel and such on the high street, what about you? Can you imagine Boots or Ulta offering this service?
How aware are you as a consumer?
Let me know in the comments below! And if you’ve any brands you think are already doing a great job, share them with us!
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