Kiss Falscara Eyelash Kit – A False-Lash, Lash-Extension Hybrid?

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I’m not sure I’ve ever been so excited by a false eyelash kit! The Kiss Falscara Eyelash Kit promises fabulously fluttery eyelashes, that are a breeze to apply and comfortable to wear. Simply bond, attach, seal and go! Could this be true? Well, of course, you know I would jump at the chance to put them to the test, so without further ado, let’s get these under lash falsies on!

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Kiss Falscara – What Is It?

When we think of false eyelashes we naturally think of lashes that apply above our lashes. Ones that have a band, or are in individual sets, duos, or trios.

Where Kiss Falscara eyelashes differ is that they are lashes designed to be applied and worn underneath the lashes. While that may seem a little daunting, fear not, it’s a trick makeup artists have used on editorial shoots, runways and bridal for years; it’s just not so easy to do on oneself. That is until now.

Kiss Falscara
Kiss Flascara Starter Kit, Kiss Falscara Remover

Now I will say that these aren’t the first lashes I’ve seen like this. I first spotted makeup artist Katie Jayne Hughes applying Lashify a little over a year ago and immediately I was hooked and desperate to try them! Sadly, they are a little pricey and at the time only stocked in the USA. I’m praying to the lash gods that I’ll get to try them one day as they look incredible!

Well, you can imagine my utter joy to see Kiss launching their version that is available on the highstreet. Of course, I just had to try.

Essentially, we have a set of false lashes that is broken up, like individual trios (think Eylure Trios) that have a fine band. A ‘mascara like’ tube which is the bond and seal. Pop the bond on, apply the lashes, a swipe of seal and flutter away…

Kiss Falscara Kit, Lashes, Remover

What do I need? I hear you ask. Well, thankfully Kiss provide a starter kit with everything you need to get going.

Kiss Falscara
Kiss Falscara Kit

Included in the kit are the lengthening false lashes, the Flascara bond and seal and a pair of Kiss applicators.

Kiss recommend that you remove the lashes with the Kiss Falscara Eyelash Remover.

Kiss Falscara eye makeup remover
Kiss Falscara Eye Makeup Remover

While the false eyelashes are reusable, if you take care of them, there are top up lashes available to buy which come in three different styles: volume, lengthening and lifting.

You can also buy the Falscara separately when you need to restock.

Inside the kit, there are detailed instructions for application and I’ve found this helpful video to share with you all.

Kiss Falscara
Kiss Falscara Wispy Lengthening Refils

Kiss Falscara Eyelash Individual Lashes Starter Kit* £24.99

KISS Falscara Eyelash- Remover* £9.99

Kiss Falscara Wispy Volume Refil Lashes* £8.99

Kiss Falscara Wispy Lengthening Refil Lashes* £8.99

Kiss Falscara Wispy Lifting Refil Lashes* £8.99


When it comes to application I have to say I’m pretty impressed! Kiss recommend you apply the bond as you would mascara to the top lashes, not too much, however. Immediately I can feel that my lashes are sticky, there is a tackiness to them and they want to stick to one another!

Kiss Falscara false lashes
Kiss Falscara Bond

Taking my first lash at the outer corner, I place it underneath my lashes but at the base of the lash line, Kiss advise keeping the band slightly away from the waterline-this will be for comfort. My lashes weigh down slightly at the outer corner, I take a second attempt and the lash adheres to the tacky bond easily. A gentle push up with the applicator allows the false lash to fully meet my own.

false eyelashes application
Kiss Falscara Application

As I carry on across the width of my eye I’m amazed at the ease of use and while it is taking me slightly longer than a strip lash, I know that with a couple of attempts I can have the technique down quickly on myself.

I find the inner corner lashes a tad tricky as my lashes are a little sparse there so there’s not much to adhere to. While I did manage to attach the lashes, I may trim one in half to make smaller sizes false lashes for this area!

Kiss Falscara false lashes
Kiss Falscara seal

Kiss recommend a little squeeze of both your natural and the false lashes together to assure secure adhesion, then it’s on with a swipe of the bond!

You can watch this short IGTV of me applying the Falscara here!

Pro Makeup Artist False Lash Application Tips

Here’s a couple of tips to help make any style of false lash application easier.

  • Have a mirror in front of you but down at an angle so you are looking down into it. It’s a much better angle for applying lashes than looking straight ahead as that blocks your view.
  • Pick up the lash and hold it at the angle you want to apply it. Make sure it’s sitting in the applicator at the best angle for where you’re going to place it so that it can just ‘slot in place’.
The Results

I’m pretty blown away! I think they look fluttering fantastic! My lashes appear as though I’ve had a trip to the salon, when in reality it’s a temporary DIY job.

I love that there’s no visible band whatsoever, you literally cannot see where the lashes attach. They look natural and very beautiful.

Kiss Falscara results and review by north east makeup artist and Beauty blogger
Kiss Falscara results

In terms of comfort, I can easily wear them all day. They are more comfortable than a strip lash. They aren’t heavy at all. I can tell that there’s something on my lashes, as if I’ve a heavy duty mascara on, slightly more weighted at the roots, perhaps. But they aren’t irritating of my eyes at all.


Removal is not daunting, simply a tad more time consuming than your normal routine, especially if you wish to preserve and reuse the lashes (and of course, take care of your own natural ones!).

Simply saturate a reusable makeup round with remover and hold for ten seconds over the lashes to break down the Falscara. After ten seconds I began to wiggle the round gently, to start to move the lashes. Then each false lash came away. If needed I just held the remover on for a little longer. They all came off great and there was no bond/seal residue once I’d thoroughly cleaned the eye area.

Kiss recommend wiping down the lashes with remover or rubbing alcohol to clean any bond away. Who doesn’t want perfectly clean lashes to use time and time again?

10 Day Lashes? Individual Wisps Sets?

Just as I am about to hit publish on this here blog post I receive an email update: Kiss has added further pieces to the Falscara range!

Now available is Kiss Falscara – Overnighter a product that extends the wear of the kiss Falscara wisps up to 10 days!! My understanding is that you apply the Falscara as above (bond, apply lash wisps, seal) then swipe on the Overnighter.

Also freshly launched come multipacks of lashes in different effects and lengths! Yey! Think customisable, salon-worthy lashes.

There are three multipacks; natural, lengthening and extra drama. Each have varying lengths, short, medium and long.

Kiss just took Falscara to the next level with these additions, in my option, and I can’t wait to try them out!

Kiss Falscara – Overnighter £13.95

Kiss Falscara – Natural Wispy Wisps Multipack £9.95

Kiss Falscara – Lengthening Wisps Multipack £9.95

Kiss Falscara – Extra Drama Wisps Multipack £9.95

Kiss Falscara

I’m really impressed! Honestly, I was a bit gutted that I had no one to batter my eyelashes for as I felt fabulous! In all seriousness, these are brilliant and you know I love to shout to the rooftops if I think something is great so I’ll wax lyrical about Kiss Falscara Eyelash! While it may be a little daunting to pop lashes under your natural lash, it’s something that, like anything, with a little trial and error, a little practice, will become second nature in no time.

It’s made so much easier by the fact that the bond does most of the work. The lashes want to adhere to it, and therefore your natural lash. What we have is a kit that allows for everyone to achieve the look of salon lash extensions for themselves at home. While it may be temporary, they’re reusable and perfect for special events or a day when you just fancy an extra flutter.

And you know I’ll be testing the Overnighter and be back with an update for you 😉

Kiss Falscara Eyelash Individual Lashes Starter Kit*£24.99

Kiss Falscara Eyelash- Remover* £9.99

Kiss Falscara Wispy Volume Refil Lashes* £8.99

Kiss Falscara Wispy Lengthening Refil Lashes* £8.99

Kiss Falscara Wispy Volume Refil Lashes* £8.99

My IGTV application of Kiss Falscara Eyelashes

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