Selfish Mother X Space NK Skincare & Beauty Collab – Review

Selfish Mother X Space NK

When the news of the Selfish Mother X Space NK skincare & beauty collab hit my inbox, I was a tad excited. An inspiring woman, running a great business empowering women, collaborating with one of my favourite shopping haunts and proceeds going to charity to boot? What’s not to love?
Have a read on to find out what I thought of the goodies this set contains.

Selfish Mother who?

A quick back story for anyone who doesn’t know. Founded by Molly Gunn, Selfish Mother began as a blogzine where all mothers could (and can) share their stories on motherhood openingly before growing into a successful business The FMLY Store where her classic MOTHER tee launched raising money for female survivors of war. She’s pretty epic.
Female empowerment is what you’ll find here along with a careful outlook for the environment in the brand’s environmental ethos.

The collab

An exciting skincare and haircare beauty bag with a gorgeous lipstick included, this set is described as ‘must have beauty treats’ and contains:

Omorovizca Queen of Hungary Mist

Portrait image of a bottle of Omorovizca facial mist sitting on a white table with daffodils in front and behind. The bottle is clear glass with silver writing bearing the name.
Omorovizca Queen of Hungary Mist
A facial toning mist to refresh and hydrate the skin,  mineral rich and scented with rose, neroli, sage and orange blossom. A winner of the Editors Choice Award at the 2019 Beauty Shortlist Awards and comes with it’s own set of die hard fans.
Size in kit: (Travel, 30ml)


By Terry Baume de Rose Crystal Mini

Image of lip balm in tube on table, standing upright. Lip balm is pink with a gold lid. On the desk are daffodils.
By Terry Baume de Rose Crystal
The classic By Terry Baume de Rose solid Lip Balm’s sister product is the same incredibly hydrating ingredients in a liquid formula. Perfect for adding hydration and shine to lips.
A small but certainly enjoyable size:
(Travel, 2ml)


Pathology Wink and a Kiss Set

Set on a white table is a cardboard sachet, half mint green, half pastel pink, of Patchology Eye & Lip mask set. There are daffodils surrounding the packet to decorate.
Patchology FLASHPATCH Eye & Lip mask set
A set of 4 masks, 2 eye gels and 2 lip gels which aim to rejuvenate and hydrate the eye and lip area. Packed with hydrating ingredients, peptides and antioxidants. Tip: Keep them in the fridge and use cool for added benefit!
(x2 eyes gels, x2 lip gels)


Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream

A small tub of cream in a white tub with a lavender lid, sitting on a white table in front of a grey background with fresh daffodils laid in-between the tub and background to decorate.
Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream
Best for drier skin types the Lala Retro cream is a whipped texture to make it less greasy in feel. Packed with hydration to rehydrate dehydrated skin.
(Travel, 15ml)


Ilia Colour Block Lipstick in True Red

A portrait image containing a lipstick by Ilia lipstick. The lipstick is a stunning red colour in a brushed metal colour tube with the brands name cleared printed. Daffodils are laid to the right, behind and out of focus is the grey makeup bag with 'Love' written on the front from this set.
Ilia lipstick – True Red

A stunning red lipstick in a creamy finish from ILIA. It is one of their Colour Block High Impact Lipstick’s which come in 15 shades is highly pigmented, hydrating and long wearing.



Living Proof Dry Shampoo

A portrait image containing a small aerosol bottle of dry shampoo. The bottle is dark grey with a white lid and bears the brands name in white writing. Laid surrounding the the bottle on a white table are fresh daffodils. In the background are two small pots of herbs, the pots are grey the herbs a vivid green. These pots are blurred as to not take away focus from the dry shampoo.
Living Proof – Perfect Hair Day dry shampoo
The ‘Perfect Hair day’ by Living Proof who claim that this dry shampoo cleans and refreshes hair without leaving it feeling chalky and they’re not wrong. It is a multi-award winning, lightweight spray that isn’t heavily scented and does what it claims.
It’s unlike any other I’ve tried, for that reason I’ve already bought another bottle.
(Travel, 92ml)


Selfish Mother Makeup Bag

A grey makeup bag, unzipped and lying open showing a mustard yellow leopard print inner with a tag stating 'Space NK X Selfish Mother'. In front of the bag are a few skincare products which are blurred slightly to emphasise the makeup bag.
Selfish Mother makeup bag
A grey makeup bag with leopard print on the inside and ‘Love’ printed on the outside. Very of the now. Perfectly sized for an overnight makeup stay. A nice addition to any collection.


The pros and cons

Product type
You’re not getting brand spanking new products that have just hit the shop floor in this kit. Therefore, if you’re a die hard skincare shopper, you’re probably not going to be wowed, and may have tried some of these items before.
Product size
While they are not all full sized products (as with most beauty sets) they are large enough to trial the products more than adequately and find out if they are items you’d like to consider adding to your daily routine. Consequently they are perfect for your handbag, overnight stays and travelling.
Furthermore there are products here you may not consider purchasing normally which is a nice way to try out new items and different brands. It is certainly a nice way to experiment with new brands and get a feel for them and you definitely get your money’s worth!
The set is very user friendly, there are not any products here that are actives (acids, retinols etc), all can be used across the board.


My final thoughts

As a skincare beauty bag I feel this warrants it’s price of £50.00 and has a decent selection of goodies to offer from a variety of brands and price points. It would make a lovely gift if you’re feeling generous, or to treat yourself. The Selfish Mother X Space NK collab is limited edition so if you’re interested you know what to do!
To top it off you’re supporting the charity Refuge while pampering, and that’s pretty cool.


Space NK X Selfish Mother Beauty Bag Review
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