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Hello, newness! Regular readers & followers will know I fell hard for Eaze Drop Skin Tint but am I so enamoured by Fenty Beauty Bright Fix? Does it brighten and fix my panda eyes? Let’s find out

What Is Bright Fix?

An undereye brightener that easily hydrates, brightens, and conceals. Delivers a fast, natural, no-makeup makeup effect with sheer to buildable coverage. Crease-, humidity-, and sweat-resistant long-wear formula. In 16 shade options.” – Fenty Beauty

Bright Fix Eye Brightener is a no makeup makeup, lightweight concealer, designed to last all day and night in a sheer formula that pairs beautifully with its sister product Eaze Drop Skin Tint.

Here is what Fenty Beauty promises:

  • Brightening and blurring
  • 16 shades
  • Sheer, buildable lightweight coverage
  • Serum-like texture
  • Crease, humidity, sweat-resistant, longwear formula
  • Hydrating ingredients

I’ll be honest, when Fenty Beauty started dropping little nuggets of this new release, I was confused. Even when I watched their global makeup artist Hector Espina, chatting through the line of Bright Fix on an Instagram live about how they worked, its shade range and formula, I was confused. As I ordered it, you guessed it, I, a trained professional makeup artist was confused: Is Bright Fix a concealer, a corrector, an illuminator? Is it all three? Is it a mix of one? Are there certain shades in the range that do one thing and others another? I knew one thing for sure, I had to play to find out. So I popped a shade in my shopping basket and eagerly awaited for the postal delivery.

Now, I’d love to go and play in-store, alas my poor health does not permit such fun at present so I am left to peruse shades online and excitedly play with Seashell, my Bright Fix of choice, upon delivery.

Shade Range

There are 16 shades in the Fenty Beauty Bright Fix range, in five categories. It is when you begin to look at the shades that Bright Fix makes more sense!

Shade Cateogries: Light, Light-Medium, Medium, Medium- Deep, Deep.

Light = 5 shades

Light-Medium = 6 shades

Medium = 5 shades

Medium-Deep = 5 shades

Deep = 6 shades

(Clearly some shades overlap tone categories).

Colour Correcting Shades





Fenty Eye Bright shade 03
shade 03 Seashell


Cool, Cool Pink, Neutral, Warm olive, Warm, Neutral Warm golden, Warm bronze.

To sum up, we have 16 shades that cross all skin tones and compliment all undertones. 4 of these shades are colour correcting tones, which can be selected according to your skin tone or skin concern.

I chose Seashell. Given that I’m unable to see the product inshore I decided to go for the neutral shade in the light category. I’m happy with it, however, it is a light base concealer and as a neutral, I do think it is quite yellow in its undertone. It works well once blended but I also think something in the light-medium shades may work well too, perhaps something like Crepe. Perhaps that’s one for next time!

Fenty Beauty say that you can layer two shades of Bright Fix together, for example, a colour correcting shade and a concealing/brightening shade.

While there is a good number of shade categories, we have to salute Fenty Beauty for this, we know they are trailblazers in catering for darker skin tones, their shades just seem a little jumpy. I wonder, if like Eaze Drop Skin Tint, Fenty Beauty expect Bright Fix to work across a few skin tones per shade? But I do feel they need a few more additions. I hope to play in-store someday so I can fully make my mind up here. Hopefully, further shades, with varying undertones will be added and this is the launch collection.

Brand Comparrisons:

Fenty Beauty Bright Fix Eye Brightener 16 shades £18 10ml.

Bareminerals Original Concealer 17 shades £24 6ml

Huda Beauty Over Achiever Concealer 20 shades £24 10ml

Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer 25 shades £23 5ml

Clarins Everlasting Concealer 8 shades £23 12ml

Bobbi brown Instant Full Coverage Concealer 14 shades £24 6ml

A quick comparison to other concealers within the same place on the market. The number of shades at launch isn’t the best of the bunch nor is it the worst. However, this is at Fenty’s Bright Fix launch, some of these concealers have been out for a while.


Fenty Bright Fix is a lightweight concealer that really does feel quite imperceivable on the skin. I’ve often forgotten I’m wearing it. Think Eaze Drop for the under-eye but even lighter. It is a no makeup makeup lovers dream.

It is a serum concealer that blends with ease, whether that be with a brush or fingers (I however do prefer fingers) and melts into the skin, without settling into fine lines. The finish is a flattering satin.

Application of Fenty Beauty Eye Bright in Seashell
Application of Fenty Eye Bright in Seashell

Fenty Beauty state that it contains “HydraBlend, a complex of hydrating ingredients such as sodium hyaluronate, that help attract and hold moisture to the skin“, sodium hyaluronate being the ever hyped (but much loved) ingredient Hyaluronic Acid, that we all know attracts moisture to aid in surface hydration. Along with hyaluronic acid, we have glycerin, urea and allantoin, so a gorgeously hydrating combo.

Bright Fix also contains jojoba oil to condition the skin but certainly does not feel oily, or move around throughout the day (and this comes from someone with oily skin).

Fenty Beauty claims that Bright Fix is crease, humidity and sweat resistant, I’ve more on my thoughts on this further on!

Bright Fix contains micro powers to smooth and blur under-eye skin. Powders such as silica help to absorb oils and brighten. It is water-based and contains silicones which lend to a silky touch and help to smooth and condition the skin.


Fenty Beauty is cruelty free.

All 16 shades of Fenty Beauty Eye Bright are vegan.

Packaging And Price
Fenty Beauty Eye Bright

Fenty Beauty Bright Fix comes in the black and white card box, not unlike other products in the Fenty line.

Bright Fix itself is in a nude pink tube with a clear applicator and lid. I prefer to use the applicator to squeeze product to the back of my hand then apply Bright Fix from there, rather than straight to the delicate eye area.

Fenty Beauty Eye Bright Packaging

Fenty Beauty Bright Fix is £18 for 10ml.

Test, Test, Test

I really wanted to put Bright Fix to the test so that I could accumulate my thoughts! So I have for you a ‘before’ image, where I am completely makeup-free. Next, I apply Bright Fix to one eye, don’t worry I’ve noted under each photograph which eye has which product(s). On every image (except the first makeup-free one of course!) Bright Fix remains the same on my left under eye (viewers right-hand side).

[All of these images are taken on the front camera of an iPhone 11 Pro in portrait mode, no editing except a crop. The gallery feature in my templates on my blog automatically adds an annoying vignette that I can’t take off! However, gallery mode is definitely the best layout for comparison! If the caption covers the image too much, try rotating your phone to landscape!]

Fenty Beauty Bright Fix is worn alone on my left eye on each image for comparison – except the first no makeup one.

So, my thoughts. I have myself a decent set of panda eyes. Although they appear to be hiding here thanks to me sitting right in front of a double window, I promise you, they’re there and the blue and purple veins like to show off how knackered I truly am! Therefore, I ask for a lot in a concealer and I am always on the hunt for the perfect one, the holy grail of concealers.

Bright Fix, for me and my pandas, just doesn’t cut the mustard. You can see my shadowy under eyes still peeping through and as Seashell is a bright light shade, at times, it can read a little ashy.

That said, it gives a wonderful brightening to my eyes and I have received compliments of how awakened I look when I’m wearing it. And who I am to argue against a compliment? Thanks Mum…

Test 1, Bright Fix alone. Not enough if you’re looking for some oomph, if you have some darkness that needs cancelling, then the typical concealing shades may not feel enough for you, They don’t for me. I feel I need more. Here’s where I can see the layers of a Bright Fix Correcting shade and Concealing shade coming into play. Sadly I don’t have a correcting shade so can’t test that theory as yet.

If however you just need a bit of a brightening concealer, well, it might be perfect.

Test 2, Bright Fix and Concealer.

My next theory is, does Bright Fix work as an illuminator with concealer on top. Can it brighten rather than correct? Then with the power of a more pigmented concealer can I achieve my goal- that is, concealed and corrected under eyes from a product that doesn’t crease and look worse as the day goes on….. and breathe.

So this was quite nice. The textures layer well, Bright Fix plays well with others and it seems to work well as a brightening product in this shade.

Test 3, Corrector and Bright Fix

I’m a lover of corrector it’s well known. I cannot live without my Charlotte Tilbury Magic Vanish and that’s exactly what I chose to layer underneath the Fenty Bright Fix here. What did it achieve? Pretty much what I desired. I got the balancing of the darkness from my corrector and the brightening and correcting from Bright Fix.

Test 4, Corrector, Bright Fix, Concealer

I had my concealer out and so I wanted to know what Bright Fix may look like had it had a touch more pigment. Also, could I layer concealer on top of these two products and be able to wear all three seamlessly if required?

I applied the smallest amount of concealer, only to the areas I felt I truly needed, thin layers are key in makeup application after all. Here I found I achieved the balance of all three, the correcting, brightening and concealing, a perfectionist looks for.

But hey, we’re hoping to get a little of this from one product right?

One last test.

Test 5, Bright Fix Over Concealer

Again, using Bright Fix as a brightener, think YSL Touchè Eclat, on top of my concealer this time. I’m rather enamoured with this look.

Both under eyes wear the say product in this test.

My Testing Summary

When I get a new product I love to really put it to the test and find out the ways I can play with it, and manipulate it. My two favourite outcomes from my testing, for my under eye concerns, have been:

Layering Charlotte Tilbury Magic Vanish Corrector, then Bright Fix

Layering Clarins Instant Perfector Concealer, then Bright Fix.

Bright Fix layers beautifully and plays very well with other products.

I would really love to see how a corrector shade of Bright Fix layers with Seashell. Anyway, let’s move on to texture and longevity, shall we?

Longevity, Texture

Fenty Beauty Eye Bright is a silky concealer. It applies easily and blends well. The applicator does give a generous dollop so don’t be too eager with the squeeze. The formula melts beautifully into the skin.

This is where the magic happens. Now look folks, there’s no denying it, as a woman in her late 30’s I have myself a good set of laughter lines and wrinkles. My fine lines under my eyes move throughout the day and with that, some products tend to gather and crease. It’s a nuisance.

Fenty Beauty Bright After, with corrector
Fenty Eye Bright After, with corrector, unedited image.

Here’s where Bright Fix gets a 10/10. The formula is so incredibly lightweight that it seems to melt into the skin rather than sit on top of it. It blends so well that it isn’t left to crease or cake. I tried with powder and without and I had no creasing at all. At ALL!

Bright Fix also lasts. I’m talking throughout the day and evening. Through my applying of eye drops that run down and get wiped away, through mascara testing that smudged and also got wiped away- it lasts.

Somehow, Bright Fix manages to enhance this late 30-s under eye area. The smoothing and brightening promises are true as are the crease resistance and longwearing.

Most Suited To

I think most people, except those with dry or very dry under eyes, will like Bright Fix.

Oily skinned folks will enjoy how it sets, comfortably and is long-wearing. Normal-dry will love the gentle hydrating ingredients.

My concerns for those with dryer under eyes comes from my experience here.

I’d applied it when I had a slightly drier area of skin and as you can see, the product did grab to those areas and wasn’t as forgiving as other concealers I own.

Amy shows the texture the corrector leaves on the skin
Signs of drying on one eye- viewers right.

However, as my skin isn’t terribly dry there, I was able to remove the makeup and thoroughly hydrate my skin. Once I’d done that and reapplied Bright Fix, it was fine. I could, however, see this being troublesome for those with drier skin in this delicate area.

Final Thoughts

I enjoy it but I want more. As I’m writing this I get excited thinking about how lightweight it is, how I truly can’t feel it on my skin right now. How I ask myself “are my days of under-eye creasing finally gone?”. I love so much about Bright Fix; the brightening, the way it manages to enhance such a delicate area, the way it lasts and lasts; but I want more. I just want a little more coverage yet in this lovely, lightweight formula.

It’s nearly perfect.

But of course, that’s a personal preference. If you are looking for a super lightweight, brightening concealer, that will last throughout the day and night. If you don’t have concerns about correcting darkness, then this concealer, goodness yes, go and test my friends (just be wary of swatches and check out in store if you can)!

It is incredibly lightweight, it lasts and for me and it really didn’t crease or gather in my (many) fine lines as I smiled throughout the day. I find it seemed to enhance my undereye area, so it does smooth and brighten, it just needs a bit more of a punch in terms of pigment. Bright Fix layered very well with every product I tested her with.

It is the perfect partner to Eaze Drop Skin Tint. It makes sense. It is the sister of the no makeup makeup line that Fenty Beauty is introducing and I’m a fan.

I’ll be wearing her, but I’ll be doing it with my corrector.

Fenty Beauty Bright Fix £18 Available Here at

Catch up on more Fenty Beauty with my Eaze Drop Skin Tint review!

*So Boots had a 20% discount on Fenty Beauty yesterday, so I may have ordered Bright Fix in a correcting shade! I shall update you with my thoughts once I’ve had a play!

Amy wears a makeup look using Fenty Beauty Eye Bright
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