Spotlight Teeth Whitening System

There’s no denying it, I’m a coffee and tea addict. I can go through umpteen cups of the hot stuff a day and still yearn for more. While of course this does wonders for my mood and caffeine levels it leaves its mark elsewhere, namely in the usual staining on the teeth. So when I saw the Spotlight Teeth Whitening System, an at home kit, I was intrigued. Could some at home teeth strips rid my pegs of the tell tale cuppa stains and leave me with some pearly whites? Or would I be disappointed…


A little caveat if you will. I have had professional whitening from the dentist approx 8 years ago in the form of one of the kits where you have a brace mould and do the whitening yourself at home. I loved the results, it was very natural, just not so affordable to repeat.
I take good care of my teeth, in fact I’m a little OTT. As previously mentioned my downfall is my caffeine fuelled hot or iced beverages and of course sweet treats 😉
My teeth have gained some natural staining over the last few years and I was noticing the change.

Spotlight Teeth Whitening System

I’d seen Spotlight darting about on social media and it was through Sam Chapman (aka one half of Pixiwoo’s) and her positive experience with the kit that made me pop to the site. I really am an advertisers dream! Anyway,  after reading very positive reviews I decided to give it a whirl.
Just to note, Sam’s review was an AD (mine is not) and I used her affiliate code for 20% off when purchasing my order: SAM20 (just sharing the goodies!)
Spotlight Teeth Whitening System
What Is Spotlight?
Spotlight is an at home tooth whitening system.
This kit, the Spotlight Teeth Whitening System contains:
  • 14 day supply of whitening strips (top and bottom teeth)
  • Whitening toothpaste
  • Velour pouch
The active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide and Spotlight state that the kit is suitable for those with sensitive teeth.
Price: £39.95


Spotlight Oral Care is a sister owned dentist brand catering to patients needs for safe and effective products.
The Spotlight toothpaste tubes are the world’s first 100% recyclable tube, made from sugar cane.


Spotlight’s product range are:
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Cruelty free
  • Free from Triclosan
  • Free from sodium laurel sulphate
  • Free from parabens
Spotlight Teeth Whitening Strips
My Results
The Spotlight Teeth Whitening System is very easy to use. Simply dry your teeth and apply the strips. Leave for 1 hour. Repeat this daily for 14 days.
I could easily sit for an hour wearing the strips and get on uninterrupted. It is more difficult to talk so I’d advise wearing them at a time when you don’t have to take any calls etc.
The taste is fresh, minty and quite pleasant.
In terms of whitening, I notice an instant stain removal on first use and I’m quite surprised at the difference. The next few days the whitening seems to happen at a slower pace but there is a difference. At the one week mark I am really noticing a change without it being unnatural. By the end of week two I am genuinely surprised and pleased at the difference, it is noticed by others also.


One part that is both a pro and a con is: when I did my whitening with the dentist, I noticed that my eye teeth were more yellow than the rest and didn’t whiten at the same rate as my other teeth. My dentist explained that this is because the root is larger in this tooth and shows more. The simple answer was to continue the whitening process for a few more nights, using the solution only on those teeth: this worked a treat.
With these strips I’m unable to do this as they are kind of a ‘one size fits all’ with the whitening solution evenly distributed across the strip. So as all of my other teeth became more white, the appearance of the darker tone of my eye tooth is still apparent.
Therefor having the ability to personalise the treatment is the main difference between my experience with the dentist whitening and whitening strips. However, we a quite literally talking at fraction of the cost here and that’s very impressive. The cost of course being the other difference.


Before (left) After (right) Amy's teeth to show effects of tooth whitening
Before (left) After (right)
A note on the before/after photos. Without realising I had taken the before photos (which aren’t that great, apologies!) on a very bright day and they are overexposed and I’ll be honest, I’m not sure are a great representation. The after photos, of course (because we live in the UK and ‘blessed’ with more dull weather than anything else) taken on a dull day but are a better quality. Yes I know, mega face palm moment. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I don’t think that these are too great a representation because my teeth look a lot whiter and brighter after. If you came from my instagram stories (I’ll highlight it if not) then you can see the ‘true’ after. Right, ramble over!


Tooth paste
I have a strange relationship with whitening toothpaste, I always seem to react to it! The inside of my lip tends to peel and I always have the driest of lips as it is so I tend to stay away from them (sadly). However and this is a biggy, I didn’t and I don’t react to this Spotlight one! So I’m not sure what the difference is (and yes I’ve gone SLS free) but I’m impressed and I’m happy. The toothpaste worked great alongside the strips and is doing a smashing job at keeping the old caffeinated beverage stains at bay!
The taste again is fresh, minty and not overpowering.




I didn’t experience any sensitivity when using the Spotlight Whitening System, however when using the dentist whitening treatment previously I had to use Sensodyne toothpaste and definitely felt my teeth were sensitive during the period of whitening (I don’t have sensitive teeth).
Amy is smiling to show her teeth whitened by the product in this review
Would I Repurchase?
All in all I’m really happy I tried the Spotlight Whitening System. It’s given me a little boost in my confidence to have my smile nice and white again. I love that I didn’t experience any sensitivity whatsoever to either of the products. It’s a female created and owned dentist brand too who strive to make products that are safe and sustainable and who doesn’t want to support a brand like that?
I know I do. I’m really happy with my experience and I will definitely repurchase the kit in the future.


Spotlight Teeth Whitening system review!
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  1. I love this review!!!! Its very detailed and explained in simple terms that I understand so thanks for the information I am very curious about trying it

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