Summer Activities – Strawberry Picking In Northumberland

Summer Activities For All 🍓 Strawberry Picking

Strawberry Picking: Perhaps one of the most perfect Summer activities to enjoy during the Summer holidays with the freshest fruit, the lush outdoors and lots of room for little ones to run. Best of all, this Pick Your Own farm is in the heart of the North East. We went strawberry picking last year and enjoyed it so much it was on my to-do list for this Summer.


I had been feeling a bit glum with my health plummeting so severely of late so it was a wonderful treat when my family woke me on my birthday morning and told me a surprise strawberry picking session had been arranged and we were meeting my best friend there with her little one.
If there’s one thing a life with severe chronic illness teaches you it is that the little things count. The precious moments mean everything and that is what this day was to me.


We went to the Pick Your Own Farm in Felton and armed with their picking baskets the little ones were ready. I’m unsure if it’s the freshness of the fruit or the fact that you pick them yourself but there’s something about a pick your own strawberry that makes it extra sweet.
Summer activities - Picking strawberries in Northumberland! Family days out! Young girl holds strawberry basket in front of her face in the middle of a strawberry fields
Up to mischief, as always!
My nieces and my friend’s little one were hard at work, filling both their baskets and their tummies; red juice squished faces and fingers the telltale sign.
Strawberry Picking- family days out! Young boy enjoys eating fresh strawberry holding a cuddly toy in hand, behind are fields slightly blurred.
Tasting the goods 😉
Others came and went as the little ones entertained themselves in the outdoors searching for the brightest, the reddest of fruits.
I sat on the straw watching, happy.
Summer Activities - Family strawberry picking - days out for the family. Image of girl picking fresh strawberries in a lush green field.
The picking ended with the little ones running up and down the rows of strawberry plants, like something out of a Jane Austen novel.

Summer Activities - Strawberry Picking In Northumberland. Image of two girls running in strawberry fields.

Pretty perfect.


We took our pickings, of which we had many, before paying for our goods, stomach devoured fruits not included 😉


Six punnets later strawberry jam was most definitely on the menu, as were strawberries with chocolate and of course fresh, fresh berries. Do you think we got carried away much?
Fresh strawberries! The perfect summer day out! Punnets of fresh strawberries picked from the most perfect of summer activities!
The freshest of strawberries!

If you’re looking for a lovely outdoors activity I couldn’t recommend this more!

This farm, in particular, is right off the A1 just before the Felton turning. Just follow the hand-drawn strawberry signs-you can’t miss them!


We treated ourselves to a tasty drink at the Running Fox in Felton afterwards. Well deserved after all that hard work, don’t you think?
Looking for a fun activity to do with the family? Then check out this blog post! Image of fresh strawberries in a punnet with the blog title: summer activity - strawberry picking
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Check out last year’s harvest here ‘Picking, Strawberry Fields Forever‘.
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  1. I went strawberry picking twice with my son this season. He loved it and you’re right. Something about being in “nature” and picking fresh fruit fights the gloom off.

    1. It’s so worth it! The fruit is just so fresh! And it’s such a wonderful activity to do as well! I hope you manage to get to do it!

  2. It certainly is ‘the little things’ that matter especially when you have a debilitating illness that few people understand.. This stunning image is so pure and uplifting.

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