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Blink and you might miss those short glimpses of sunshine (here in the UK that is, it’s certainly been cloaked by the clouds of snow from the recurring ‘Beast from the East’) but you certainly won’t miss the array of colours that have launched with the spring makeup collections! From the bold colours of Chanel’s Neapolis collection to the blue hues of YSL’s eyeshadows, the soft pewters and peacocks from Nars, colour is here & while we might not feel it temperature wise, in the makeup aisles, spring has certainly sprung and I for one am happy!
After what has seemed like the longest winter of all time it feels blissful to see colour taking over the shelves again, filling our minds with endless possibility, arching our hearts to warmer days and most excitingly giving us room to play!
Where some items may not be for the faint hearted, that doesn’t mean there isn’t something out there for everyone to spruce up their makeup collection should they so desire, so without further ado let’s get into some of my fav’s!
Chanel have taken an interesting twist on a spring collection this year. Inspired by Luca Pica’s home town of Naples, it really is a surprising burst and array of colours. Nail varnishes are a mix of pastels and bold shades and the main eyeshadow palette a beautiful menagerie of earth and jewel tones, matte and shimmer textures, set into three shadow trios, the play value here is endless. (£67.00 www.chanel.com)
A standout product has to be the ‘Poudre a Levres’ Lip Balm and power duo which comes in two shades, a orange brick red and a deep rosey pink. Powder lips are a big trend for 2018 and Chanel are ahead of the game with this product. The balm is very hydrating allowing the very pigmented powder to sit comfortably on your lips, for an effortlessly chic lip- which is what this look is all about. Wear it with the balm underneath, powder on top for a matte lip or layer the balm on top of the powder after this for a more glossy finish. (£31.00 www.chanel.com)
A personal favourite from this collection is the powder blush in Foschia Rosa, this was a ‘must buy’ product for me (and I did!) because it is just a stunning blush that gives such life to the skin and that perfect pinky glow that spring skin longs for. (£35.00 www.chanel.com)

And I can’t leave Chanel without a quick mention that they finally have launched a highlighter! It comes in two shades a pinky toned shimmer and a gold toned delightful glow, they’re beautiful!
 Thank the high heavens because gloss is back! Although there are still plenty of gorgeous matte lipsticks to be found (think Nars, Mac, Loreal), sheen is yet again our friend but it doesn’t have to be in the form of a tacky, sticky lip gloss, think of a more modern hydrating balm, a lipstick with endless sheen or a lip oil which oozes moisture & pigment at the same time.



Modern textures in beautiful tones and colours to suit all. And most likely, your favourite brand will be doing one.

I picked up this little cutie from Guerlain & I have to be honest, the packaging sold me first- just look at that upside down heart at the end of the bullet! Furthermore I was spoilt for choice when it came to shades.
‘La Petite Robe Noire’ Lipstick comes in 26 shades ranging from bright pinks, to neutrals, plums and of course reds. It is a pressed pigment, which goes on as a stain but with a second hydrating coat amps up to the intensity of a lipstick with the moisturising benefits of a balm, in pretty colours and gorgeous packaging, it is a win for me. (‘Red Teddy’ £23.00 www.guerlain.com)
Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘Hollywood Flawless Filter’ would probably win my vote for ‘buzz product of the season’ so picking one up for myself to see if it is worthy of such hype was of course a must. Well let me tell you, it is! Let’s face it highlights and illuminators aren’t going anywhere in a hurry and what do we all want a bit more of? Glowy, goddess skin, I know I do anyway! I was a little bit fearful that this would be another sparkle-in-a-bottle product (I’m in my mid thirties, I have some wrinkles, I don’t need glitter in them!) but it really isn’t.
What it is a liquid illuminator that primes and moisturises your skin which you can apply alone without any base makeup for a simple glow to your skin, either all over or just to the high points of your face, or mix it with your foundation, apply it before your foundation, before and after if you so wish: there really are many possibilities. What it does is adds a beautiful healthy glow to your skin, a sun kissed, healthy glow from within and best of all with radiance not sparkle. So it can be applied anywhere without fear of emphasising pores or fine lines, if like me this is a concern. It comes in 7 shades to adapt with many skin tones. Like all Charlotte Tilbury Products it comes in gorgeous packaging, a glass bottle with a vintage rose gold effect lid, what more can I say, it’s beautiful. (£30.00 30ml www.Charlottetillbury.com)


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  1. What beautiful colours! Love your enthusiasm for the products, makes me want to try them too!

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