Matis Paris Glow Set – Glowing Summer Skin


Fancy glowy, protected skin for summer? I thought you might! Let me introduce you to the Matis Paris Glow Set!

Matis Paris Glow Set

There are two products in the Glow Set: Glow serum and Glow Detox Face Cream. Both are designed to enhance and protect the skin.

Matis Glow Serum & face cream - Cruelty free skincare for glowing skin

Glow Revealing Face Serum is a lightweight, plumping and moisturising serum with high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, optimised vitamin C and a brightening Citra-flavonoid based active ingredient that helps to boost the effects of the vitamin C. This serum aids in hydration and radiance of the skin while also protecting it from environmental aggressors. Its texture is a lightweight serum that sinks quickly into the skin and it is beautiful to wear alone before SPF or as layers before adding further hydration.

It is a 30ml bottle with a pipette dropper.

Glow Detox Radiance Antifatigue Detoxifying Face Cream

This cream aims to boost tired skin leaving a radiant complexion. The Activ’Glow complex gives skin essential minerals to rejuvenate the skin. A mix of detoxifying and antioxidant ingredients helps to protect skin cells. As with the serum, there is a high molecular weight of Hyaluronic acid for hydration, this is combined with silk tree properties to smooth the skin. Its texture is a nourishing lotion. It provides a decent level of moisturisation that isn’t too heavy for my oily/combination skin type. The tube is 50ML


The set comes in a card box reminiscent of a milk carton, it is cute, environmentally thoughtful and wonderfully decorated in a watercolour design fit for the warmer months.

Matis Paris Glow set Serum - Cruelty free skincare for glowing skin

The box has all of the necessary information for both the Glow Serum and Glow Detox Face Cream. Included are ingredients and application tips. The products themselves are in keeping with packaging within the Matis line. A minimalist white design with the black logo; bottles which look smart in any bathroom cabinet.


The Glow Set is a great way to try two of Matis’ products from the Eclat line. The Serum is slightly smaller in weight than buying the full-sized, the cream is full-sized.. Here are the prices at full size:

Matis Eclat Glow Serum (50ml) £53.87 Sale price£67.34 available here

Matis Eclat Glow-Detox (50ml) Regular price£38.21 Sale price£47.76 available here

In the set the sizes are:

Matis Eclat Glow Serum 30ml

Matis Eclat Glow-Detox 50ml

Matis Reponse Eclat Glow Set £67.34, currently on sale £53.87 available here

As you can see this makes the set very good value!


Matis Paris is cruelty-free.

Matis Glow Serum - Cruelty free skincare for glowing skin

My Thoughts

I always have products with vitamin C in my skincare routine, it is an ingredient that thankfully, my skin tolerates well and its benefits are tenfold.

Vitamin C in skincare has been shown to:

  • brighten
  • reduce hyperpigmentation
  • protect against the damaging effects of environmental aggressors (pollution, UV)
  • aids collagen production

As you can see it truly is a bit of a wonder ingredient with fierce antioxidant properties.

I have not had any sensitivity or irritancy to the vitamin C in either of these products, that said, my skin tolerates vitamin C skincare well. Both of these products have been a joy to use, a welcome boost of radiance to my skin.

This would be a lovely set to gift somebody for the summer months or indeed a great way to add a boost of glow to your own personal regime.

Available at Beauty Fresh and local salons that stock Matis Paris.

Shop Matis Paris Glow Set here

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