All the fun at Inglot! Searching for last minute christmas gifts? Look no further…

When my lovely friend Katie Meehan invited me to join her at our local Inglot store recently to have a browse of the array of makeup and enjoy all the delights that Inglot have to offer, I of course, being the makeup addict and lover of all things beauty related, jumped at the chance. It was a perfect opportunity to really learn more about the Inglot’s product range and have a little browse for christmas gift ideas. So, if you’re looking for some last minute christmas present ideas this weekend, look no further!

Ingot and my Pro kit

Ingot Gel liner 77

I’ve been a long time fan of Inglot and use a few of their products in my pro (makeup artist) kit, the Duraline and the gel eyeliners (trust me they’re awesome and don’t budge) have always been firm favourites of mine

The Duraline being a multi-use mixing medium that allows you to create liquid liner from pigment (simply by mixing the two) and is great for bringing back any cream/gel products to life when they start to dry out a little; a couple of drops and you’ll be amazed at how your cream shadow or gel liner gets a new lease of life. However these are products I know I love, so I chose to play around with some bits that I’d not managed to pick up yet!

Jennifer Lopez X Inlgot

One huge makeup launch for 2018 was the Jennifer Lopez collection for Inglot and goodness, it is immense! We’re not just talking a few products here, this is an impressive line; so there’s a great deal to choose from. While Katie had her makeup done (hence a few missing shadows in the picture), I set about swatching to my hearts delight.

A simple sweep over the eyelid creates a beautifully brighting effect, subtly lifting the eye.

What I am impressed with is the difference in formulas of the eyeshadows. There are matte, shimmer and sheer finishes and I have to say, I feel like sheer formulated eyeshadows often go a miss in a launch, or at least aren’t given the attention they deserve.


Sheer gold J333

My favourite being J333 Sheer Gold. What I love about this eyeshadow is it’s versatility. A simple sweep over the eyelid creates a beautifully brighting effect, subtly lifting the eye. A dab in the inner corner lifts tired eyes and highlights the inner point. And a wash over a darker shade adds a shimmer, an iridescence that brings light and attention as you blink. As I said, versatility.

Rich Gold is soft, a slightly spiced up neutral tan

Ingot were very kind and gifted me some products. I chose three eyeshadows from the JLO collection because I was impressed with their formula. Ingot describe the formula as: “Eye shadow that contains special silicones and treated pigments. It boasts high lubricity and a silky touch combined with easy, smooth, long lasting, and crease resistant application.”

Rich gold J321

I chose Sheer Gold (for the aforementioned reasons), J321 Rich Gold as it’s a lovely tan gold that builds well, is soft, a slightly spiced up neutral tan and finally J303 Deep Amethyst. This has a gorgeous purple hue, the kind of undertone that makes blue eyes sparkle, and well, I’m a blue eye’d girl.

Deep Amethyst J303

I’m a big fan of Inglot’s ‘Freedom System’ which allows you to mix and match products and colors to make your own custom designed palette, it’s great for making your own pallets or creating a really beautifully bespoke gift.

A bit of that JLO glow

Ok, now the loose highlighters. They are impressive if you love a glittery, not so subtle glow to your cheekbones and most twenty something year olds do. The makeup assistant did show that blended well they are a lot more forgiving then they first appear, more glow than glitter ball shall we say; and they are stunning. However for me, a girl in my mid-thirties, trying to not draw attention to my fine lines, these were a miss. That’s not to say they wouldn’t make an awesome eyeshadow mixed with Duraline though…

Brushes, because we always need more brushes…right?

Of course I’d take the opportunity to play with the whole of the Inglot makeup brush collection, being the makeup brush obsessed gal that I am and you know what, I’m impressed. I don’t have any of their brushes in my collection so chose to try out the 4SS and the 40TG.

Firstly, props to Inglot for having the brushes out in store to touch and feel. For me this is a massive part of the makeup brush buying process-I need to know how a brush feels, it’s density etc before I feel happy about purchasing, so this makes me happy as it doesn’t happen much at all on the high street. Some brushes are synthetic, some natural hair, some a mix, so if you have a preference be sure to check that out with an adviser or on the website if you’re unsure.

The 40TG brush
Inglot 40TG

The 40TG is a mix of taklon (synthetic) and goat hair. Ingot recommend it for eyeshadow or loose pigment, personally I prefer a more dense brush when using loose pigment (such as the Zoeva 234) but have been really enjoying using this brush for concealer.It is a duo-fibre brush it buffs product into the skin leaving a lovely airbrush type finish. It’s £21.00.





It is dense yet tapers off so is softer at the tip leaving a flawless application

The 4SS brush
Inglot 4SS

The 4SS is a chunky blending brush made of natural hair. It is dense yet tapers off so is softer at the tip leaving a flawless application.

I’ve been using this brush to apply a soft wash of the Sheer Gold JLO eyeshadow over my eyes and also for applying concealer instead of foundation as my base, when I’m having days where I only want to wear concealer; it’s dense brush head means it can both deposit and blend product seamlessly. It’s £19.00.


What I think is really great as a christmas gift idea, especially if you’re hunting for a last minute item for a makeup addict, is the ‘build your own’ JLO gift set I spied in the present section of the Inglot store. Rather than it being a ‘one set suits all’ you get to choose the shades and colours of each item, personalising it for your loved one.

Also, Katie and I really enjoyed having a little peak at the makeup cases as well, which I have to admit are super fun and practical!

So there you have it. A little review of some products I’ve been enjoying and hopefully some last minute gift ideas, should you need them. If not, why not spoil yourself 😉

I know I intend too!

We had a lovely trip at the Eldon Square store, thanks for having us!

Last minute xmas beauty gifts - Ingot Makeup
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*Not an AD. I just really liked the products so wanted to share my thoughts on them with you!


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  1. Thanks Amy, your views are very honest and in depth so I feel confident when choosing items to buy, thanks again, Onchanting x

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