Pain relief gels that actually work! Yes really…

I’ve got pills, they’re multiplying… no really they are. With chronic pain comes a ton of medications to manage said affliction. However sometimes, medications in a tablet form just aren’t enough, some aren’t suitable or perhaps a combination of a couple of delivery methods are needed to reap the best rewards. Enter pain relief gels. Specifically, pain relief gels that actually work.

An old timer

Now look. I’m not ashamed to say that when it comes to pain and pain management, I’ve been around the block. I’m a bit of an old timer (at the ripe old age of 36yrs old, yep the person with my voodoo doll really hates me 😉 ). And at first I turned my nose up at pain relief gels: What good could they really offer when I’m on the best pain relief my Dr can offer me? I asked myself.
However, severe never ending, testing-you-to-your-wits-end type torment will have you trying anything, and I mean anything.

It’s personal

As with everything. What works with one person might not work for another. An example being ibuprofen gel prescribed to me by a GP, which did zero, zilch to help ease my pain. Yet I’m sure others find it very helpful. I’m offering two products today that genuinely help me; no ad, no affiliate links. They may however not be as great for you. But who knows, they might be even better.
Please, consult your Doctor before trying any new products. I’m not a medical professional, I’m just in pain!

Aching muscles – Voltarol

Tube of Voltarol pain relief gel on dark gel slate background
Voltarol Gel

Bought out of sheer frustration, I have been completely surprised by this little guy. It’s active ingredient is diclofenac and it works as a topical anti inflammatory.

I have very probmatic neck and shoulders due to Fibromyalgia and find this helps take the edge off the pain. Does it rid my shoulders of it? No. But do I notice a difference if I forget to use it? Hell yes. I now hate to be without it.


It is a gel that is easy to apply (please see directions for guidence) and sinks in reasonably quickly.

What Voltarol Say

“Voltarol 12 Hour Joint Pain Relief Gel can be applied twice daily (morning and evening) to last all-day. The gel creates a reservoir of diclofenac when applied regularly*, which gives the skin a source of the active ingredient throughout the day for lasting relief of pain and inflammation.

Unlike tablets that go through the stomach, Voltarol 12 Hour Joint Pain Relief Gel concentrates relief deep in the joint to fight pain and inflammation all day long.”

Voltarol can be used for both joint and muscle pain as the instructions state. I am recommending two different pain relief gels today, however I do not use them both together at the same area and am not sure if you can, again please ask your medical professional. It does contain anti inflammatories so please consult your Doctor before using this.

Joints – Flexiseq

A tube of Flexiseq pain relief gel on a grey slate background
Flexiseq Gel

With an early onset of Osteoarthritis and an inability to take ibuprofen, I will confess that I took to google in search of anything to help ease the awful pain that arthritis brings (Mum, Dad, how have you done it all these years???!). Flexiseq was the answer to my search and after a slight squeal and sharp intake of breathe at the price, I purchased and was on my way to see if it would withstand its claims. You know what? It does. Does it actually treat the arthritis? No.

What is it?

It’s a pain relief, lubricant. And yes, it definitely helps. The more you use it the more you notice a lessening in symptoms. If you stop however, your pain will return, it’s not a cure, it’s a pain relief gel.

What Flexiseq say

“Sequessome Technology is the driving force behind Flexiseq. It changes the way we approach osteoarthritis and joint wear and tear to better improve joint movement and relieve the pain of arthritis. Through its lubricating action, Sequessome Technology offers a unique treatment option for joint pain that is clinically proven to help with osteoarthritis and entirely drug free.”


Like Volteral, Flexiseq is a gel like formula that sinks into your skin with ease leaving no trace of product. I easily pop hand cream over the top once it has completely sunken into my hands.
It’s expensive. But to me it’s worth it. It doesn’t take the pain away but it relieves it and don’t we need that?
Some things are worth splurging on, this is one of them for me.

Tiger Tiger

Photograph of a tub of Tiger Balm pain relief ointment sat on a white desk.
Tiger Balm Ointment
This one’s a little bonus I wanted to throw in. Tiger balm. A small tub of menthol balm muscle rub made of natural, herbal ingredients. Great for easing sore, tender, tense muscles. And for headaches too. I also use it when I have blocked sinuses and for tension on my jaw. It’s a magic little pot.

What Tiger Balm Say

“Tiger Balm, inspired by centuries of Chinese wisdom, offers a unique formulation specially made with herbal active ingredients which are proven to be effective.

Tiger Balm’s herbal and aromatic formulas help soothe sore and aching muscles, as well as Tiger Balm White offering relief to tension headaches.

Suitable for young (2 years +) and old, this ointment that we’re all familiar with is available in 2 formulations in the UK & ROI; Tiger Balm Red for the temporary relief of muscular aches and pains and Tiger Balm White for the treatment of tension headaches, as well as the temporary relief of muscular aches and pains.”


A hard balm that melts with your body’s natural warmth as you rub it into the skin. The size of the pot makes it very easy to pop into a bag for on the go relief. It does however have a strong menthol smell, something to consider if you’re out and about.


For your ease I’ve had a little look and all three products I’ve talked about today are available at Boots UK.


So there you have it. A few topical lotions and a balm that might just aid relief and make life that little bit easier. Is there anything you can’t live without? Let me know in the comments below!
Pain Relief Gels That Actually Work
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    1. I always love reading others reviews first too! I find it really helpful! Glad you enjoyed reading it and hope you found it helpful!

  1. Thanks for this!
    I have fibromyalgia too and have been using Voltarol religiously for years!
    I was always curious about Flexiseq and googled it, came across your page with literally everything I needed and wanted in the answer I was looking for!

    Thank you so much, absolutely love your page xxx

    1. thank you! I’m so pleased to hear that and I hope you find the Flexiseq helpful! you’ve reminded me that I’m in need of a top up! xx

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