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My lovely friend Nichola, an expert in all things (The) Body Shop, gifted me a sample of the classic The Body Shop Hemp Hand Cream. In a time where handwashing has been at the forefront of our minds like no other, so too has hand care; let’s face it, our hands have taken a beating this winter (here’s looking at you hand sanitisers!). So if you feel like your mits might need a little bit of love and attention then read on and find out if this hand cream is for you. 

The Body Shop Hemp Hand Cream Hard Working Hand Protector

So let’s get down to the details:

  • Provides 24hr hydration
  • Is non-greasy
  • Suitable for ultra-dry skin
  • Formulated with hemp seed oil

The Body Shop’s Hemp Hand Cream is their best seller of the collection! It hydrates and protects even the driest of hands, whilst providing round the clock care


For hydration, we have, of course, Hemp seed oil and one of my favourites, Glycerin.

There are protective and further hydrating properties with Beeswax (Cera Alba) and Allantoin, a byproduct of Urea.

The Body Shop Hemp Hand Cream cruelty free vegan skincare

Castor Oil (Ricinus Communis Seed Oil) is a rich emollient, Panthenol has moisturising benefits.

Finally, Citric Acid works to protect as an antioxidant and to gently exfoliate and Retinyl Palmitate encourages new skin cell growth helping with anti-ageing.

As you can see, this is a super emollient-rich formula, hydrating, moisturising, gently exfoliating and protecting all in one.

If the ingredients alone aren’t enough to impress how about this little nugget of knowledge:

We use hemp seed oil in our Hemp Hand Protector. Our hemp crop helps regenerate land and provides a habitat for local wildlife in France. It’s one reason why they call it the ‘miracle crop’

The Body Shop

The Body Shop’s Hemp Hand Cream is a rich emollient that is thick in texture. You really don’t need much of the cream to reap the benefits, but that doesn’t mean you won’t want it of course…

Hand Cream skincare review

It is quite lux in feel and buttery in texture. Skin feels the instant lubricant and hydrating properties and hands are left with a protective veil. Once the cream has settled and dried down there is a non-greasy feel to the skin.

Most suited to those who suffer dry to very dry hands. Those who work with their hands. Anyone who is suffering the effects of all the extra hand washing plus, hand sanitising.

Least suited to those who prefer lighter hand lotions. Anyone who doesn’t need as much hydration.

Claims & Price

The Body Shop is cruelty free.

While they do offer vegan products, this one contains beeswax so is marked vegetarian.

£5.00 30ml, £12.00 100ml

My Thoughts

It does pack a punch in hydration, instantly.
I suffer from dry hands, there’s no denying it. So I do ensure that I smoother my hands in cream as the last step before sleep. Yet, despite this nightly ritual, my poor mits still yearn for more moisture. Call it autoimmune issues, whatever, but it does mean I get to try my fair share of hand creams and lotions. This is one I have loved previously, had forgotten about and have had my love affair reawoken.

The Body Shop Hemp Hand Cream cruelty free skincare

This hand cream is a bit of a legend is it not? The fragrance is one that always takes me back, you open it and instantly you know it’s The Body Shop.

Fragrances, smells, have a way of doing that, don’t they? Well, this certainly evokes pleasant memories for me.

The Body Shop’s Hemp Hand Cream gently envelops your hands in a caring manor, soothing any dry or sore areas, protecting skin from the elements while preventing further photoaging damage.

It’s a clever little cream and one that definitely deserves a big mention.

If you are local (Northumberland area) then please contact the fabulous Nichola for any Body Shop order, queries, anything! She’ll not only answer any questions but she’ll deliver orders with a blooming gorgeous giggle and a smile! Contact Nichola for The Body Shop Here

Online orders The Body Shop

The Body Shop Hemp Hand Cream
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