New Year, New You? Ahhh Feck…

New Year, New Decade, Hello 2020

Bloody New Years, I don’t know about you but they never quite amount to much do they? Filled with hope, newness, the promise of possibility and more often than not the inevitably of disappointment. Don’t lie, I know you get what I mean…

Don’t get me wrong, of course, I have been a fan of celebrating New Year’s Eve, in fact, with it being multiple family member’s birthday’s it has often been a favourite night of mine. This coupled with the sense of fun, party and an air of possibility, well it can be quite magical. I remember growing up, being allowed to stay up late on this eve of a new year, my grandparents having come to stay especially, the crazy amount of dogs we had pondering the house probably wondering what the feck was going on as we took part in the ‘first-foot‘ ritual; coal, lead, coins, drink, a chosen one crossing the threshold, the bearer of luck. It was fun, special even.

And everyone is always in good spirts (that is until they are not) as party fever takes over the globe, New Year’s Day the same. Happiness, joviality, positivity ensues.

And I have liked it, enjoyed it but feck me does it bring pressure.

‘New year, new me’ much? Well, the sure fire way to set yourself up for disappointment is to set New Year’s resolutions right? Because how often do we actually manage to keep them?

This pressure to be better, do better, simply because of a change in date is well, a little suffocating. I sound a little like a New Year’s grinch don’t I? The thing is, the optimist in me loves it, this sense of change, this shift in mindset, almost as though New Year’s Day comes and shakes you into ‘self improvement’ mode. The realist in me has found that feck all really changes* and good old January will shake you back and tell you to pipe down (probably with far too many colds and if you’re me, the flu to boot).

*Apart from the year I told myself to save every £2 coin, that was a good tip. Goddamn you contactless!

Ahh but I’m not all grinchy, I do believe that some positive affirmations go a long way, that there are certain changes we can make that help us through our journey into this New Year but hey, let’s leave the ‘P’ word back at New Year’s Eve eh? You know the one I’m talking about, Pressure. Let’s leave that son of a gun out of it. Hell, we’ve got enough to worry about, enough stress on our plates without adding extra pressure into the mix. I guess that is what I’m talking about.

If you’re going to make the dreaded New Year’s resolutions, make them without pressure. Make them obtainable so you don’t punish yourself if you can’t keep them up. We’re only human after all, we are fallible.

“May all your troubles last as long as your New Year’s resolutions.”

– Joey Adams

I guess, in a sense, a resolution is simply a promise to oneself. One that we make because one year ended and another began. Well, I know what I can and cannot change in my life, I know what is achievable and not, do you? With that, I simply promise to myself to try my best at being strong, kind and fecking kicking my illnesses in the butt (although I readily admit there will be days I will fail at this). They’re about the only ‘resolutions’ I can handle and that’s ok with me.

Bring it on New Year, Hello new decade.

Please be kind.


And yes, this was written by someone who has been let down by many New Years promises of possibility. Bastards 😉

Do we really need new years resolutions? Why not leave the pressure of new years behind!
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